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Matrix finally works! It was indeed postgres (database) that took a while to fully update. Now all seems fine. Thanks @YunoHost !

The big update seems to be fully done now. All of our services seem to work well. If you find any errors or anything "suspicious" let us know. Thank you Yunohost and thank you Debian! #tromlive

So all of our services seem to work now, except our Matrix chats folks...I suspect the database is still migrating from PostgreSQL 11 to 13 but it is a super slow progress. Our Matrix database is 77GB in fucking size...I've heard Matrix will push some updates this year that will speed up matrix in some regards by almost a thousand times. Which is crazy...can't bloody wait!

So for now we have to wait and see. I asked for help already but it is too late and developers sleep at this time 😁 .

Stay calm and try to fix things 😀 #tromlive

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@Tio @LPS I don't think that it's sophisticated from an environmental point of view to use so many resources. YMMV.
@Tio @LPS
Sure but it provides video/audio calls, audio notes, markdown support with easy to use buttons for it (we use it a lot for code sharing), big file sharing capabilities, spaces, threads, reactions, and the userbase....i mean it is what i use to keep in touch with many open source projects....

They said Matrix will be improved hundreds of times by the end of this year so let's see...

The YNH upgrade is not going so smooth for I was expecting that. Matrix, Searx, Invidious and a few more services are not working anymore. Trying to fix them. Other services need some tweaks to properly work...may take me hours to fix everything. But I am prepared. I will feed myself just in case 😀 #tromlive
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In a few minutes I am starting the big Debian and Yunohost upgrade for our and all of our services. Be aware, the services might not work for hours. Including this Friendica instance! #tromlive

Sustainable business is like dry water. Never going to happen. There is no sustainability when you always have to sell sell sell. Or trade trade trade.

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I agree. And for now I chose the least possible bad business, which is a business that tries to help our environment by using money they get through trade to replant spekbooms and other stuff.

But I'd love to be able to not work for a company because I need the money.

Today/Tomorrow we will upgrade our and all of its services to the new Debian and Yunohost release. It may take hours and things may not work. Please be aware of that! #tromlive

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Surprisingly we were able to upgrade to the latest Debian and YNH, a big update, all of our TROMsite websites in less than an hour. No error, everything smooth. Yunohost is not a company but a project supported through donations. And they do a fabulous job! The real test is the server with over 20 services....we may update it tomorrow! We will let you know. #tromlive

BE AWARE: The next few days we will upgrade our server to the new Debian + Yunohost release. This is a once in a few years upgrade probably, so it may take a while. Our websites may not work. Here are the websites that will be affected:



For that matter and will also suffer donwtimes from the upgrade.

From now on the registrations on require manual approval. This is to prevent the bots from registering. Do not worry, we are still trade-free in all regards. Everyone will be approved, except bots, spams and scams of course. #tromlive

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The internet is not built for brains.

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Would not be nice to assault you now with comments about how I disagree with some of the things you said here. (*)

What I think is important to tell you now is the following : I will never be offended if you don't answer right away to my comments. I know that you are up to many things, and I think most people who interact with you know it as well. Maybe you can doo what most writers do, and dedicate a few (maybe even one) timeslots a week to answer "letters".

(*) Just to summarize, you seem to underestimate the interactions other content producer (scientists, writers, ...) have over their work. I would be glad to discuss that further, if you are in the mood for it sometime. Maybe in private if you find that less overwhelming, although public interaction also has its own advantages.
On Social Networks it is quite difficult not to reply "now" since it ca be daunting to "save" comments to folders in Friendica and reply later. Too inconvenient. This is why email for me is best. So if you ever want to engage in more lenghty discussions you can always use our contact form
you seem to underestimate the interactions other content producer (scientists, writers, ...) have over their work.
Not sure where I underestimated this. I was talking about when others give talks or publish books, it is way different in the offline work than in the online world when you publish them primarily there.
it ca be daunting to "save" comments to folders in Friendica and reply later.
That's actually what I often do, in my comment:plan folder ! Long live Friendica 😀
So I am also doing it with this post so that I can write you an email whenever I have the time and am in the mood.
I have submitted a request for Friendica to implement such a feature - I fully understand that this may be waaay to much for them to implement and idk if others are that interested in this. But I thought to at least give it a try and post about it...

Ok I have fully checked the second part of the TROM II upcoming documentary. From beginning to the end. I tried to see it with some "new eyes" if possible, and is quite impossible haha. Anyway. All is good I think. The ending feels a bit abrupt still, but I am moving on. It is time for part 3 of the documentary! #tromlive

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I am quite sure that I have finished the second part of TROM II. Damn I got stuck for a bit at the end is fine. Tomorrow I should move to part 3. I am quite eager to do that.

The really great news is that we've calculated whatever money we have and whatever we will manage to make the following months, plus thanks to the recent huge donations, we may have money for a year from now on. And this is fantastic! And it is possible because we also spend no more than on bills, rent, and food. Literally just that. And we are fine with it. We need time, not stuff. Me and Sasha, 2 humans in Spain, are able to make it with some 700 or so Euros a month. And this is the extreme low in Spain. We share a house/rent so that's part of the "why and how".

Super tired now...but relaxed overall. At times I get annoyed by the contradictory discussions I have online, but I will try to change, be more calm and see these discussions as important, plus force myself to have more patience. #tromlive

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Hey how cool that I can follow any Youtube channel via Invidious, on my Friendica! Copy the RSS link - >> button very visible

into your Friendica search or contacts. Then click follow. Done!

And you can do that with any RSS source. And you can enable notifications for new posts for any of them. Friendica is better than RSS readers haha. Together with Federating with all other platforms, Friendica is really the gold of the fediverse.

Actually Friendica has become my RSS Reader, my social platform, my newsfeed, and my blog. All into one.

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Should we provide a trade-free online password manager similar to Bitwarden?

The risks are like with any other online password manager: our server can be compromised or not working properly and such, and you may lose all of your passwords. That's the reason we are skeptical about providing such a service. But since it has many advantages like the ease of use across devices, we are thinking of providing such a service.

It is up to you, to let us know if you want that.

The daily random TROM meme, showcasing bits from our books (mostly).
Read all of our books for free at

I have upgraded 2 servers to the latest YNH release, 11. That also upgrades Debain to the latest stable. All worked great. The @YunoHost team did a fantastic job. Now let's see how's going to be for my other servers that host some 40 websites between them 😁 - I will try to update the TROMsite server that hosts all of our websites except, maybe next week or the week after. Only after that I can dare to try the upgrade.

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Oh hey guys check out our FREE project WebApe . It is free just tell your friends to use it. Awesome!

Sure...if you look carefully we only provide paid-for services...but hey the software we use is FREE and Open Source...

Should not be confusing, right?

BitWarden is also free isn't it? I mean you have to pay for their services but else the software they use is "free" and open source, as in you can implement it on your own server.

So please folks, never say Bitwarden and the like are free and link to their services website. Say the Bitwarden software is Open Source and link to that source code. Easy. No more confusion.

Damn this world....the word "free" truly has 0 meaning and it is so loosely used that you can use it as a comma in a sentence and will have the same informational value.....
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There they list 3 main ones, the rest are subcategories
No, there are 3 entries ("free" as an adjective, verb and adverb). The "adjective" entry has 15 definitions (some even have subitems). The definition you picked is item 1 in that list of 15.
It is a reason why the first one is first, right?
If you want to play that game, it is second on Cambridge.
But please, let's not, what I mean is that there are other well accepted meanings.
The word "free" is generally understood something is given without constraints.
I would say "without some constraint" is the most general of the accepted meanings. "Free as in freedom" does not contain the notion of giving.
No, there are 3 entries ("free" as an adjective, verb and adverb). The "adjective" entry has 15 definitions (some even have subitems). The definition you picked is item 1 in that list of 15.
True. But that's the main definition and the general agreed upon one.
If you want to play that game, it is second on Cambridge.
But please, let's not, what I mean is that there are other well accepted meanings.
And the first one is: not limited or controlled. Same meaning. Along the same lines.

If you call a piece of software "free software" but then you ask me 9.99$ for it, and afterwards you tell me it has this X license that allows me to modify and publish its code ONLY if I mention the author of the original software and under THE SAME license, then that word "free" should be at least written as FREE* . I get the context, but it is a shame they chose that words which creates a lot of confusion.
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If you do a search online for "free video editors" or free any-software, you 100% will get a massive mix of software that has free-trials, freemiums, software that is foss but only under a paywall, software that is free-with-aids, "proper" free software that is open source and does not ask you anything in return, and so on.

Mostly you'll find the freemium ones. On android or ios for example you'll mostly find that in their app "store".

I hope I made a lot of points towards "the word free has lost all of its meaning". And if you want to be 100% accurate I will rewrite it for you: "the word free has very little meaning in today's society". 😁

TVP and TZM....are they dead?

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I always thought that TVP & TZM were much much bigger and had lots of followers, so I'm surprised to know that they've been in decline. I agree this is kinda sad....

I think it was on the TROM website where I read this quote, or maybe on the book, but it said something like "Projects and people die, ideas survive"
So maybe there are still many people who were inspired by these ideas, all is not lost. TROM II and Sasha's book could have an impact, so let's see.....
They were a lot bigger, but now idk...from what I can tell they faded away kinda. They themselves are not active it seems, at all. So even if they have some "followers" those will get bored eventually.

"Projects and people die, ideas survive" - yes I used to say this after I left TVP, as a way to emphasize on the ideas behind such projects not the projects themselves or the people behind them.

But yeah....let's see....after TROM II and the book will be released. They won't be the end of anything, but the beginning of new things to come from us. ;)

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Yes, TROM II especially feels like a new beginning, and the book too maybe it'd attract more people to check out this project. And at this point we already have like a dozen different services and such, its not just a simple documentary like how it was when you first started, its much bigger than that.

I finally got back to work on the TROM II documentary. I got stuck with the second part, the end of it. I think I may have cracked it finally. Tomorrow I'll have to watch the entire part to see how it is. Likely I will move to the 3rd part and if necessary come back to it after I finish the other parts. I am quite curious to start the 3rd part. #tromlive

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Using TROMjaro Linux, my custom Manjaro spin. Based on Arch. DE: XFCE. My laptop runs non-stop. And does a lot. Everything is smooth as butter and the updates have not broken my system for the past year or two, despite using a badly-supported NVIDIA card. So just saying....all works great. Congrats to Manjaro and XFCE and the so many others creating browsers, video editors, and so on, trade-free. Give them to us and not ask anything in return. Thank you friends!

Rokosun reshared this. is being updated today if you see downtimes...
update done all works on

After the new Peertube feature of auto-mirroring youtube channels lands to our instance, perhaps we could contact some relevant youtube channels and ask them if they want to be part of our peertube. We can create the accounts and simply setup the mirroring and then give them access to the account in case they want that. This feature is going to be so so useful!

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That's funny you mention that, I was just watching a video on "Wolfgangs Channel" on YT

and saw that he's also now on mastodon @notthebee someone you might consider asking

Hey I may start a new Peertube channel: LUT - Linux Usability Test where I test distros from a more objective perspetvice like how they handle different types of files, apps support, theme support and the like, and I give them points. I'll do that for fun in my spare time from TROM. Made 2 videos already and I will make a few more before I'll release it, if I release it. IDK if others could be interested but am kinda sick of the "linux youtubers" who look at pointless things like wallpapers, or RAM usage in a VM, or how fast it boots...whatever...

So yeah will see....but will prioritize TROM II again these days....I took a break from it because I got stuck creatively...

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Out of curiosity anyone knows where in Europe can one buy a new lithium rechargeable battery for an electric scooter? I got scammed on AliExpress (fortunately I got the money back) but I cannot trust any of these chinese merchants that say one thing and the battery is another. And they are all over amazons and ebays and all that. They often post the same exact battery but with different mAh.

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Thunar vs Nautilus

You thought Nautilus is really cool? See how the new Thunar makes it look like a file manager for Android 😁 - Thunar is amazing!

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Not going as far as direct integration, all one needs in command-line ways of
  • add an emblem
  • open a "share file/folder" window (and know whether the file was shared or not)
both targetting a given file/folder. Do you know if thoses exist?

If yes, one can just write a script that does both (first open the share dialog, then add the emblem only if that succeeded and define a thunar custom action to call that script when selecting a file or folder.
no idea...

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My request for Peertube to implement a feature to sync youtube, vimeo or other platforms with peertube, was added recently. Meaning, you upload to youtube and gets automatically imported to your peertube channel. How fuckin' cool!

@PeerTube is amazing!
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Yup not to mention that if you import a channel for the first time you get the option to import all of your past cool!
anything that brings positive exposure to #peertube and makes increases accessibility for new accounts is an absolute win

I see the Software Freedom Conservancy joined our Peertube instance. Here is their channel - finally saner people joining. Please more! We have plenty of resources. #tromlive

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Tens of thousands of Message queues

!Friendica Admins I posted before about this and we tried a bunch of things. I moved from cron to daemon and managed to burn 100k Message queues in a few days. Then it stopped at burning them so fast. We checked and 99% of them are AddContact. With debugging enabled here is a sample of what the log shows me:

One of the Warnings is:
2022-06-15T04:10:29Z worker [WARNING]: Contact lock had not been acquired {"worker_id":"5a518d7","worker_cmd":"AddContact"} - {"file":"Contact.php","line":1280,"function":"getIdForURL","uid":"289a24","process_id":17436}

My Friendica works fine, but can someone help me with this issue? Maybe I have come across some nasty Friendica bug.

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Please change that line to public static function execute(int $uid = 0, string $url = '')

This should help to get rid of that message.

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Great I did that. Do I need to restart any service? Let's see if it has an effect on Message queues. And thanks!
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grep "AddContact" /var/www/friendica/friendica.log | wc -l

Ok so that error seems to be gone now.

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Now here's an updated log file, 100 times smaller in size - we still have a lot of message queues tho...

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I guess this is now some "wait and see". The log looks fine on the first glance.

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Message queues
4100 - 66074

That's the situation now. If you think is worth waiting more I will, else if you have any idea what else I could try....I'd appreciate it.

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What does this command currently returns:
select command, count(*) from workerqueue where not done and not retrial group by command;

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I see a lot of FetchFeaturedPosts and UpdateContact

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This looks totally okay to me.

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Ok then I am reassured now. 😀 I mean you are the mastermind behind Friendica so probably I can't get a better opinion than yours 😁 - thank you for the help and I am simply going to ignore these large numbers.

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@Tio @Michael Vogel My #like went immediately through, so I guess you have some backlog of old (yet not unimportant) there.
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I hope you're amused!

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Wow...... So now you're a poet too I guess :blobcatshrug:

@frankie @thebiologist837 @catswhocode Hey friends, check this out!
Those lyrics explain some of the dark truths about our world :blobcatgiggle:
@tio @frankie @thebiologist837
What made you confuse initially?

So the whole thing is satire and its talking about issues like climate change, wars, corruption, etc and also about the people who don't care about these things and spend all their day consuming media on TikTok, Facebook, etc, which also gives them a skewed perspective of what's actually happening in the world. Scientists are shouting about climate change saying we don't have enough time, but nothing changes 🙁
@tio @frankie @thebiologist837

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oh because initially I just saw the pictures without the text, that's why @tio @frankie @thebiologist837
Oh, so when you set a title for a post on Friendica, platforms like Mastodon interprets it as a blog post and so it just shows you the title with a link to the full post. Now what doesn't make much sense is that the pictures in these posts are still shown on mastodon, I don't know why 🤷
@tio @frankie @thebiologist837

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hard to say for sure...something in the design but I don't know what aspect causes it to do that 🤔 @tio @frankie @thebiologist837
from pleroma using Tusky I see the lyrics directly
I'm not sure how it shows on Pleroma, but Friendica actually supports inline images, so these images you see they're actually shown in between the lyrics. But on Mastodon all images are shown below the post, even for Friendica posts. And I think mastodon only supports 4 images maximum, Friendica doesn't have a limit like this because its a blogging platform, not a microblogging platform like mastodon.
Ugh sucks that they are limited like that. When I add inline images I add them for a reason where I add them....can anyone screenshots how this looks like on Mastodon, Pleroma or other non-friendica platforms?
See the screenshot. Because you've set a title for this post it'll only show that title and a link to the main post, this is nice when writing blog posts. But if you didn't set a title then the post will show as a normal post, but the images will stay on the bottom 😐

hmmm I see....It is better to show it as a link to the original. But damn...I thought it can show it as it is originally. Nothing against Mastodon I think it is fantastic what they do there, but why are people flocking to platforms that are more limited in the tens of thousands, than platforms that are feature-rich!? Well I guess because people go for whatever becomes popular for whatever reasons.

I mean on Friendica you can also make short posts, but then you can make huge ones. Bot of the worlds.

Anyway....I am so glad I found Friendica and it allows me to express myself fully. I would be unable to do this on Mastodon for example.

But options, whatever works for ya...
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Hm ok...thx. So Pleroma also does not support inline images I see...but at least it shows the entire post. Still not ideal.
Actually mastodon does show you the entire post like this when you don't set a title, but when you set a title for your Friendica post then mastodon will consider it as a blog post and show a link instead.
it makes sense now. I had only seen the pictures because I was viewing it as a preview from this instance, not on Friendica. @tio @frankie @thebiologist837
haha I've always written these sort of things, since my old days when I had a blog in the romanian language 😁 - but I realized i can do them in english too. It just comes to me and I write thoughts like that rarely.

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thoughts with rhymes 😁

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OK, I get it now with the context! Thank you!

We have around 1k users on our PeerTube instance. Yet only 3-4 max are active and say 20-30 max have ever posted sane content, or any content that suits our instance. is happening? We have bot protection and all that, email confirmation and so forth. And yet almost daily we get new registrations. 1-2 a day. From what I noticed the trading charlatans are doing the following: they make these sort of accounts on these platforms to ONLY add a description of their "business" or scammy practices, and link to them. They use these platforms for SEO/ad purposes.

How can we protect ourselves from that? No idea, because some sound legit....but maybe from time to time I will do yet another cleanup of such accounts.
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Today I learned that the youngest female to give birth was only 5 years old. This is insane. Here's a photo:

The mother is the girl in the bed. More info here. She is now 88 years old...

That's quote mindblowing to me...the things that you learn by following TROMnews FInteresting - my mind is blown every other day by seeing crazy shit there.
I mean kinda of course she was raped and not like "Oh I wanna have sex and a baby at age 5" 😁 - yeah it is a disturbing story but from what I understand she was fine for her entire life and she is even alive now, which is interesting. In any case, it is a surprising story to hear about...
Yes, I agree its quite surprising.

The original was the most unique perhaps website I ever made and especially since it was designed for a massive documentary. You can see it archived here

Click those "i" buttons and such. I designed it in Photoshop then build from scratch. This is the second version, even better built by a friend called Erico. The guy was brilliant at making a website anyway you want to. The website was unique, simple, clean and very functional.

Yeah...10 years ago. Now we have too much stuff and the website-making is different...was more fun a decade ago. It still can be of course if you have the time and skills to create one. Who knows maybe I can try to release the next TROM II documentary in a similar fashion...but you can't replicate these things really. And you should not. #tromlive

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Oh wow, I've never seen a website like that before!

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Today we will put our instance ( in Maintenance Mode to try and improve some things. Be aware of that.

And I thought I was almost done with the part 2 of TROM II 😁 - but I didn't like the ending much so I worked on that. Today I worked quite a lot and I think I am on a good track. But could take me a day or two to truly finish this documentary ever going to end? Probably not 😁. But what can I that I started it I will finish it, but it is 100 times more work than I first imagined honestly...

This is the biggest and longest project I ever worked on so far.... #tromlive

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You know all of the drama surrounding Gnome and their Libadwaita? You want a quick fix? Ship apps with Libadwaita but also allow for system's theming. GIMP, Krita, Kdenlive, OBS and so many other are doing just that. Easy. If the system's theme is "broken" then users have selected that and you, as a developer, do not have to worry about them bitching about it.

Here's GIMP with their default theme:

And here it is with the system's theme:

See? Choices! And we are all happy. How about that!?

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Free Software Nonsense.

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