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I have seen Ukraine has started recruiting children soldiers, this is bad idea and Child Abuse, in #Africa we have already enough children soldiers, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan leading, it doesn't end well for the young ones whether injured or not, most of them who are active in front line combat don't make it alive.

You know very well
this is wrong!

Testimonies of former child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of the #Congo | International Review of the Red Cross
Children soldiers in South Sudan
even in my lifetime when I was in high school in 1980s, UK ( a supposedly "civliised democratic" country) allowed you to leave school early and join the Army at 15,5 years, I think the UN and EU (possibly both) managed to get a stop put to this in early 1990s after the Cold War ended. Also things which seemed "cool" like being allowed to drive a small truck/lorry/bus on your normal driving licence (which stopped in late 1990s) were only there in case conscription got reintroduced..
what can you expect from a war criminal like Zelenski (and I hate Putin)

Content warning: GUNS AND CHILDREN... Native Defence ? Child Abuse ? ...