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Today Tutanota turns 8! πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰ Celebrate with us and win!!! 🎁

Win 8 years of Tutanota Premium worth 96€ (or much more if you have a big family! πŸ˜‰)

To enter πŸ‘‡
- Follow @Tutanota
- Boost
- Reply to this toot by inviting two friends

#Contest ends March 27, 2022
Picture of Tutanota: Get your free, encrypted mailbox today
Hey @barning und @shortriver, habt ihr eigentlich ein E-Mailkonto bei Tutanota?
I choose you! @victor and @Leucrotta ! Use "Invitations"!

[Tutanota has become a much more serious option since Protonmail decided a while back to leave Mastodon :( Also, it works pretty well.]
Hi Ina, we're happy to let you know that the random number generator picked your reply as the winner! πŸ˜€ Please contact us at our press email address so we can enable the prize on your account!
Aw yeah, thanks!

:catjam: :hotboi: :yell:
@zeitschlag #Tutanota sucht Entwickler. Vielleicht ist das ein passendes Projekt fΓΌr Dich.
Of course, good luck!
gibt es was neues zum kaputten Flatpak? Login Daten werden seit Wochen unter Linux nicht gespeichertπŸ™„
Sehr guter und sicherer E-Mail Dienst. HGW @Tutanota ! πŸŽ‰
Oi @hjfitz get on Tutanota

I don't have any other friends on the fediverse hope that's ok
This is my reply to the above toot and I invite @gabbarni and @stux 😌
I elect @Gabadabs and @RosieSilver
Live long and prosperπŸ––
Happy Birthday!
I cannot invite any friends because I've got no friends :hurb: But, congratulations :) It's been a long journey and wish you all the best team Tutanota!
Tutanota is great!
@snowchess have you tried it yet?
I really do not know anyone else to tag without first asking if they do not mind. I hope this is OK.