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Au Revoir, Public Health Emergency

Content warning: The public health emergency in effect since the start of the covid-19 pandemic will end on May 11, the Biden administration announced this week. The end of the so-called PHE will bring about a raft of policy changes affecting patients, health care provide

Millones en riesgo de perder Medicaid, mientras terminan protecciones por la pandemia

Content warning: Los estados se están preparando para remover a millones de personas de Medicaid, a medida que expiran las protecciones que se implementaron al comienzo de la pandemia de covid-19.

As Pandemic-Era Medicaid Provisions Lapse, Millions Approach a Coverage Cliff

Content warning: States are trying to reach millions of Medicaid enrollees to make sure those still eligible remain covered and help others find new health insurance.

Watch: Covid Increases Risk of Heart Problems, New Data Underlines

Content warning: Céline Gounder, KHN editor-at-large for public health, discusses new data showing an excess of deaths in 2020 related to heart disease.

Nursing Home Owners Drained Cash During Pandemic While Residents Deteriorated

Content warning: As the federal government debates whether to require higher staffing levels at nursing homes, financial records show owners routinely push profits to sister companies while residents are neglected. “A dog would get better care than he did,” one resident’s

Can They Freaking Do That?!? (2023 Update)

Content warning: Can a medical provider you’ve never heard of send you an outrageous bill? Sure. Can you fight back and win? Yes, sometimes you can. Here’s how to do it.

It’s ‘Telehealth vs. No Care’: Doctors Say Congress Risks Leaving Patients Vulnerable

Content warning: Congress’ $1.7 trillion omnibus spending package included a two-year extension of pandemic-era funding that helped telehealth services grow nationwide. But that cash bridge, embraced by those delivering services to patients in rural areas, doesn’t provide

Some Addiction Treatment Centers Turn Big Profits by Scaling Back Care

Content warning: Private equity groups are cashing in on rising rates of alcohol and drug addiction in the U.S. But they aren’t necessarily investing in centers with the best treatment standards, and they often cut extra services.

Listen to the Latest ‘KHN Health Minute’

Content warning: “Health Minute” brings original health care and health policy reporting from the KHN newsroom to the airwaves each week.

California Author Uses Dark Humor — And a Bear — To Highlight Flawed Health System

Content warning: A new graphic novel by Kathleen Founds follows an angst-ridden bear on his quest for mental health treatment. Founds drew on her own experience with bipolar disorder.

Government Lets Health Plans That Ripped Off Medicare Keep the Money

Content warning: In a surprise decision, U.S. officials yield to insurance industry demands — at least for now.

A Baby Spent 36 Days in an In-Network NICU. Why Did the Hospital Next Door Send a Bill?

Content warning: A baby spent more than a month in a Chicago NICU. A big bill revealed she was treated by out-of-network doctors from the children’s hospital next door. Her parents were charged despite a state law protecting patients from such out-of-network billing — and

When Gun Violence Ends Young Lives, These Men Prepare the Graves

Content warning: Just outside St. Louis, a cemetery for children sits on a hill. A wooden, weather-worn sign welcomes mourners to “Baby Land.” The gravediggers who made the special spot work quietly in the shadows.

Part II: The State of the Abortion Debate 50 Years After ‘Roe’

Content warning: In Part II of this special two-part episode, Alice Miranda Ollstein of Politico, Sandhya Raman of CQ Roll Call, and Sarah Varney of KHN join KHN chief Washington correspondent Julie Rovner to discuss how the abortion debate has evolved since the Supreme C

Montana Pharmacists May Get More Power to Prescribe

Content warning: Supporters of a proposed law say it would fill a health provider gap in rural areas, while doctors worry it will give pharmacists power outside the scope of their education.

Did Your Health Plan Rip Off Medicare?

Content warning: KHN has released never-before-seen details of federal audits as the government weighs action against dozens of Medicare Advantage plans.

California’s Resolve Questioned After It Grants Medi-Cal Contract Concessions

Content warning: After the Department of Health Care Services canceled Medi-Cal contract awards under pressure from major insurers, some consumer advocates question the administration’s willpower to improve care in the safety-net program.

FDA Experts Are Still Puzzled Over Who Should Get Which Covid Shots and When

Content warning: A single booster seems to prevent death and hospitalization in most people, but protection from the current vaccines wanes within months. FDA experts say they need to know more from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to decide the best long-te

Part I: The State of the Abortion Debate 50 Years After ‘Roe’

Content warning: In Part I of this special two-part episode, Alice Miranda Ollstein of Politico, Sandhya Raman of CQ Roll Call, and Sarah Varney of KHN join KHN chief Washington correspondent Julie Rovner to discuss how the abortion debate has evolved since the Supreme Co

More Californians Are Dying at Home. Another Covid ‘New Normal’?

Content warning: The proportion of Californians dying at home, rather than in a hospital or nursing home, accelerated during the pandemic, a trend that has outlasted the rigid lockdowns linked to the initial shift.

Florida Gov. DeSantis Falsely Claims Bivalent Booster Boosts Chances of Covid Infection

Content warning: Experts say the Florida governor's conclusion could not be drawn from the study he cited, adding that the research focused on health care workers, who are likelier to be exposed to covid and more likely to be vaccinated. Those findings should not be appli

Unmet Needs: Critics Cite Failures in Health Care for Vulnerable Foster Children

Content warning: More states are moving to specialized managed-care contracts solely to handle medical and behavioral services for foster kids. But child advocates, foster parents, and even state officials say these and other care arrangements are shortchanging foster kid

Wave of Rural Nursing Home Closures Grows Amid Staffing Crunch

Content warning: Many small-town care facilities that remain open are limiting admissions, citing a lack of staff, while a wave of others shutter. That means more patients are marooned in hospitals or placed far away from their families.

Adolescentes latinos se entrenan para educar sobre las vacunas contra covid

Content warning: Organizaciones comunitarias de salud en California y en todo el país forman a adolescentes, muchos de ellos latinos, para que actúen como educadores de la salud en la escuela, en las redes sociales y en las comunidades donde persiste el miedo a la vacuna

As States Seek to Limit Abortions, Montana Wants to Redefine What Is Medically Necessary

Content warning: Montana officials are looking to tighten rules around medically necessary abortions for those who use Medicaid as their health insurance. Reproductive health advocates and Democratic lawmakers have said the move is part of a broader agenda to whittle away

Latino Teens Are Deputized as Health Educators to Sway the Unvaccinated

Content warning: Some community health groups are training Latino teens to conduct outreach and education, particularly in places where covid vaccine fears linger.

Watch: Fifty Years after ‘Roe,’ Abortion Rights Battle Shifts to the States

Content warning: On the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we asked people across the U.S. what the abrupt upending of abortion rights has meant to them, and we lay out the stakes in the battles ahead.

Transgender People in Rural America Struggle to Find Doctors Willing or Able to Provide Care

Content warning: Many health professionals in rural areas don’t know how to provide gender-affirming care, leaving transgender patients with few options.

Anti-Abortion Activists Rally in DC in a Watershed Moment for Their Movement

Content warning: Friday’s annual March for Life rally in Washington, D.C., held for the first time since Roe v. Wade was overturned, signals a new chapter in the anti-abortion movement.

Abortion Debate Ramps Up in States as Congress Deadlocks

Content warning: Abortion is a top issue for state lawmakers meeting for their first full sessions since Roe v. Wade was overturned.

Journalists Follow Up on Radon Mine Health Spas, Open Enrollment, and Health Fraud

Content warning: KHN and California Healthline staff made the rounds on national and local media this week to discuss their stories. Here’s a collection of their appearances.

NFL Has Been Slow to Embrace Mental Health Support for Players

Content warning: The shocking on-field cardiac arrest of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin traumatized some players and underscores the need for more consistent mental health support in a league whose athletes are trained to show no weakness.

Luring Out-of-State Professionals Is Just the First Step in Solving Montana’s Health Worker Shortage

Content warning: Two proposals would make it easier for professionals with out-of-state licenses to work in Montana, but that tactic likely won’t be enough to fill the demand for mental health providers.

The ‘KHN Health Minute’ Debuts on CBS News Radio

Content warning: Launched Jan. 12, the “Health Minute” brings original health care and health policy reporting from the KHN newsroom to the airwaves each week.

As US Bumps Against Debt Ceiling, Medicare Becomes a Bargaining Chip

Content warning: The debt ceiling crisis facing Washington puts Medicare and other popular entitlement programs squarely on the negotiating table this year as newly empowered Republicans demand spending cuts. Meanwhile, as more Americans than ever have health insurance, t

Readers and Tweeters Diagnose Greed and Chronic Pain Within US Health Care System

Content warning: KHN gives readers a chance to comment on a recent batch of stories.

A $30 Million Gift to Build an Addiction Treatment Center. Then Staffers Had to Run It.

Content warning: Howard Buffett, son of billionaire investor Warren Buffett and chairman of his own charitable foundation, gave $30 million to build an addiction treatment center in the central Illinois community where he farms. But the money was a one-time gift for infra

Numbers Don’t Lie. Biden Kept His Promise on Improving Obamacare.

Content warning: KHN has teamed up with our partners at PolitiFact to monitor 100 key promises made by Joe Biden during the 2020 presidential campaign — including those surrounding the Affordable Care Act.

What Older Americans Need to Know About Taking Paxlovid

Content warning: Covid-19 continues to hit seniors with disproportionate severity. Experts say Paxlovid is an effective therapy that is being underprescribed for people 65 and older.

After a Brief Pandemic Reprieve, Rural Workers Return to Life Without Paid Leave

Content warning: Coastal and politically progressive states have passed stronger paid sick and family leave policies, but many workers in rural America are left out, facing tough decisions when choosing between caring for themselves or sick family members or keeping their