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A better made laptop for 100 Euros

Wow that looks cool, a second hand laptop from a brand I haven't heard of is somehow better than most other laptops out there πŸ˜„

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Actually Fujitsu was as big as Samsung for example, I remember "back in the days" they were producing a ton of electronics.
oh man.. I used to have a Fujitsu laptop some time ago for a brief while. It rocked, except the screen was shit. It was Fujitsu p772 if I’m not mistaken. Totally could rival thinkpads in terms of build quality and maintainability.

Good choice! Fujitsu has excelent and very Linux friendly Laptops. I have an E751 with openSUSE and a S762 with Lubuntu and both work great and otb with GNU/Linux.
Pretty cool. Also for a bit I thought they were saying β€œTROMjaro” to make fun of Manjaro, but no, that thing is real.
Well that's the Manjaro spin we made and I am quite happy with it πŸ˜€ - lots of custom, different, unique things that we did there. Hope more will find about it 😁
the E736 is still my main machine at work 😁
I forgot to mention that I also got a 1 year warranty for this laptop. Not bad at all for 100 Euros.