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April 19th, 1993. The day the ATF and FBI burned men, women, and children alive under the guise of “protecting them” and getting “dangerous guns” off the street.

These thugs dressed as "law enforcement" portrayed themselves as "good guys" yet they LITERALLY posed with their government guns alongside the dead bodies of still smoldering American children.

These are the people our government wants to have more power over your lives in 2022...

Never Forget. The Clintons and their butcher Janet Reno soaked down these peoples' house with kerosene and then lit it on fire with them inside. For that alone, Trump 2016 was ethical.
Wikipedia is useless for anything political. If it upsets someone with any kind of power, they will do what it takes to get it scrubbed.

Their "tear gas" was powder dissolved in kerosene, which is why the building went *whoomp* when they threw a grenade in the window. You don't even need to believe someone's words, there is literal helicopter video of it happening.
I haven't experienced that personally yet. But yes, Wikipedia is a constant narrative struggle, obviously.

When there is something that goes against the mainstream story, and you can reference it, you should at least be able to make some claim.
Why wouldn't the FBI have used regular tear gas? If they wanted the whole ranch to burn down, why exactly?
I think they shot the peoples' dogs and the people shot back. So they decided to burn every man, woman, and child alive as a show of force.

But really this stuff has been dissected in incredible depth, there are people much better to answer these questions than me.