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Loud & Proud With your hosts: unklebonehead(@BoneheadUnkle), jgearjammer(@GearjammerL) and thisnewgirl(@PuppyBunney) will be LIVE in 5 minutes!
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Loud & Proud

When u create a censorship-resistant protocol, countries can’t push a button to control the network. They can only “ban” the use of the network inside, this forces countries to compete, as other countries will embrace the tech

Talent will flock to countries that embrace web3

When I'm gone, unless you're happy and/or indifferent to it, I hope you remember all the times you could've said hello or simply reach out but didn't.

Your gonna watch tonights Drop the Mic on @mspwaves. Yes, WATCH tonights show. There will be no words to describe it and it will not be uploaded to @3speakvidshare YouTube or anywhere else. If you miss it, you will never see it again.
8pm EST/12am UTC


Could two followers please copy and re-post this tweet to show that someone is always there?

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

0800 689 5652 (UK)
1-800-273-8255 (USA)
1.833.456.4566 (Canada)

Suicide is not the answer.

Your daily reminder that balanced ideas don't require force or people being convinced of anything.

Pretty sure he voted against it because you cut our border security budget so can send 40 bil to another country! It's called priorities you moron! Can't help others when you can't help yourself first!

John McCain WARNED us about Rand Paul when he said "The Senator from Kentucky is NOW working for Vladimir Putin."

Senator Paul voting today to BLOCK $40 Billion to aid Ukraine is UNFATHOMABLE!

Just realized that if you change up Sloppy Joe's to Sloppy Jose you get Mexican Sloppy Joe's

Playing some killer Tunes from @Stickupmusic@CrystalMCasey@RavenMus1c and more! Right now!

Drop the Mic With your hosts: polarmystro(@Polar_Maestro) and unklebonehead(@3speakvidshare) will be LIVE in 5 minutes!
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Drop the Mic

I don’t know who needs to hear this but premines on coin voting systems are no decentralized.

The chicken & the egg has always been how do you build the technology w/o VC funding?

Hive has 99 problems, but a premine or the need for VC funding is not one.

Rising Star - 100k SB giveaway, plus cards, plus great music - 1 Hour only! Monday Night 9pm UK time… #hive @AtomCollector@tdctunes

You are invited to the special edition of my Brixton Radio show to celebrate the recent release of the Stick Up Boys version of my track Traveller's Path!

I'll be live Monday from 9pm on Brixton Radio and my Twitch channel.


You can now apply to become a 3Speak encoder node operator. All the info is in this #Hive post:…

I'm loving this dude more and more with every song he drops!
This one hits it right on every head of every nail!
Tom MacDonald - "The System" via @YouTube

Think I'm about to lose my last fur baby. 😭 12 yrs is a long time for a ferret.

My 750k fans on #RisingStarGame from @AtomCollector are virtual, but still earn me something. I also earn from my human fans on #Hive. There's also 20% interest on savings, so you don't have to be a blogger to be earning.


Found this amazing Threespeaker just a minute ago:…
Awesome to see so many musicians switching over to the best decentralized, censorship-resistant, monetizable video hosting platform out there, @3speakonline

Just put my tune "Mɪʀʀᴏʀ Mɪʀʀᴏʀ" up on the Hive. Check it out on 3Speak at… for some dark harpsichord vibes! #Web3 #Music


Got 3 vids in the hopper on @3speakonline and YouTube. 1 for immediate publication and 2 for the next 2 days.

Thanks everyone for stopping by the stream today! Was awesome. Can't wait for the Hive movie, going to be epic!

Going to upload the reply on @3speakonline tonight or tomorrow.

Stop letting either side be the mouthpiece.

The regurgitated rhetoric from both sides on every single topic makes everything a warzone trying to discuss.

With the great Cornholio in charge what could possibly go wrong?

So who did it better?


When you hear "God I love how you do that." Coming from your daughters room but you can see them playing a video game together.
Um yeah. I do not like my daughter being 18.

This is the best cover I've ever heard! They really get into the song.
Massive brownie points for the facial expressions, lol!
School of Rock Students Perform "The Final Countdown'" by Europe

Recently @elonmusk literally bought @Twitter due to censorship concerns etc and #hive barely moved in price/volume even tho it's the biggest #web3 immutable free speech social media platform on the biggest exchange. Not to be rude but #cryptotwitter is sometimes fucking dumb.

𝗚𝗼𝗼𝗱 𝗠𝗼𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗘𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘆𝗼𝗻𝗲
Just because it's Friday doesn't mean you should ease off. Use today to lay the groundwork for next week's successes.
#BeExcellentToEachOther #TZAG #GoodMorning
#fediverse #hive…