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The modern idiots

The Media War

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thanks for the comparison. I came to appreciate the ability to have an well informed opinion much more, now that it's becoming a privilege in Russia. It pains me to think that most of Russian folks would have access to RM only, and would end up with a skewed picture of the world.
I think there is also a lot of online censorship from both sides, which could play a big role in this. There is a very thin line between moderation and censorship, especially if the moderation decisions are not being made public. I hear Russia is going big by even blocking access to major websites, use the Tor browser folks. If your internet access is not censored, install this extension to help users in censored areas:

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What are you doin' gnome!?

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4 people reshared this really seems like one of the best curated peertube instances in existence right now, and the fact it's infotainment focused it seems like a perfect fit.
If you mean tilvids then probably, you should ask them @TILvids :) - ofc you are also welcomed to post on our instance at - whatever suits you ;)