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Fuck Facebook and NFT.
WE are the real Metaverse. WE are the actual Web3.0. WE are open, decentralized, empowering, not THEM.

The world hasn't seen a network quite like Fediverse. Such networks need a name and a definition, and they STOLE it from us. They played you like a goddamn fiddle.
I stand by this type of entities needing a definition because eventually, we will have to move on. Something like Fediverse but better will emerge, maybe with different protocol, maybe with different federation principle (ask @cwebber about their work on CapTP or @mike about what he does with Zot), but inevitably so. It will be similar in decentralization, opennes and empowerment, but it won't be The Fediverse, it will be something else, albeit from the same family of networks.
by the way. Where is Evan? Has he long forgotten us?

He hasn't forgotten us but put off joining the activitypub space because he wanted to run his own tech on it, and then didn't have time, and I think then it kind of felt awkward for him, but he's meant to join. You know what, I'm finally gonna shoot him an invite for this instance, he should be on here already :)
YES. I get the pride of rolling your own from start to finish, but what he did already earned him a lifetime achievement award, all the laurels and candy in the world and an

"I invented this
You are f**king welcome"

t-shirt. He NEEDS to see and experience and take part in what his work from 13 years ago started. Meanwhile he still can code his own engine.

Forget Metaverse. Who wants to be meta with the Zuck there anyway? #Fediverse is the #PeopleVerse

Web3? Why version this thing, and pretend that is meaningful? We have a mess anyway where it is all blurry. Fediverse offers us a beautiful and intricate #SocialFabric. We weave web here.

🎉 Happy #Fedivolution2022 🚀

#WeThePeopleVerse #WeWeaveWeb
Banner with text and fediverse logo and text with hashtags for a new year:

"We. The #PeopleVerse. We weave web. Happy #FediVolution2022"
>The world hasn't seen a network quite like Fediverse.

But it has seen very similar ones, eg. SMTP and XMPP.

You can call it Web 3.0 if youbwant but we're merely getting back to where we were in the 90s.

Since most of the web has been regressing towards mainframe age during the last decade, you could call this a success. But we have ways to go.
Neither SMTP nor XMPP are web protocols. Federated networks aren't new, but the federated social web is.

IOW, we've took federated social networks and reinvented them over HTTPS. Also, considering that you could put links in emails, and that you could link to emails that were on a public mailing list archive, I think email has long been a federated hypertext social network.

Using HTTPS as a transport and browser-JS as UI doesn't fundamentally change what a federated social network is.
what exactly is "new", then? I had an active account on StatusNet-based over a decade ago.
New is relative. XMPP is about 20 years old. SMTP at least 30.

there have been simple versions of distributed and federated social networks on the web. Things like FOAF and webrings may not have had all the features of modern federation, but they were still a form of agreement-based federated social network. One could even argue RSS/Atom syndication produced a degree of web federation. @wolf480pl@drq@alcinnz

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xmpp is homogenous. No node is different in function and presentation from another node. Fediverse is WILDLY heterogenous. Those are on completely different levels.
Samr goes for e-mail. All mail servers are ideally the same.
Heterogenous meaning everybody is free and even encouraged to do shit their own way, as long as they stay compatible. So we have microblogging, full-service social networks (Friendica), videohostigs and streaming services, photohostings, social playlist sharing services (Funkwhale), soon there will be social reading engine, there's already a game of fucking chess (, you name it.
Indeed, I think of federating phone systems...which looks nothing like a mastadon or a friendica.