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We catch up with Dr Alexis Webb and find out about the upcoming Early Detection of Cancer Conference, the importance of collaboration and why these are exciting times for the field...

CRISPR-Cas9 is a world-renowned genome editing tool, but much of the hype has been focused on direct clinical applications. But there is clear potential for utilising the system in functional genomic screens to develop new cancer medicines...

Our policy department give us an update on the current state of play on post-Brexit science funding, what you can do to help and what we know about the Government’s ‘Plan B’…

at least one article about some solutions to the problem not only about problems

Screaning does reduced cancer patients death but increased. Some people are fine livung with a cancer without any symptoms. Screaning builds up fear. Watch documentary about hanna.

‘Normal’ cells and ‘cancer’s surprising circular DNA’: Inside Cancer Grand Challenges Part 2

We’re unpacking two recently funded Cancer Grand Challenges, and introducing the global, multidisciplinary teams taking them on.

Despite big improvements in survival, cancer is still one of the world’s biggest killers. Leading scientists explain why it presents such a challenge – and look at how far we’ve come

Girls Aloud members to join forces to raise money in Sarah Harding’s honour

The member of Girls Aloud are joining forces with us for a special 'Race for Life for Sarah', raising money for vital breast cancer research in honour of their much-loved bandmate.  

Why haven’t we cured cancer? – That Cancer Conversation

This latest episode features 3 guests who explore why the idea of a cancer cure is so complex, but why there is still so much to be hopeful about.