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This week we have an epic interview with Ben Bowlin, from Stuff They Don't Want You to Know. STDWYTK is one of my favourite podcasts that I listen to regularly, and it is a massive privilege to be able to get Ben, who is the host of the show, onto High on Home Grown. We have a great conversation about many things and go off on many tangents. This is a proper chilled session and a laid back chat!

If you haven't checked out Stuff They Don't Want You to Know before, then you can easily find it on all major podcasting platforms, just search for "Stuff They Don't Want You to Know". I hope you enjoy this interview as much as we enjoyed recording it! Have a great week and as usual, thanks for listening!

In this weeks cannabis news we cover the following stories: Monkey: New York Senator Files Bill To Allow Community Cannabis Gardens For Adults Who Can’t Grow At Home - Macky: Thai government to distribute one million free cannabis plants to homes - Marge: Cannabis brand first to have logo on pro-sports jersey - Bubble: More than half of all Australian Medicinal cannabis prescriptions coming from one state.

Let us know what news stories we should cover next week by messaging us on your favourite social network. Just search "High on Home Grown" to find us, then send us a message with your news story. Thanks as always for listening, we hope you enjoy the show!

In this week's grow guides we talk all about pH and EC when growing cannabis plants. This topic can seem complicated at first, but we do a good job of breaking down and making it as simple as possible to understand, If you need any help or have any questions then please join us on Percys Grow Room, we are always happy to help. In listener mail we cover some great questions about hermaphrodite cannabis plants. This is something we will be turning into a full episode in the near future so stay tuned for that.

Thanks as always for downloading and listening to the show. We really appreciate you being part of this community and I hope you enjoy this episode. Stay high, stay safe, we will see you on Sunday for the live show on Youtube.

Dr Elaine Ingham joins us again to tell us more about making compost, the soil food web, soil health and much more! We have a great 2 hour conversation that is packed full of great information about soil and composting.

In this week's news we cover the following stories: Monkey: Ganja and guns: Should medical marijuana users be able to carry? | KCRW. Macky: Is the UK any closer to legalising cannabis? - leafie, TG: Aurora Cannabis closes down their 200 acre BC farm. GB: Big problem with this Australian road rule about medical cannabis. Bubble: Queensland man escapes jail for growing 'medicinal cannabis'.

In this week's grow guides we discuss different types of cannabis concentrates. We cover how they are made, what they look like, and discuss which ones we think are the best. Of course we also have the listener Q & A section towards the end of the show where we cover question from our listeners. If you want to make cannabis extracts or concentrates, please do plenty of research first and visit Percys Grow Room to get help. Stay safe, and thanks for listening

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A super cool interview with our new friends, Annie and Amanda from the High Ladies Podcast. The High Ladies podcast is a Canadian, female led podcast for cannabis users and people who are curious about using cannabis too. They aim to educate people about cannabis whilst having a good laugh along the way. At the same time they end the stigma around cannabis use, especially amongst ladies and mothers.

A really cool interview that we enjoyed recording, I hope you enjoy it too! Find out more from the High Ladies on all major podcast networks or find them on Instagram, just search for The High Ladies.

Marge is living it up in Mexico on a well deserved break this week, so we have our friend Bubble Hok from Australia joining us on the panel. In this weeks cannabis news we cover the following stories: Monkey: Washington state legislature strikes word 'marijuana' from state laws, citing racism | Macky: Prescribed cannabis seized by police at patient's home | TG: Why are there no weed lounges in Canada post-legalization? | GB: Switzerland trials legal cannabis sales for recreational use. We also have a story from Bubble Hok where he tells us about a legal medical patient in Australia being tackled by police for using his medicine outdoors!

We also have a brief update on Toba Grown, as their court case begins this week! Good luck to our good friend Jesse!! We support you all the way!

Bugs love cannabis as much as we do! Sometimes they find a nice warm home, with nice plants to eat, and it can be hard to get them to move out. In this episode we explain the best ways to prevent bugs getting into your grow room. We also cover the best ways to kill them if they do get in. Most of the time bugs can be deterred without the use of pesticides, but in some cases pesticides are needed. We take you through step by step the best way to find the bugs, treat the bugs and if need be, how to kill them.

As usual, there is a lot of information in this episode. If you find bugs on your cannabis plants and you need some help, head over to Percys Grow Room and post some pics of the problem in a thread. There is always plenty of help there if you need it. Enjoy the show! I hope you never need the info in this episodes ;)

Chris Trump is an expert on Korean Natural Farming and in this interview he takes us for a tour around a garden he designed in Colorado. He tells us how he built the living soil the plants are living in, how all of the nutrients are made for the plants, how they fight bugs and much more. There is so much cool information in this interview and it's not just for organic growers either. Improve the health of your plants by implementing some of these techniques into your garden. You can find out more about Chris on his website, or on his YouTube channel, just search "Chris Trump" and you will find it. Thanks for listening!

In this week's cannabis news we cover the following stories: Monkey: 8 Scientists Spend 16 Months Determining Edibles Look Like Food | Macky: Plans for UK's first large-scale trial of medicinal cannabis are dramatically scaled back | Marge: Study Finds Recreational Cannabis Legalization Reduces Prescription Drug Demand | TG: Delta-8-THC craze concerns chemists | GB:Protesters call for legal access to cannabis. We also cover forum news regarding the new big giveaway at Percys, and a Birthday Session with Tommy Chong, Coming soon!

Most cannabis growers will experience issues throughout their grow, especially when they are new to the hobby. Though it is not nice to see a sick cannabis plant, in most cases the problems are easily fixable and your plant can be back to full health in a few days. In this episode we cover the basics of identifying plant problems. Problems like nutrient deficiencies or excess, bugs on a cannabis plant, and environmental damage to leaves. The are the most common issues. We also cover how to stop these issues if you find them on your plants, and how to prevent them occurring in the first place.

There is a lot to cover in this episode, if you have plant problems that you need help with, sign up to the forum at Percys Grow Room and we can help you fix it. I hope you enjoy the episode! Thanks for listening.

We sit down and chill with our good friend Jordan River form GrowCast! We talk about cannabis, coffee, moving house, the cannabis laws in the USA and Europe, and generally just have a laid back, chilled conversation about growing with a good friend. It is always great to catch up with Jordan, roll yourself something nice, sit back and come and chill with us! Happy 420 everyone!

Of course you can find GrowCast on all major podcasting networks, all you have to do is search "Growcast"£ and you will find it. It really is one of the best cannabis podcasts you can find online. So check it out if you haven't already! You will not regret it!

In this weeks cannabis news we are joined by a good friend of the show Martin Condon from Martins World Podcast. We cover the following stories: State law allows police to consume marijuana when off duty, attorney general says - New Jersey Monitor - Legal cannabis sales are starting in New Jersey within days - CBD market exploding, set to overshoot ammo - Cannabis clones coming to Newfoundland - Spanish police take down 'Europe's biggest' cannabis farm.

There is also a few big announcements about upcoming interviews, and some huge giveaways for 420! Join us on the forum at Percys Grow Room!

The season approaches, and in a round a months time, we will all be trying our hand at guerrilla growing cannabis plants! Find a random spot outside somewhere, plants some plants in it and hope for the best! If you prepare well, there is no reason why you won't yield a good amount of sun grown cannabis at the end of the grow season. Learn the basics of guerrilla growing in this episode.

We also cover some great question in the listen Q & A section. From make RSO (cannabis oil) out of AVB (after vaped bud) to preventing pollination on outdoor plants. If you have any questions, please send them to us via Percys Grow Room! Just sign up to the forum and you will find us there. Thanks for listening! I hope you enjoy the show

Kevin Jodrey is a well known grower in Humboldt County and is an internationally respected cannabis expert, known for improving and forwarding the modern cannabis movement. As a world renowned hunter of ganja genetics, Kevin is fascinated by the search for rare, desirable, and marketable traits. In this interview we talk about his history in cannabis, where it all began for him, where its going, and what he has done throughout his career. We also talk about crypto, NFT's and much more!

It was a massive pleasure to have Kevin on the show and he will be back again soon to talk more about the plant we all love. This is a long interview, so get rolling, make sure you have some gardening work to do, and enjoy this awesome interview with Kevin Jodrey!

In this week's cannabis news, we discuss the following stories: 'Cannabis' sweet warning after woman dies in London | UK News, DC Council Votes Against Closing Marijuana 'Gifting' Loophole – NBC4 Washington, Cleveland Officials file motions to expunge 4000 cannabis convictions, Marijuana Legalization Tied To Significant Decrease In Foster Care Placements, New Study Finds, 'Things you never learn in school': Croatia opens cannabis museum | Euronews. We also briefly discuss Mike Tyson new cannabis edibles that are shaped like ears!

Enter this weeks give away on our YouTube Channel by commenting on this week's live stream video! Visit this link:

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