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Have you experienced unconditional love?

  • Yes (52%, 32 votes)
  • Almost, pretty close (18%, 11 votes)
  • No (13%, 8 votes)
  • No and it doesn't exist (16%, 10 votes)
61 voters. Poll end: 1 year ago

Unconditional love is love with no conditions attached to it. It's exactly what it says on the tin.
I am having it, with my partner already 15 years and we have a son
sometimes I'm scared I have
because I haven't experienced it from my mom, the one currently living person I should be able to expect it from
but I so far have not found the conditions attached to my fiance's love for me, so at this point I'm just hoping there are some
I have a dog, so yes.

Humans aren't capable of it.
I have parents and siblings and it doesn't matter how much I mess up, I'll still always be their son and brother. And vice versa. We're there for each other.

I imagine there are actual limits, like if one of us would decide to torture the rest, but within the realm of things that would actually happen, it's unconditional.