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GR11 Thru-hike, Day 44- So beautiful that I fell!

Day 44 of my thru-hike across the Pyrenees Mountains!

I started the day at my beautiful camping spot by Rio Ara, hiked up Collado de Brazato, walked past the Ibones de Brazato, then I took the “new variant” of the GR11 (which I’m not sure is an official trail, but it saved me from having to go down to some spa resort and up another mountain). This variant followed some pipes high above the normal trail and took me through a small tunnel. Later I walked past the Bachimaña Refuge and fell while looking at the Bachimaña Lake- because it was so beautiful! Then I set up camp next to Ibon Azul Superior (the “Superior Blue Lake”).

“Gimme Love” by D Jay Koi
“Fell in Love with Summer” by Songwriterz
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