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So Tio and I moved out of our apartment last week, unfortunately, but thanks to someone named Taras, we now have enough funds to feed ourselves and keep our projects alive for the next few months. Thank you so much Taras!

My plan hasn’t changed much. Right now, I’m finishing up draft 3 of my book- and I’m finally almost done! (This time really :D) I’ve put a crazy amount of work into this book over the past 2 years so now I’m pretty much sick of working on it :D Once I finish everything except the conclusion, I plan to go off into the Pyrenees Mountains and hike to the Atlantic. After that, I’ll come back, finish the conclusion, take one last look over the book, and then I’ll finally publish it. Whew. Then I’ll figure out some way to make some money so that Tio and I can keep our projects going without getting all stressed out all the time :)

Wreck Your Mail Before You Check Your Mail


Every five years or so, I think it’s time to review my e-mail flow. (Oh no!) I run my own mail server, and you should too, but this means that I get to figure out managing and searching and archiving and indexing it all by myself. (Yippee!)

And I’ll be honest — sometimes I’m a bit of a luddite. I actually, literally have been using Mutt, or its derivative NeoMutt for maybe fifteen years, after a decade or so of mouse-intensive graphical mail readers. If e-mail is about typing words, and maybe attaching the occasional image, nothing beats a straight-up text interface. But what a lot of these simple mail clients lack is good search. So I decided to take that seriously.

Notmuch is essentially an e-mail database. It’s an e-mail searcher, tagger, and indexer, but it’s not much else. The nice thing is that it’s brutally fast. Searches and extraction of tagged subsets are faster than sending the same data back and forth to the Big G, and I have a ton more flexibility. It’s awesome. Of course good ol’ Mutt can work with Notmuch. Everything can. It’s Linux/UNIX.

aHR0cHM6Ly9oYWNrYWRheS5jb20vd3AtY29udGVudC91cGxvYWRzLzIwMjEvMDYvYXN0cm9pZF9sb2dvLnBuZz93PTQwMA==.pngBut I wanted an e-mail client that would take the tags-instead-of-folders flow seriously, and make searching a first-class navigation strategy. Mutt is from the 1990s, when e-mail was in its teenage years. I ended up with Astroid, and am currently in the honeymoon phase, still configuring things so that they work just right, but all in all enjoying the change. Of course some of the keymapping is different, so if you get an e-mail from me that’s clearly intended for someone else, well, you know what happened.

So here I am, with auto-tagging scripts that fire off MQTT messages to my home automation system when certain mail comes in, and with a tag system that distinguishes between importance and urgency as well as along defined topics. It doesn’t spy me out, track links I click on, or record every online purchase I make without asking my permission either. It basically fits me like a glove, and I’m pretty happy now.

And all it took? A whole freaking afternoon of tedious work, trying out different software packages, and tweaking configuration scripts. All in all, it’s a mind-numbing effort that I’ll be happy to not repeat until we’re all composing e-mails directly with our neural implants. But how many of you out there are actually happy with your e-mail setup?

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Ryobi Power Packs as Ebike Batteries


By now, the process of creating custom lithium-ion battery packs is well-known enough to be within the reach of most makers. But it’s not a path without hazard, and mistakes with battery protection and management can be costly. Happily for those who are apprehensive on the battery front there’s a solution courtesy of a group of engineering students from the University of Pittsburgh. Their project was to convert a pedal bicycle to electric assisted power, and in doing so they didn’t make their own pack but instead used off-the-shelf 40V Ryobi power tool packs.

The bike conversion is relatively conventional with the crank replaced by a crank and motor assembly, and a pair of the Ryobi packs in 3D-printed holders on the frame. The value in this is in its reminder that these packs have evolved to the point at which they make a viable alternative to a much more expensive bike-specific pack, and that their inclusion of all the balancing and protection circuitry make them also a much safer option than building your own pack. The benefits of this are immense as they bring a good-quality conversion within reach of many more bicycle owners, with all parts being only a simple online order away. Take a look at the video below the break for more details.

Those Ryobi cells certainly seem to have carved themselves a niche in our community!

Space debris and trade

An interesting website about space debris. If you think all this debris created because the trade. we have so much abundant stuff and still play stupid money game. Idiocracy!!!

Slow Baloon Shooting Video (video)

Slow Baloon shotting.
First video with 5d mark 4 119fps(full frame)
Second video Olympus tought 120fps
Third Olympus tought 240fps
Fourth Olympus tought 480fps

Kaip Instaliuoti Anydesk (video)

Trumpas video kaip instaliuoti anydesk. Kompiuterio nuotolinio valdymo programelę anydesk.
Operacinė sistema TROMjaro.
daugiau video tinklalapyje

Kaip lengvai atsisįusti filmą iš interneto naudojant searX (video)

Kaip lengvai atsisįusti filmą iš interneto naudojant searX .
Aš naudoju
Daugiau video
Naudojama TROMjaro operacinė sistema www.tromaja...

Geras Ir Blogas (video)

Šiame video tyrinėjame žodžius Geras ir Blogas.
Video filmuotas su olympus tough TG-6. Operacine systema Tromjaro. Video apdirbimo irankis kdenlive.

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