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TROMfiles provides as much storage space as iCloud, 5GB. But TROMfiles comes with a proper Office Suite at your disposal, easy to share files/folders, even the ability to create a drop-in upload folder for anyone who wants to upload files to your account; a whiteboard; livechat, file history, photo gallery, music player, file conversion and a lot more. And the collaboration on files is really amazing.

It is crazy to think that us, at TROM, can provide such a service that in terms of features rivals or is better than a service provided by a multi-billion-dollar-company. This is thanks to the Open Source world of software!

Unfortunately most people will not use such services because Apple locks them inside their walled garden, and humans are also too busy or ignorant to ever change anything in their life, even trivial things like hosting their files with a better and free service.

But well....we will continue to provide such tools for those who care. #tromlive

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