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In this week's episode of cannabis news, we cover the following news stories: Monkey: Cannabis to go on sale in Switzerland as part of study into regulation | Macky: A blueprint for the UK Cannabis Industry + 'Biggest-ever' cannabis farm worth £6.5m discovered in Walsall property | Bubble: Most patients still using illicit cannabis, but prescription numbers soar | High Ladies: B.C. cannabis stores close, lay off staff as job action prevents pot deliveries |

We’ve got a great show for you today! Dank Nugs Hotrodgrows shows off his grape cream cake IPA thats like being smacked in the mouth by #OGKush In the News The newest roadside sobriety tests for cannabi Researchers are feeding chickens cannabis instead of antibiotics What’s Growing On CHANGE… THE ONLY CONSTANT IS CHANGE And of course we've got dank DGC Memes and some great social media PUT IT IN THE BAG SHOUT OUTS Treesap Medicinals PotCasso aka Paddy O’Toker Vet Grower Growing Old Man Style Fruit Snack Dude Vongiggle420 Locomotive Medical Lenny’s Garden’s Raw Boogie Giggle Bush Thank you DGC for all your support!

In this weeks grow guides we talk all about terpenes! We cover some of the most common terpenes found on cannabis plants, what they taste like and what they do.

Dude, Scotty & Banner talk about the best way to disguise a flowering plant and how to control humidity in a tiny 2'x2' Tent. Guru has gone fishing!

In this weeks cannabis news and events, we cover the following news stories: Monkey: Is it okay to get high with your pet in the room? - The Face | Macky: Medical cannabis has now been prescribed to 17,000 people in UK | Metro News | Bubble: More research on THC and driving ‘fundamental’ to law reform, inquiry report says | Marge: Canadian producers destroyed record amount of cannabis last year | Chad: Federal judge nullifies Maine residency requirement for cannabis owners

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Welcome to another episode of Know Your Breeder. For those of you that are new here, I’m Banner and I don’t want you to waste 6 months growing out seeds made by someone you know nothing about.

Sometimes terminology and slang used by cannabis growers can be confusing to those who are new to the hobby. In this grow guides episode we try to make some sense of them so new growers can understand what we are talking about a little easier. We also cover some great questions in the listener mail section of the show. If you have some question you would like us to read out on the show then please feel free to email us, or get in touch via social media, or even better, message us on Percys Grow Room.

Thanks as always for downloading the show, I hope you enjoy this episode!

In this weeks interview we chill and get high with Spartan Grown! Spartan is a highly respected member of the cannabis community. He is a panel member on many podcasts and is always a massive pleasure to speak to. We find out about why he left his job growing cannabis, we find out about his own grow style and set up and much more. Of course we go off on a few random tangents too. I hope you enjoy the show, thanks for downloading this episode. It would be great if you could share in with friends on social networks if possible.

Thanks as always! Stay high everyone

In this weeks cannabis news we cover the following stories | Monkey: 10 Surprising Things Most People Don't Know About Cannabis | Cannabis Homegrown Market Could Soar To Nearly $4 Billion By 2030, Says Report | Macky: Proceeds of Crime hearing for ex PC who admitted Penrith cannabis production - BBC News | Bubble: Russia confirms it seeks convicted arms dealer in potential prisoner swap for WNBA star Brittney Griner |

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In this episode of grow guides, the panel talk about mistakes they have made when they have been learning how to grow cannabis. We also talk about mistakes some of our listeners have made too. It's great to learn from your mistakes, but it is even better to learn from other peoples. Learning how to grow cannabis can be tricky, and knowing what mistakes may pop up ahead of time will be a massive advantage to new growers. It will hopefully help them make less over time.

I hope you learn something from this episode, and of course if you have any questions, you can find us on Percys Grow Room where we will be happy to help! Thanks as always for downloading and listening to the show, I hope you enjoy this episode of grow guides.

Brooke Burgstahler is a writer, producer, host, and actress in television, online media, and film. She can be seen on many different TV shows including The Next Marijuana Millionaire. Brooke also produces her own podcast called Budding Mind which can be found on all major podcasting platforms. On the acting side, Brooke has appeared on TV shows like, MTV (Greatest Party Story Ever), ABC (General Hospital, Black-ish), TBS (TBS Shorts), AMC (Mad Men), the Oxygen Network (Speak For The Dead), Covergirl, and more.

In this interview we speak about cannabis, psychedelics, and much more, including what it is like living in LA. Thanks for checking out the show, I hope you enjoy this weeks interview! Thanks as always for downloading and listening to the show.

This week on the panel we are joined by Amanda from the High Ladies Podcast. We cover the following cannabis news from around the world | Monkey: Cannabis exhibit at CA State Fair big hit with fairgoers | Macky: A Catch Up from Billy Bonds About His Cannabis Story | Bubble: Survey shows one in four patients use illicit cannabis to manage chronic pain | Amanda: One third of budtenders hired in the last year already left their job: Study |

This is our 100th Live stream which is a huge milestone! Thank you to all of the listeners who have come with us for this whole journey, and thanks to you guys who are new too! We sincerely love having you come on this journey with us and I hope you enjoy the show as much as we enjoy making it! Thank you all for your amazing support.

We also go off on some tangents in this show and talk about some crazy lady who drank THC lube to get high.

In this episode we talk about good weed. Both how to grow your own good cannabis and how to recognise good weed and bad weed too. Even if you are lucky enough to be able to buy cannabis from a legal dispensary, sometimes there can still be problems with the cannabis that may cause health problems if you consume it. Being able to identify dodgy cannabis is important to every cannabis consumer. We give you hints and tips on how to identify good and bad weed and also throw in some tips to help you get the best out of your home grow too.

Thanks as always for downloading the show, I hope you enjoy the episode! It would be great to see you on the main show on Sunday as it is our 100th YouTube Episode! We will be giving some things away and it would be sweet if you were there to join us. Just visit our youtube channel:

Ras Spanni Welcome to another episode of Know Your Breeder. For those of you that are new here, I’m Banner and I don’t want you to waste 6 months growing out seeds made by someone you know nothing about. Today we have Ras Spanni From Span Lion Genetics In Studio To Talk About His Potent Genetics

We have a super cool interview today with one of the legends of cannabis, Jorge Cervantes. Jorge is a cannabis author and content creator and has been in the cannabis industry for forty years! You may have seen some of his VHS tapes pre internet days when he would wear his black beret and dreadlocks with some shades to hide his identity. He has been the inspiration behind many home growers and without him we would not be where we are today.

I hope you enjoy the interview, it is always a massive pleasure to chill with Jorge! Keep an eye open for his new books that will be released online very soon.

Here are the new stories we cover in this week's cannabis news and events: Monkey: Senate Bill To Federally Legalize Marijuana And Promote Social Equity Finally Filed By Schumer, Booker And Wyden | Macky: People who use cocaine and cannabis could lose passport in proposed new laws | South Wales Argus Bubble: Mysterious pink glow in sky over Australian town revealed to be from local cannabis facility | Marge: Council accidentally plants cannabis in towns floral displays.

In forum and podcast news wwe briefly cover us hitting 200k downloads on the show! A massive milestone! Thanks to every single one of you who has downloaded the show in the past, we massively appreciate it and are glad you are enjoying this journey with us!

Two Dogs Seeds Welcome to another episode of Know Your Breeder. For those of you that are new here, I’m Banner and I don’t want you to waste 6 months growing out seeds made by someone you know nothing about. Today we have Two Dogs Seeds from Eugene, OR Focusing on genetic provenance, natural farming, and connoisseur cannabis. Thank you Lemon Hoko and the NW47 crew for connecting us!

It has been crazy hot over the last couple of weeks for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere. In this grow guides we discuss different ways to keep your grow room cool during the hot summer months.

We have a real cool interview for you today where we speak with Andrew DeAngelo. Andrew is the younger brother of Steve DeAngelo who we have had on the show a few times in the past. Together they formed a very important movement "The Last Prisoner Project". Their mission is to get anyone convicted of cannabis crimes out of prison as soon as possible. So far the have got hundreds of people out of prison and they are doing great work for the cause.

Andrew is also a cannabis consultant for cannabis companies and has worked with many people around the world. He is also a movie producer! A very cool guy and a really fun conversation, I hope you enjoy it. Thanks as always for downloading the show!

Here the the news stories covered in this week's episode: Monkey: Incorporating weed is a growing trend for weddings: Here's what to know | Macky: Brittney Griner had a doctor's note for cannabis use | Bubble: Regular cannabis use now more accepted by Australians than smoking tobacco, study finds | Marge: US cannabis companies tread cautiously into turbulent Canadian Market

We also have all episode available on Spotify and Itunes so you can download them all 100% free!! Macky also has covid which is why this episode is a little later than usual.

Learn how to make cannabis seeds in this episode of High on Home Grown. We discuss not only how to make cannabis seeds, but also cover how to make feminised seeds, autoflowering cannabis seeds and regular cannabis seeds too. Everything you need to know is covered in this episode, with some great questions from our listeners at the end too. If you have any questions about this episode or any other of the grow guides we have done in the past then please head over to our forum on Percys Grow Room and we will be more than happy to help you over there.

Thank you as always for downloading and listening to the show, it would mean alot to us if you could share it with friends on social media or in real life if that is possible. Enjoy the rest of your week, I hope you enjoy this episode and hope you learn something from it! Stay high, stay safe, and we will see you on the next one 😀

Tommy Chong turned 84 a few weeks ago, and we had the pleasure of having a birthday session with him the day before his birthday. We talk about all sorts of things and just have a laid back stoner conversation with the king of stoners.