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Dear Spotify: don’t manipulate our emotions for profit

Take a stand against Spotify
's recent speech-recognition patent that claims to detect “emotional state, gender, age, or accent” to recommend music.

Music services shouldn't be using covert surveillance in their products.

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That's exactly why I removed it in the first place. But sadly after a month or two But I got it back yesterday 😓 I need to find an alternative that is privacy in mind 🔒 and FOSS :opensource:
That's why I quit the service a year ago.
My alternative is being more mindful with music and download from YouTube. (of course only free music)
Some times the quality of the Music off of YT isn't that great 😕
Most of my music is off of it as well and I quit Spotify for about 2 months... until yesterday 😑
some people were saying that Funkwhale or any p2p foss services. What I have been using In the past was Bandcamp and Nuclear.
why shouldnt Spotify be allowed if netflix and potentially others are
honestly I use Apple Music... I don't have any Apple products anymore. (I really don't like Apple Products) I absolutely love Apple Music. 🤷🏻‍♂️
That's a scary feature for something that's just for playing music.
"manipulate our emotions"
That's what the a-social network sites call 'engagement' and is what they all do.
And ofc it's for profit.

I see no reason to single out Spotify.
The solution is very simple: don't use Spotify. No listener is forced to used Spotify. It's simply not necessary and never was. Asking them to change is probably pointless. They don't care, won't care, and will continue to get more awful.
Is this feature live already ?