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I also use VLC instead of the default media app
It is sad that the best apps aren't default a lot of the time :(
I've been meaning to try /e/ out for a while. Have you? It's Lineage + microG with the prime focus being usability.
I'm still on Lineage4Microg instead of /e/murena... I'm hoping to try it out sometime to see if I can recommend it to my family
used to use it, was very good. Hard to find problems with it tbh

Shifted to @iode because it has an ad-blocker built-in πŸ™‚
i use #/e/ now under the name #murena for about two years now. It works very well and has a super usability. No problems occurred.
ah! Good they changed the name
We spent hours trying to find out which packages are included by default in #Manjaro. The site is not only TorBrowser-hostile (requires javascript), but also contains #Cloudflare trackers in the form of #fontAwesome.

And their motto is 'Enjoy the Simplicity'.

try tromjaro. manjaro fork :)
it's not all bad, might help people be more active about what software to use.

That said, could perhaps have an optional wizard or something that goes through selecting software for various tasks..
already using it from the first day(3 years) on all my 3 pcs and 6 laptops :)