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Thank you for the anonymous 230 Euros donation! Much appreciated! #tromlive

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TROM-Cast: Managing our Peertube, Space Exploitation, and some updates

TROM-Cast is coming back, at least for now. Live on 30st this month (30.07.2021). 11:00PM Madrid time (23:00).

We are going to discuss about our Peertube instance ( and how we've been forced to limit it and perhaps moderate it in the future; we talk about what happened and in general about conspiracy theorists (or crazy people) and what can be done about them.

We will talk a bit about what's happening around the project, but also about other things that happened lately: the space exploitation of billionaires, new apps, and more.

Anyone can subscribe to our Peertube channel here and be notified when we go live. Or keep an eye on our live or simply follow us on our social network

All of them are free to use via RSS or create free accounts on these platforms that we manage and are trade-free.


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Face to Face with the Bounty Hunters

Stacey Dooley investigates bounty hunting in the USA following all-action bounty hunters as they hunt down fugitives who have skipped bail, bringing them back to face justice.

Watch it here:

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TROM Documentary –

Content: Image/photo

The TROM documentary is trying to present, in a simplistic way, the world in which we, human beings, live. We try to present the world that was discovered so far through the lenses of science: from the evolution of everything (including us) to the monetary system (the game we currently play), to a different kind of world that we could build for the benefit of us all, then back to Earth. We are trying to present alternative solutions to current problems and take into account the future, which promises to be more than interesting. An informative documentary, perhaps shocking and disturbing to many, depending on how you digest the information. The documentary is divided into chapters and sub-chapters due to the documentary’s excessive length (14 hours) and all the parts are connected so we recommend that you see them in order.

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The way problems are solved today, is ambunalces!

In today's society humans deal with problems by trying to clean the mess, instead of looking where the problems come from.

Waste? Let's clean up! Climate change? Let's implement renewable energies! Human trafficking and slavery? Let's go after the traffickers and put them in jail! Drug consumption? Punish! Theft? Jail! Inequality? the rich!

This is similar to the ambulance approach. Imagine if we dealt with human health problems the same way, by quickly intervening when someone has a heart attack, or cancer, or any disease, and try to save them. This would be a disaster! We need research to see what creates heart disease, cancer, infections, so that we try to both prevent it and be able to save these humans when they suffer from such diseases.

In essence, we need a health care SYSTEM if we want to deal with the human health problems. There is no other way around this!

Therefore, if we ever want to have a chance to deal with the other human problems such as waste, corruption, pollution, climate change, inequality, slavery, and so forth, we need a SYSTEM. We need "hospitals" and "research centers" that can study what creates such problems in the first place, and try to prevent them or learn how to better fix them. There is no other way around this!

Ambulances are great! very useful! Without them we would be in big troubles. Someone having a heart attack needs an ambulance to come and save him/her. Organizations that try to reduce waste, keep us safe from "bad" people, push for renewable energies to replace fossil fuel sources, and so forth, are also a necessity. But they will lead to nowhere unless there is a similar system that studies these problems, as it is the healthcare system.

So, imagine we only had ambulances that came and tried to save humans when they had health problems. This would be a ridiculous and primitive system. Right!? Now imagine that we do it like that when it comes to the other problems we are facing today, as a species. We have no research system that looks at what creates these and tries to prevent them.

We need "ambulances", but they are useless in the long run. What we really need is "hospitals", "research centers", and overall a "healthcare system" for our global non-health related problems. #tromimg
Another way to put it is to look for long term solutions. I think most people don't even realize/believe that these problems could be solved for long term. Like you say, If we need to implement systems in place to look for long term solutions to our problems, the first thing we should do is to change our mindset and look for real & lasting solutions instead of doing the same thing we've been doing for years. People have to change their way of thinking.

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Our is public again. Lets see if the conspiracy crazies are going to invade us again. #tromlive

Future is FOSS reshared this. : User upload quota is limited to 5GB for now, except past channels that still have an unlimited quota. But we will monitor this instance and if we start to see more and more conspiracy videos then we will definitely manage this instance and only allow uploads from channels that are not fully conspiratorial. It is up to you, the users.

Unfortunately we won't provide unlimited quota from now on, since it is mostly the conspiracy crackheads that "take advantage" of that because they are banned by youtube and facebook. The other ones are just not motivated to use another platform. The lube that youtube uses to stick the dick up their ass works wonders. As long as their videos are not deleted, these going-with-the-wave "creators" are not going to be bothered by the fact that they trade their attention and data to youtube. We made this instance thinking that others from similar projects like TROM will start using it too, in parallel with their YouTube presence. And we invited them. But no one has used it, despite the fact that it is feature-rich and works super fast and reliable.

Anyways, we do not have the funds and motivation to allow for unlimited storage on this video platform when over 80% of the videos are 100% idiotic (conspiracy theories).

@polarhive was recently posting about the shutdown of, maybe he can join your instance now if he's interested. I'm sure there'll be others from looking for a new home, maybe they can join you as well.
The main issue is that we are forced to limit the user quota. And I know from experience that if you make videos you won't be happy with 5GB storage...that's why we tried unlimited storage until we got bombarded with hundreds of idiots that forced us to limit the quota. Would be more than happy to see many saner users on our Peertube tho...but at this point I understand that we do not provide a very tempting service because of the quota...
I'm sticking to @tilvids as of right now. With plans to host my own instance (after I graduate college). I think Trom's instance officially syncs with tilvids so no need to re-upload. Federation is cool!

Keep on going!

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Our does not work with youtube currently, making our curated videos also not working. It should be working soon, but so you know...this may be because youtube may temporarily block our server. #tromlive

Eggs with Wigs: Elon Musk is Steve Jobs, and Tesla is Apple

Here's a long post about these "revolutionary" billionaires that are just merchants. #tromimg

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Eggs with Wigs: Elon Musk is Steve Jobs, and Tesla is Apple

Read it in full here. Else you miss out on some funny stuff.

People think that these billionaires are revolutionizing our world and innovating, but the reality is they are making eggs with wigs.

How can you sell an egg so many times, when it is just an egg? Ask Musk or Steve, or the other companies. But basically you put wigs on the eggs, paint them, and make them look different when the reality is you just sell eggs and in essence they are all the same.

Now, if you invent a device called a "phone", that is meant to connect people with each-other, and your goal is to sell as many of those, you have to put wigs on them at one point, since you can't improve them that much. The phones improved over time: better screens (full HD, 2k, 4k), the signal improved, the audio quality, how fast they are, and so forth. But for the past years this was maxed-out. If you make a smartphone (tiny screen that is) with a screen that's above full HD, then that's a wig on an egg, since the human eye won't be able to even distinguish that. if you make phones thinner, edge to edge screens, and so forth, then that's another wig on the egg. These are fashion aspects, nothing to do with making the phone better. Even the phones' cameras didn't improve much at all for the past years, especially considering that humans mostly take photos to then post on social(ad) platforms, where they get reduced in quality by a lot.

In all, phones should be about getting in touch with other people and content. Phone, watch videos, read articles, use some apps, play games. And most phones could do those perfectly fine for the past many years. What they are doing today with smartphones is to (again) add wigs on those eggs. Their "improvements" are either total lies, or extreme exaggerations meant to market their product and sell more of them.

Now back to Musk.

Cars should be about moving people from one place to another, else what are they for? Taking the dinner inside them? Sleeping inside them?

Cars started as a tool, but then they realized you can paint them different colors and sell identical cars every year. A car should be: fast perhaps, safe, not very polluting, comfortable. Anything else?

And most cars improved in some of those areas for the past 50 years, but not much at all for the past 20 or so years. Most cars are very fast. Even cars produced 20 years ago can go well over 200km/h. But the roads are getting more jammed with cars, so pretty much no one maxes their car's speed. Basically, if you want to go from point A to point B today, it is not much faster than 30 years ago. And if it is a bit faster, it certainly is not because of the car's speed, but because of the infrastructure. So, faster cars? Yeah, a bit faster today, but seems to make almost no difference for real life conditions. No innovation here.

Cars are indeed safer today (it seems), but when you crash at high speeds this may not be relevant. Airbags for example are not a new invention, together with seatbelts. And the comfort...seats are as comfortable for the past 20 years as they've ever been, and the car AC is not something Musk invented.

Overall, Musk did not make cars safer, faster, more comfortable in a manner that is innovative. The changes were small and incremental. Yes, having electric cars is better than gas powered cars, but Musk didn't invent that either, nor was he the first to make electric cars. (source). And Tesla's "self driving" capabilities are exaggerated auto-pilots.

In essence, Musk does what Steve Jobs did with phones: exaggerate the claims about their products, portraying it as "innovation". Just for the sake of selling more stuff. No wonder they were/are billionaires.

And this is so obvious with the release of the newest Tesla car that stands at about 100.000 Euros... Here's a video from the most popular tech youtube that just got one:

Tesla Model S PLAID Impressions: Re-Inventing the Wheel! - Invidious

The same way that Apple rounds the corners of their phones and remove useful buttons or ports, Tesla changes a useful design of the steering wheel and functional buttons, for the sake of creating "something new". Nothing useful, just fashion, that may in fact make driving more dangerous and uncomfortable. But hey, is cool.

This other video says a lot about Musk's "vision" while showcasing his next cool thing: the Cybertruck.


He is crating this "cool" car that has bulletproof windows. Asked why, he replies:
"I mean that's badass cool "

That sums up the "innovation" of these billionaires. They do "cool" stuff. Not useful, not new, not innovative, not revolutionary. Just cool. And all of these waves are created and pushed by, you guessed what, trade. These are merchants like most of us are. It's just that they are so popular so everybody talks about them.

And yes, SpaceX, the Hyperloop and pretty much all of these "revolutionary" technologies Musk invested into, are neither "revolutionary", nor very realistic or practical. This is a great video going in detail about all of these:

Starlink: BUSTED!! + ALL other Failed Musk promises! - Invidious

All in all, people are fooled/conned by these billionaires who portray themselves as egg-innovators, but the truth is they only put wigs on eggs to be able to sell as many eggs as possible.

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A new TROMjaro ISO!

More here:

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We have temporarily closed out . We got invaded it seems, by trump-and-god lovers, and conspiracy crackheads. Until we calm them down, we do not have the resources to deal with them any other way. Right now our and our tromchat got invaded. We will deal with this, but yah it is a sad world... #tromlive
Wait....they invaded TROMchat ? WTF ? 🤯
haha yeah with messages like
You are either a Friend or Enemy in this War on Freedom and Information. Do you or do you not Know about Event 201 and the Deep State Network all around the World?

Tio Trom we know who you are.
just wait till the rest of the Anons come

These people are so lost.

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We are talking about the Peertube situation on our public chat here - if anyone is curious or wants to engage. It is something we have to deal with. #tromlive

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Our registrations are open again. We've added a captcha + limited the user uploads to 1GB for now. Lets see how those goes, but yesterday was a reminder that these trade-free tools will get overly abused in this overly idiotic society. We will have a TROMcast next week (will post the date in a few days) and discuss all about this issue. If anyone wants to participate and has better ideas about how to handle these situations, would be great. #tromlive

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Our Peertube instance ( got blasted with over 100 user registrations for the past hour or less. At times more than one registration per minute. This is abnormal and for sure these are bots. We've seen some "qanon" conspiracy crap videos being posted immediately after these registrations on our instance. Until we investigate further we've closed the registrations and restricted user uploads. So yah.....there we go....the internet's and facebook's garbage is trying to find a new place to post their nonsense.

It is very unfortunate but we will come up with a solution. Our Peertube instance will never die. #tromlive
I thought you were pretty confident that they're bots. If they're actually humans captcha won't stop them.

This would be really hard to deal with. I think you might have to start censoring these, this sucks :(
I was sure they were bots, at least most of them. Since they registered every minute. Like 5 a minute at times....I opened the registrations again with upload limits + captcha to see what happens...and it seems they keep on registering. So yah...challenging....

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Good guy vs Bad guy

So this guy created the Internet Archive and his motive was to create a free library of books or any digital media.

By doing this he managed to provide tons of free content for the world. He is not rich at all, but he created a lot of value for our society. His project is basically archiving the entire internet.

At the same period of time this other guy created a business out of selling books. Then he thought to sell more stuff. In other words, to not be kind and give people stuff for free, but to force them to trade for that stuff.

And now he is the richest man on Earth. He has more power than anyone else.

That's the winner of a trade-based society. As simple as that. Our society is producing these monsters and punishes the good people when they do not trade themselves. The story of the Internet Archive guy is a success story in the sense that he managed to keep the project alive due to volunteer help he got form others. But most will fail when approaching the society in the same tradeless manner. In other words, if you are not a ruthless trader, you will probably not make it in this world.

A sad society that humans invented.....and we have to make them aware of that and why we should give up to this primitiveness. #tromimg
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What a piece of shit!

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Self Driving Car Ad

Here's a video about self driving cars by Veritasium and some thoughts about it:

1. The video is sponsored by the company making the from the get-go this is 100% not ok. This type of media is going to get worse and worse. These ytb channels have millions of subscribers, and if they make videos about a company, and the video is sponsored by the company itself, I do not care what the company and product is about, this is biased from the get-go and I cannot take that information seriously. Unfortunately most people do not care and they just go about their day talking how cool self driving cars are and how safe, because they saw it on Veritasium.

2. Self Driving cars do have a lot of benefits over the current moronic transportation system: they should be safer, they should reduce the cost (in terms of resources) of cars (we need way less cars); but what else?

3. A public transportation system is the smartest way to go about moving people from one place to another. Period. If you let hundreds of companies dictating how we should move about, then their focus will always be on how they can make more profits on top of that. No bueno. A public transportation can include the vehicles (small or big, like trains or pods), but also the road itself that can be made as a total system. So no more crazy ass roads where both people and cars go about.

In essence: technology nowadays is "marketed". Big companies exaggerate claims about technology and pretty much everyone swallows that without thinking twice. This is not good at all. If we are to redesign our transportation system, we cannot rely on companies whose main (or sole) drive is to make as much profits as possible. This is like asking Musk or Bezos to come up with a better plan for exploring the outer space! Oh wait...maybe they are getting there. We are fucked...


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We have some great news about our! Our Facebook/Twitter trade-free alternative is now up to date and it works with native mobile and desktop apps. Which means you now have no excuse not to move from Facebook or Twitter, to :).

On desktop Whalebird works fine. On Android: AndStatus, Tusky, Fedilab and Husky work great.

We will add more info about this on our soonish.

We've also updated all of our Dark themes for the web version and they look much better now. Easy to use, clean. We default now to TROM Red Dark until we fix the light themes.

So yeah, our social network is now up and running, updated, and available on all platforms.

I'm a #fedilab user. Good to know it works fine with friendica, I'll be testing it when I have time and maybe move to it 😀

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Space Exploitation

When billionaires develop space technologies and proclaim to go and explore the space, one must be naive to think that they will do anything but exploit the space, as they do on Earth.

Our trade-based society is exactly like a Monopoly game, and some players get to own the entire game and do whatever they want, while proclaiming to do good things. Their thirst for playing and winning more and more, cannot go away when the game itself incentivizes them to follow such motives.

Unfortunately our lives, the Earth, and now the outer space, are all monopolized by a few players who are ruthless when it comes to them winning at any costs. The problem is that the rest of the players do not understand that this is just a game. They are trapped in their fantasy land thinking that the economy is a god-given entity, that money is real, ownership is something we need, and overall that our society is not human-made, but something we are born into and have to play by its rules.

While billionaires launch into the outer space with their rockets built on top of slaves and wasted resources, the rest of the humans should land from the fantasy world onto the Reality Planet.

We try our best, with our resources, to provide all kinds of materials for humans to be able to land on Planet Reality: news, photos, videos, documentaries, lectures, books, tools to replace their adsocial-networks and other such online nonsense that keeps their minds busy and dumb, with ones that are trade-free and relevant, and a lot lot more. See

Unfortunately very few react to such tools and fewer see their true value. Some people, who do indeed recognize that our society is at fault here and not individuals, are also unimpressed by such projects/tools it seems, dreaming of building utopic cities or huge projects that they never end up building. They dismiss projects like TROM, probably thinking that it is a nice project but not that relevant...

My question is: if we do no take care of brains in today's insane society, and so so online where most brains spent their time, then how are we going to even start a conversation about changing this society?

For humans to land from the Fantasy World, to the Reality Planet, they need brain enemas more than anything else right now. #tromimg

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well this fantasy will probably become reality in the near future...

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GDPR is nonsense

Of course this GDPR in Europe thing is pointless

Trying to force people to be good in today's trade-based society, is moronic. You can't "dictate" that these online giants be honest about what data they collect about you, when data is their main trade asset. They will lie, deceive, and have so much money that suing them is futile.

Also, at least if EU understood that data collection means data trade and it is the same as any form of trade. The same way you walk into a supermarket, take some food, and then you have to give them money (trade), the same way you visit Facebook and have to give them your attention (watch ads) + your data. The difference is that these are new trades and no one understands them it seems. Plus, another difference is that Facebook "takes your money" the moment you come into their supermarket, without being very open about that at all. That's how it is: like a supermarket that charges your credit card the moment you come into the store.

Maybe EU should have at least understood that. Probably this "economy" needs a complete down-to-earth definition: it is a trade based society. That's all it is. We trade labor for food or other needs/wants, we trade data for entertainment, we trade our attention for services, and so forth. And we at times use currencies to represent these trades: money, cryptocurrencies, tokens, likes, views, etc.. SIMPLE.

I suggest to the EU to at least understand that, and then name their "GDPR" as W.A.I.T. - What Am I Trading?

This way, you try to force companies to be open about what users have to trade to them, the same way a supermarket has to put up the prices for the items they sell. And if EU did that, at least we may educate people about what is truly happening in these "data mining and collecting" scenarios.

People are obsessed about new and fancy words and theories: privacy-friendly, privacy-oriented, data mining, the attention economy, surveillance capitalism, freemium, freeware, and so forth. All of these are describing TRADE. It is simply trade going online, and different rules, norms and practices forming around them.

In the end is the same folks....the same supermarket charging you for that food you want to grab. And the same way the supermarkets put those .99 prices to confuse you, and deceiving marketing and labeling (natural products, organic, fair trade, etc.), the same exact way happens online with Facebook, Google and the like that are simply supermarkets that sell you services in return for money, other currencies, data, attention and so forth. It is just a different medium, but the same practice sprinkled with different approaches.

Don't get confused!

We explain all about that here

And in the upcoming TROM II documentary. #tromlive

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Making progress with the TROM II documentary ;)

But it will take many months to finish. So far so great. #tromimg

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Windows 11 vs TROMjaro

How Windows 11 compares to TROMjaro. In detail.

More here:

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A quick tip for the current TROMjaro users that got the latest updates. if your left side menu doesn't work properly - like when you right click a favorite app the menu displays in the up left corner and you cannot click any menu options, or if you can't right click the apps icon (bottom left) to then go to the menu (Dash to Dock) settings, do these two commands:

1. Open the terminal.
2. Paste "cd /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ " and hit enter. Now paste this "sudo mv schemas schemas-bak" and hit enter.
3. Restart your desktop by pressing ALT+F2 then write "r" and enter.

Done! Now works. #tromlive

works now,thanks

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A new TROMjaro release. Upgrading it fully to Gnome 40. Enjoy!

More here:

This is how you can add any type of file to making it a great alternative to Evernote. #tromlive

How to attach any files to

This is a tutorial about how to attach photos, videos or any files to any Notes using our (see more about the Notes app here

First, keep in mind that the developers behind this app (Standard Notes) are working on making this a lot easier in the near future. But for now you can do it this way (takes just a few minutes). Another thing to understand is that the files you add are also encrypted like all of your notes.

Step 1.

Activate and use the Bold Editor.

After you setup the Notes as explained at , you can activate the Bold Editor and use it for pretty much all of your notes. It is a great and feature-rich editor and the only one that is fully supported by the team behind this app.

2. Setup File Safe.

Click the FileSafe button:

You will see a window asking you to setup an integration. This means to setup an online device that can handle your photos storage. Click to integrate it or use this link . From that link click WebDav. And now go to step 3.

3. Create an account with our

We provide a Nextcloud instance with 3GB of storage for everyone. We recommend you to use that for your files in general, not just for this. Once you create an account there - go to Settings - Security and click "Create new app password". Add a name and then save your credentials (username and password).

Go to your Files - - and create a new folder for your Notes. Say you call it "tromnotes". In the same window, at the left bottom corner there is a Settings button. Click it to get the WebDav address.

4. Integrate with

Now go back to step 2 and in the WebDav configuration add that username and password that you just generated, add the folder name and the server address that you just copied.

And that's it! A unique code will be generated and you have to copy it back to your Notes app in the FileSafe popup window.

This may seem a bit complicated but it is a safe way of storing your files and now you will have 3GB of file storage. So you won't have to worry about attaching photos. And you can even attach videos! And all are previewed in the notes app.

To recap:

You basically have to connect with Make an account (if you don't have one already) at and create a new app password. Create a folder where you want to store the Notes' files and then grab the WebDav URL. Now that you have the credentials for the new App + the WebDav URL, is as simply as clicking the File Safe button in (or on any app that works with it) and click to integrate with WebDav. That's it. No more worries from now on.

This way you can make your notes better by being able to attach any type of file, not only videos and photos. Take advantage of this amazing Notes app as it is trade-free! ;)