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Manyverse is a social network without servers. Friends communicate peer-to-peer, personal data is stored locally. You can follow at:

➡️ @manyver_se

The official site is at

It's part of the Scuttlebutt network, but has a user-friendly interface & branding that is aimed at a general audience.

Manyverse is on Android and iOS, desktop users can use Scuttlebutt's apps.

#ManyVerse #Scuttlebutt #SSB #P2P #OffTheGrid #SocialMedia #Distributed #FOSS #Libre #Activism #Apps
Kept an eye on this for a bit. I hope they'll make a desktop app too. Scuttlebutt had a great desktop app called Patchwork but it is discontinued.
There is a desktop app on the Manyverse roadmap, but it's at least a year away:
That's great! 1 year away may be ok since scuttlebutt is still kinda new from what I know. Needs more testing. Very cool!