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Privacy-friendly YouTube frontends

When I watch YouTube videos on my Android phone, I almost always use the NewPipe app. It offers a privacy-friendly experience, protects me from ads, and offers a few more options that you would only get with YouTube Premium (downloading video or audio, for example).

On the PC, I still mostly use the YouTube site itself. It’s ok with uBlock Origin, but I’d still prefer a private alternative.

A few times I tried the project Invidious, but my experience was rather not so good. The videos took a very long time to load.

A new alternative could be Piped. It also uses the NewPipe extractor in the background, connected to a Java backend and a Go proxy. First short tests showed me that at least the official instance has no speed problems. To increase speed a CDN is also used to cache videos.

How legal the whole thing is is of course another question…
Heard of Piped. Looks nice. Wonder how sustainable it is since youtube is a prick. We also host an Invidious instance at + added an anti-captcha so that it is a lot more stable. Works 95% of the time I'd say. But I also use it a lot. Daily. Speeds are good most of the time.

For desktop I recommend FreeTube. works really great!