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What is your is floor thrusters strength ratio today?? My 1.06.
Ratio = barbellWeight/bodyWeight

Trade-free gym

Trade-free fitness and barbell collection.
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Motivation to workout...

If you have a plan you don't to look for motivation or motivate yourself, you just do it because it is plan and it feels that you done it, so you go and do that
What is your workout plan?
My trade-free plan is here and it is free to use

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Importance of the strength and lifting

Strength makes your body healthy, by strengthening immune system, your bone density, creates hormones that controls your mind and body itself. Make sure you lift regurlary.
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Trade-free bumper plate floor holder

I made those from items I found in the street. Build with my hands. I made because it easier to change weight plates, as always I need a plate which is under 5 plates. So it is very helpful.
Bring your wood I will make for you as trade-free
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