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The US Copyright Office has published a list of new exemptions to the DMCA's anti-circumvention rules. Several new freedoms were granted this round, including broader right to repair permissions.

Responding to copyright holder accusations, Cloudflare explains to the US Government how it helps rightsholders to go after pirate sites.

The MPA has informed the US Government that the executive cybersecurity order should be optimized to identify operators of pirate services.

A series of takedown notices, sent under the guise of mysterious anti-piracy forces, aims to wipe APK sites from Google's search results.

Internet provider RCN has asked a New Jersey federal court to dismiss the piracy liability lawsuit several filmmakers filed a few weeks ago.

The RIAA says that a refocused complaint fails to state how the service operates so should be dismissed for failure to state a claim.

New data reveals that MEGA now has 230 million users who together store 107 billion files. Repeat copyright infringers are not tolerated.

Police say that a pirate IPTV reseller and his customers, who took content from Mediaset Premium, Sky, Disney+ and DAZN, will face charges.

Hollywood and the publishing sector have obtained permission to block new piracy sites and elements of an unblocking service in the UK.

After discontinuing support early 2021, Adobe has used the DMCA to shut down a project that helped to keep Flash alive, secure & adware free.

A lawsuit filed by DISH Network against popular pirate IPTV service IPGuys could've ended in millions in damages but a judge orders otherwise.

To settle a lawsuit filed by several movie companies, Sharktech has agreed to block popular pirate sites including Pirate Bay, YTS, and RARBG.

Triller says its lawsuit against the H3 Podcast should not be dismissed. The defendants "stole" the Jake Paul fight and cannot claim fair use.

Cloudflare has defeated a lawsuit from two copyright holders that accused the company of failing to terminate accounts of repeat infringers.

In a new wave of action, anti-piracy coalition Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment has taken over dozens of pirate IPTV-related domains.