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TROMcast: TROM II - A Message to the Aliens (cast)

In this TROMcast we will discuss about the recently released TROM documentary "A Message to the Aliens".

The documentary description:

We live in a world where everyone is busy, everyone is consumed, everyone seems confused. Money, social credits, ads, data collection, prices and billionaires. Climate change? Who cares!

A one-marble world, floating in a giant soup of stars and planets, clustered in donut-shaped galaxies.

What are these humans living for?

In a 5 hour, 4 parts documentary, we try to explore their world, to understand what makes them human, what makes them enslave their kind, destroy their habitat, and be unaware of their place in this universe. But also what makes them so special.

Through the lives of 5 humans, we look at the culture that creates them, their struggles growing up on this planet, and where they are headed toward.

Watch it here:
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