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Our Peertube got updated. There are some cool new features:

1. Automated subtitles based on machine learning. Select the language of your video and an automated subtitle will be created. We do not know how good this feature is, but it is worth a shot.
2. Ability to edit any subtitle.
3. You can cut any of your videos now, using the Studio. There you can also add an intro, outro, and watermark. Basic video editing in the browser!
4. Ability to auto save the permanent livestreams - don't lose those again!
5. Live streams now get converted into multiple formats.
6. Share on the Fediverse:

Please join us! If you are making interesting videos about science/technology/activism in English, you have unlimited storage space with us. We already have over 1.000 registered users, but not many are uploading. #tromlive

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