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Fourth Generation Digitizers With Easy-to-Use API


In this webinar, we explain the design principles and operation of our fourth-generation digitizers with a focus on the application programming interface (API).

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Topics covered in this webinar:
  • Current and planned fourth generation digitizer models
  • Design principles used for developing these products
  • Example applications that utilize high-performance digitizers
  • Application programming interface (API) details
Who should attend? Developers that want to learn more about Teledyne SP Device's latest generation data acqusition boards (digitizers).

What attendees will learn? An overview of existing digitizer products and their specifications as well as planned upcoming models. Details about the application programming interface (API) and how to operate these devices.

Presenter: Thomas Elter, Senior Field Applications Engineer

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Introduction to the 5 Pillars of Data Acquisition


Join Teledyne SP Devices for a live webinar about the foundations of data acquisition.

Explore digitizer fundamentals and learn more about analog front-end (AFE), triggering, clocking, signal processing, and the use of general-purpose input/output (GPIO).

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