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Trade-free gym

Trade-free fitness and barbell collection.
Enjoy trade-free fitness

Morning interval training with trade-free assault bike at trade-free gym

Rowing challenge begins

Are you ready for the rowing challenge? I am in already just did 10.000m row.
The participating rules are:
Complete at least 100k during the Holiday Challenge and Concept2 will donate $.02 for every kilometer to your choice of charities for the first 100k. We'll donate an additional $.04 for every kilometer you row, ski or ride after 100k, up to a maximum total amount of $45,000.
My charity is Clima Fund. Sad where is TROMSITE charity to fund. Only this one is British Charity.
What can I do. i will donate the same amount to tromsite myself. you can Join and row. And i will donate to myself.
Let's have some fun! 100k or 200k or even more.

Made a new design as it is not very comfortable to add your score by phone. An empty line helps you just add yourself it correct position without editing to much.
Add your score and get !rmsfitness token at
Daily Workouts Here

Workout 23

Daily workout 23
Comrade, give me 5 rounds of

- 30 Kettlebell swing double arms 24kg
- 5/arm Clean and Jerk 24kg
- 5/arm Snatch 24kg

My time today is 18:42:50
What is yours?

Show me your gym picture of today

Some people only can "talk" that they do sports, don't be like whose watchers, get involved do sports and show what you have learned or accomplished.
Photo as a first step work fine.
Enjoy trade-free fitness at MyWorkoutArena.

Give me, comrade 5 sets of
10 Push Ups
10 Squat

Submit Your Score Here


I can only two

I can only two of these tasty figs, because I can only 50g of carbohydrates per day. What a nice ant tasty carbs? What is your diet for entire life?

Motivation to workout...

If you have a plan you don't to look for motivation or motivate yourself, you just do it because it is plan and it feels that you done it, so you go and do that
What is your workout plan?
My trade-free plan is here and it is free to use

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Importance of the strength and lifting

Strength makes your body healthy, by strengthening immune system, your bone density, creates hormones that controls your mind and body itself. Make sure you lift regurlary.
Join trase-free fitness at
Let's go lift comrades

Lifting and strength

Lifting and strength are very important and to human body. You live in the body, so take care of it. Your bones and overall health would be much better if you lift sometimes.
Trade-free fitness at
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Incredible hulk workout

What is you score?
My score 6 Full Rounds.

Incredible Hulk
10 min AMRAP 40gb
Round of

5 reps Deadlift
5 reps Hang Clean
5 reps Front Squat
5 reps Push Press
5 reps Back Squat

**It is a short version, long version is 20min**
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Do you lift?

Do you lift heavy at least once a week. Do you perform the most important exercise to human body?
I do always and you should to.
Enjoy TRADE-FREE fitness at
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Trying new collars

Trying new collars. I hope the willstand the dropping in Olympic lifting.
Trade-free fitness at

Trade-free fat bombs

Trade-free fat bombs. Trade-free myworkoutarena's fat bombs to fuel your active lifestyle. Perfect snack after a good workout. Local delivery available, only for trade-free active person.

increased the weight on barbell row to 80kg

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Trade-free online fitness on app

Trade-free fitness workouts online with notifications and personal trainer watch. Just send me a message with your email and you will get log in details

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