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Living Planet Symposium kicks off

Living Planet Symposium opening address
ESA’s Living Planet Symposium has opened with a flourish with over 4000 participants including scientists, academics, space industry representatives, institutional stakeholders, data users, students and citizens gathered to discuss the latest findings on our changing planet, as well as advances in satellite technologies, new opportunities in the commercial world, and ESA’s plans for the future.

Watch live: Living Planet Symposium 2022

Watch live: Living Planet Symposium 2022
The time has finally come for ESA’s Living Planet Symposium – one of the largest Earth observation conferences in the world. Follow our live streaming all week on ESA Web TV, starting with the Opening Ceremony on Monday 23 May at 09:00 (CEST).

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roses are red
violets are blue
in surveillance capitalism
poem reads you

and shows you ads
for flower shops
and tracks your clicks
and never stops

it cares not about
if privacy's harmed
the money is green
when people are farmed

twitter is cyan
facebook is blue
your friends are the product
and so are you
Someone should make shirts and other gadgets with last part of it :D I love this 🤩

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We have something important to decide about our money. There is the idea to outsource the management of our finances by an external non profit. Its a huge change, so we are asking for your opinion:

Feel free to comment with questions and concerns :)

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I can't login to vote now.

if you're going to do this
you're going to lose the autonomy
externalize the financial mgmt is not something like externalize anything else. if you do that to focus on tech consider the limit of not having decision on financial anymore. you will not focus on getting money anymore and you will delegate this to third. if for some reasons donations will stop you will be blocked and will prob drop the project
you need to find think this through
the only question is "how can I get out?"

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📰 Against #

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What you can do to stop # :

1. Provide negative feedback on the proposal
⌛️ Feedback period: 13 May 2022 - 15 July 2022

2. Phone your MEP
no #ChatControl - EU citizens, make your voices heard to stop this dangerous proposal. It would do nothing to protect the most vulenerable, and put everone at risk. Contact your MEP. Give feedback through the EU portal

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Is # valid if you are not an EU citizen/resident or do they only accept comments from the EU?
What you can do to stop # :

3. Tag @EU_Commission@FRA@ombudsman on # feedback channel and 🗣️ 📢
What you can do to stop # :

Mobilise the working class, since it is the only social force that can overthrow capitalism and by that stop current and future attempts of mass surveillance.

The ruling class is fearing resistance of the working class in the current economic crisis. To keep power and to keep capitalism artificially alive, it tries to establish surveillance tools, not only in the EU, but also in the UK (Online Safety Bill) and in the USA (EARN IT act).
[en] @cryptpad For anyone needing background information in English or German on # see

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parent here. I’m not even going to debate the technical content, of which I understand more than these legislators ever will.

I don’t need companies or the state to protect my children by violating their privacy and reading/scanning their messages. Ever.

Raising and protecting them is my job, as I see fit within the agreements of our family, in real live contact with the actual persons involved. If there is a need to violate their privacy, that’s my responsibility too.

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↠ Watch also "How the Ibex Came Back from the Brink"

For centuries, giraffes have been undergoing a silent extinction: a population of more than 1 million dropped to under 100,000.

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RT by @[url=]NASA Climate[/url]: Hello, world! First-light images from @[url=]NOAA[/url]'s GOES-18 weather satellite reveal our home planet in high resolution.

We oversaw development and launch of this mission, which will provide data to improve weather forecasts, and monitor o

Hello, world! First-light images from @[url=]NOAA[/url]'s GOES-18 weather satellite reveal our home planet in high resolution.

We oversaw development and launch of this mission, which will provide data to improve weather forecasts, and monitor our changing climate:

I'm so excited that I can finally share this piece. I have been working on this off and on for most of April and it was truly a labour of love. I fell in love with green mums in Animal Crossing New Horizons and my island was just littered with them. I decided I wanted some forever green mums for my home too, so I created this piece so I could have some to hang on my wall.
A bouquet of seven light green mums in various stages of bloom.

Atom fussion

Enjoying atom fussion process...

I presume this applies to those livestreaming with OwnCast too?

Yes, especially if it has federation switched on.

The post was written before Owncast was on the Fediverse, and I use the name FediVideos to be platform-agnostic.

# # # # In the North-West of #, right on the border with #

# # #

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# # # # In the North-West of #, right on the border with #

# # #

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Hi everyone o/

Our website and related sites are currently down due to an IP issue. We’ve alerted the relevant parties and are waiting for a resolution. Thank you for your patience 🙏

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nothing so serious. Just a problem with our IP address routing 😅
oh ' that's better + allmost a cool problem ;)

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Big Buck Bunny 60fps 4K - Official Blender Foundation Short Film

Enjoy this UHD High Frame rate version of one of the iconic short films produced by Blender Institute!
Learn more about the project here Support more Open Content at

NOTE: currently, YouTube allows 60fps only on 1080p videos. We uploaded the video in UHD, so maybe in the future it will be available in UHD 60p. You can download the original version at
This entry was edited (4 days ago)
Happy Easter everyone! 🐣
Is it possible to reupload the video in 4K to PeerTube.
Here it's only available in 1080p.

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It seems like there is quite a bit of interest so I will be live-streaming (and live tooting) the total lunar eclipse through my telescope this Sunday night! 🌘🔭

If you’re interested in seeing the eclipse up close and personal, I will share a Zoom link (or similar) here that evening, and record it as well ✨

FYI the eclipse will at around 8:30pm Pacific Time, peak by 9:11pm PT, and end entirely at 11:50pm PT. The moon will turn orange-red (a “blood moon”) for 90 minutes!

# #
An orange-reddish eclipsed moon, aka a “blood moon”.

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Yes, please. I will try to see it here in # but sunrise is too early to see the full eclipse. Would be epic if you could stream the event. Thanks.
will do!! Fingers crossed for clear (enough) skies here in Northern California!
# prediction for Berlin is not the best for next Monday. # #

it’s looking…ok here. I think the clouds will clear enough by the time the eclipse starts. Here’s hoping!

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Лили ("Lili") 2018

I have been entirely unable to find a means to view this film, be it purchase, rent or download.

Using the sales magic of J. R. "Bob" Dobbs I am putting out a powerful intent and prayer purpose that someone out there can help me find this film.

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you probably already found this but I noticed on one site it says it was selected for "Festival du film russe. A l'heure de Moscou, Verdun sur Garonne (France), 2022", if it's still doing the festival circuit it may very purposefully have no streaming or home video options, and we'd have to hope they come out soon.
AH - that explains all and I had not noticed! Thank you!

Incredible images as astronomers see material swirling around the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole for the very first time!

Astronomers have, for the very first time, taken extreme close-up observations of the supermassive black hole in the center of our Milky Way galaxy.

I love bills

I love my last bill from British gas. Gas price increased 10 times, electricity 3 times.
I am flying to the moon :)

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Hi everyone o/

Funkwhale 1.2.5 is here! This update fixes an issue with channel pages and introduces a couple of other small quality of life improvements. Check out our blog for more details!

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I was wondering what had happened - I haven't been able to play any music on tanukitunes for at least a couple of weeks now.

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Guten morgen ! CryptPad is present with @XWiki at Cloud Expo Frankfurt in Germany today and tomorrow, and also next week at Univention summit in Bremen ! Come see us at K74 ! We have CryptPad stickers !

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'Paradise', British Columbia, Canada [OC][1071x1600] Insta: arpandas_photography_adventure


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You can interact with the videos boosted by this account without leaving Mastodon.

You can watch, comment, like, share, subscribe all from within Mastodon. You don't need to click on the video's link at all.

PeerTube and Mastodon federate together using the same technical standard, so actions you take in Mastodon will appear next to the video in PeerTube.

See the attached images for more details.

#Fediverse #PeerTube #Mastodon
Screenshot of a PeerTube video viewed from Mastodon, with labels showing where to click to subscribe, like, comment, share videos etc.
Screenshot of the comments on a PeerTube video, showing how replies to a video made on Mastodon appear as comments below the same video on PeerTube

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there is a gotcha, when you comment, you must not remove the @ to the poster of the video or the comment won't appear under the peertube video. Tested this morning. Dunno if it's intended or a bug.

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So, apparently @peertube now has live chat built into it through a an official plugin (you can see a screenshot below).

The plugin has a github at

It was announced on the PeerTube blog back in November at

The chat doesn't require an account, you just pick a nickname and start chatting.

#PeerTube #LiveStreaming
Screenshot of PeerTube with live chat plugin operating during a livestream
I contacted the author @John_Livingston in the first phases of development of the plugin, and used it many times in last year, see at the end of this page:

It is unvaluable in emacipating streaming events from the global platforms!
Feels a bit prone to bot spamming perhaps, but we'll see. Neat feature.

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↠ Watch how not growing tusks saved elephants' lives:

Elephants are a keystone species, crucial to the environments they live in.

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