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For the past few weeks, I have helped with some curation of posts in the programming, developer topics.

Have enjoyed the hunt for good quality dev posts. I used HiveRSS to subscribe to 10 different tags, and check a few times daily using a RSS reader browser extension.


Shout out to @Timcast for encouraging people to download my song “Fake Woke”on iTunes…we’re close to taking the #1 spot from DJ Khaled with a song that came out years ago 😂😂😂 Epic. Appreciate you Tim! And appreciate everyone downloading. Hilarious

New Blog Post! - Mobile Email Sucks! -…

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Hey fellow #Hive friends! I started a twitter account for my new #podcast starting soon. You can either go follow it or see all my retweets of it's tweets, lol.

Anybody know of a wallet that can do the interledger protocol and NOT have KYC?

Ya'll spamming #web3 these days like you just found out about it, #hive made it a possibility over 6 years ago and still going strong. Ask a majority of #hive users and what they think about the advantages it has given them for their activity. You won't be disappointed.

Watching small content creators calling larger content creators morons is pretty ironic. Dude got a couple thousand of subscribers and been doing it for well over 10 yrs. Compared to the "moron" thats been doing it for 5 yrs and has millions of subscribers. ROFL!

If you fear Liberty people getting into power and becoming corrupted by it, you’re not alone. But 1 thing I’m fairly certain of is the ones shit posting will be less likely to be corrupted by the system than the ones trying to win the rigged game from within.

Mark Zuckerberg just admitted that he censored circulation of a legitimate news story, after the FBI warned him not to share "polarizing content" prior to the 2020 election.

Government coerced the largest social media platform to censor news, in order to affect election results.

Abolishing the income tax would be a far greater form of student debt relief than what President Biden is doing.