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I can only two

I can only two of these tasty figs, because I can only 50g of carbohydrates per day. What a nice ant tasty carbs? What is your diet for entire life?

My new pet.

My new pets . Competition plates for Olympic lifting. Just an extra 100kg to my collection.
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Free food and water and a bed as well trade,-free at myworkoutarena. Enjoy life stop trading😀

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Trade-free online fitness on app

Trade-free fitness workouts online with notifications and personal trainer watch. Just send me a message with your email and you will get log in details

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Gym without bullshit is trade-free gym

Workout plan going very well did some extra reps and 5km rowing. Lost 20% of fat simple by following my own workout and diet plan. Simple trade-free gym without bullshit MYWORKOUTARENA.

Where is always a begining

You must start from somewhere and you must to join the fitness community or follow fitness maniacs, otherwise you will get lost.
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Fitness without bullshit-, no ads, no data collection , no money game.

Video is here