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Chicory drink

Chicory drink with milk and coconut butter.

Gym without bullshit and other fertilisers

The best human invented exercise is SNATCH. For any gender and in any age the best exercise to maintain human body in healthy balance and you can go to ATHLETE level.



Adding some overload to strength micro cycle, 24kgx2. 10 sets 4+4/4+4/4+4/4+4/4+4/4+4/4+4/4+4/4+4/4+4 FELT 60% - amazing adaptation!!!

Lamb soup

Lamb soup.
Mix food is best fuel for your body to recover faster from your training.

retards of closer my account for no reason and refuse to tell why. Trade-based retarded slaves .
I moved to trade-free room.
See you there

Goblet squat tips

Kettlebell goblet squats, straighten your arms for extra load.

Incredible hulk complex

Incredible Hulk complex:
- 5 deadlift
- 5 clean
- 5 front squat
- 5 shoulder push press
- 5 back squat

Day 8

Day 8, let's spin the wheel - and reset the mental strength - have a reset day of intermitted fasting with organic boiled eggs


What is your is floor thrusters strength ratio today?? My 1.06.
Ratio = barbellWeight/bodyWeight

Bear Complex

Show me how beautifully your body moves by performing bear complex.

Recovery workout

Recovery Workout

Rest day

5 Rounds of:

- Rowing 1000m
- 5 Bear Complex 50kg


Rest day

Recovery workout.
5 sets of:
- 2000m rowing
- 5 power clean and jerk 50kg


5 sets for 10 reps push-ups
With 10 reps try to kill yourself and take a rest which you can manage. For example 2 minutes, next time shorten your rest time.

Got fiter?

Got fiter in a week.
50 unbrocken deadlifts. 90kg in 1:14
Are your biceps curls working?
deadlift time cap


50 Deadlifts 90kg in 1:47
Reps 20/10/10/10


50 bodyweight deadlifts on time.
My bodyweight 86kg, on the bar 90kg to make everyone happy.
My time 1:51
What is yours?

Knowledge checking.

What is the best exercise or training method if you have only 1 minute to train?

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Weightlifting barbells in stock

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What is meter count for concept2 rowing challenge?

Rowing challenge begins

Are you ready for the rowing challenge? I am in already just did 10.000m row.
The participating rules are:
Complete at least 100k during the Holiday Challenge and Concept2 will donate $.02 for every kilometer to your choice of charities for the first 100k. We'll donate an additional $.04 for every kilometer you row, ski or ride after 100k, up to a maximum total amount of $45,000.
My charity is Clima Fund. Sad where is TROMSITE charity to fund. Only this one is British Charity.
What can I do. i will donate the same amount to tromsite myself. you can Join and row. And i will donate to myself.
Let's have some fun! 100k or 200k or even more.

84h fasting done

8 hours of fasting done. Do no feel hungry at all. Before you do fasting, educate yourself how to do it correctly.
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