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I actually live streamed a game!
Even blew a stop light in front of a cop somewhere north of the speed limit, lol.…

Does anybody in Missouri actually know what html is? Your gov is about to spend $50 million to cover up there dumbass mistake with a gov contractor.
They press conference starts around 7 minutes in. Nearly none of what he says is what happened.

This Saturday at 8pm est is the 1 yr anniversary of our monthly Off The Rails episodes. Time for YOU to tell your ghost stories on Devils Night LIVE on air!

Ecosystem: We need to learn to raise funds as a community & not rely on centralized funding!

Also Ecosystem: So-so gets $100m grant to "decentralize" x industry!

November is almost here, which means a new @elementary blog post is coming soon! Did you know you can sponsor the blog posts from our GitHub Sponsors page? 😁…

Do you trust network news or podcasters more, and why is it podcasters by a landslide?

Hey #Hive friends! It's almost November & you know what that means? Time to post a #blog every day of the month for #HiveBloPoMo (inspired by #NaBloPoMo)! Check out my @hiveblocks post for details ⤵️…

@FionasFavourite@VictoriaBSB #blogging #challenge


Can grandmothers get into #Hive and benefit from it's amazing potential? Especially it's #stablecoin ?

I know of a grandmother that did just that ;)

The story is here:…


Catch tomorrow’s livestream with co-founder Cassidy James! He’ll be sharing progress on elementary OS 6 running on ARM devices like Pinebook Pro and Raspberry Pi 4, progress on the cross-platform dark style preference, and a look at OS updates for October.

Read through this. Tell if you really think they are on the users side. That much money from that many VC's and companies and making the claim they are the first Blockchain social media?
No. Nope. Notta! Not for me. BTW #hivefixesthis already!…

This sounds awesome. But since you're late to the game I will see you on @hiveblocks, the real choice for social media #DeSo!!!

If this sounds like the kind of thing for you, I encourage you to check out for more info on the FUTURE the DeSo Foundation, myself, and others like YOU are building.👩🏻‍💻

If you're ready to dive into the #Metaverse, I have 0USD referral to give you! 9/10

@katramdeen But is it really decentralised? Does it meet these criteria?:
  • No company
  • no Pre mine
  • no venture capital
  • community funded only
  • no big backers
  • No big token holders
There are solutions out there that do meet these criteria. Rare tho

Got a #hive account? Put your username in this url and you can accept ~137 different cryptos as HIVE in your account…

Today's creation - a simple(?) $HIVE donation overlay suitable for #OBS overlays for #streaming on #twitch etc .. Possibly buggy but also open source

Latest episode of the Community Token Talk podcast out now! The cutting edge of #web3…

We are not the same. We live in a clown world where the majority think that freedom and individual rights are selfish, but want the whole world to adhere to their specific view of how things should be. We just want to be left alone.

OMG... I'm close to through with Twitter.

I'm trying to get all the political and covid related news out of my feed.

I can click on "I'm not interested in this tweet" on most Tweets but not the CDC .

On covid related tweet I can only select "This tweet is not helpful".

Gonna stream a replay of an old Loud & Proud episode to see if the ThinkPad can handle it for 3 hours. #HIVE

People wanting these new "self cleaning" litter boxes for their cats. We've had these for centuries already. They are called dogs.

When your home alone. Do you close the bathroom door while using it?

Episode 20 and 21 of DecentraCast is in the editing stage! I'm starting to like this workflow. If I had done these 2 without so many mistakes they would already be posted.
But I am a Bonehead so....

You know what? We aren't too far away from them playing Slayer on the "oldies" stations. Just let that sink in.

Then donate and STFU! You want to give your money to the gov then do it! But don't force me to do what you won't do, moronic bots!

@POTUS If you make 0,000 working and a millionaire makes 0,000 selling stock, the millionaire will end the year almost ,000 richer than you because of the tax code.

Take it from us millionaires— we can afford to pay more in taxes. #TaxTheRich

Had to post it to YouTube first this time. Since they working on the backend of @3speakonline currently. But this is BIG #hivenews! @TheBeardFlex there will be more vids coming!