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GR11 Day 48-50- SHEEP and Weight Loss

Days 48-50 of my big hike across the Pyrenees Mountains!

I started day 48 by Rio de Canal Roya, walked to Candanchú (a ski town with only 1 very expensive small shop in summer), then I walked up a bunch of ski slopes to what I thought would be a lake - Ibon de Tortiellas (this was a side trek off the GR11 to find good camping). It turned out that this “lake” was dry, but there was a nice stream and small waterfall on the far side of it. It was so nice that I decided to have an extra rest day there. But then… I was invaded by thousands of sheep!

On day 50 I explained my thru-hiking weight loss problem and headed back onto the GR11.
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in reply to Sasha

This video was so funny. You barking at the sheep is so hilarious!
in reply to Sasha

I feel like watching a pioneer from the Fediverse doing the exact same route as Asterix and Obelix did centuries ago 😛

Thanks for sharing!
in reply to rudolf

haha I guess I'd be the small one! 😁 Thanks for watching! 😀