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A lot of people think @nextcloud is just a file storage system, but it's more like a personal software platform.

There are LOADS of add-on apps available that give it all kinds of online services:

My favourite is the Talk app which lets you run your own instant messaging service 😍

Bear in mind apps are made by different people and may be in different states of readiness, so do read comments and check date of last update.

#GrowYourOwn #SelfHosting #Nextcloud
To see the add-on apps available on your Nextcloud, log into your Nextcloud's admin account, go to your profile menu and select "Apps".

Browse through the categories to look at the apps available, and click on "Download and enable" to install it.

Most apps are tested and should work okay. Untested apps are labelled with a red warning sign. Only install untested apps if you are comfortable with the risks of it not working or possibly causing problems with your Nextcloud.
Screenshot of the Apps administration section of Nextcloud, where you can find apps and install them