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The way problems are solved today, is ambunalces!

In today's society humans deal with problems by trying to clean the mess, instead of looking where the problems come from.

Waste? Let's clean up! Climate change? Let's implement renewable energies! Human trafficking and slavery? Let's go after the traffickers and put them in jail! Drug consumption? Punish! Theft? Jail! Inequality? the rich!

This is similar to the ambulance approach. Imagine if we dealt with human health problems the same way, by quickly intervening when someone has a heart attack, or cancer, or any disease, and try to save them. This would be a disaster! We need research to see what creates heart disease, cancer, infections, so that we try to both prevent it and be able to save these humans when they suffer from such diseases.

In essence, we need a health care SYSTEM if we want to deal with the human health problems. There is no other way around this!

Therefore, if we ever want to have a chance to deal with the other human problems such as waste, corruption, pollution, climate change, inequality, slavery, and so forth, we need a SYSTEM. We need "hospitals" and "research centers" that can study what creates such problems in the first place, and try to prevent them or learn how to better fix them. There is no other way around this!

Ambulances are great! very useful! Without them we would be in big troubles. Someone having a heart attack needs an ambulance to come and save him/her. Organizations that try to reduce waste, keep us safe from "bad" people, push for renewable energies to replace fossil fuel sources, and so forth, are also a necessity. But they will lead to nowhere unless there is a similar system that studies these problems, as it is the healthcare system.

So, imagine we only had ambulances that came and tried to save humans when they had health problems. This would be a ridiculous and primitive system. Right!? Now imagine that we do it like that when it comes to the other problems we are facing today, as a species. We have no research system that looks at what creates these and tries to prevent them.

We need "ambulances", but they are useless in the long run. What we really need is "hospitals", "research centers", and overall a "healthcare system" for our global non-health related problems. #tromimg
Another way to put it is to look for long term solutions. I think most people don't even realize/believe that these problems could be solved for long term. Like you say, If we need to implement systems in place to look for long term solutions to our problems, the first thing we should do is to change our mindset and look for real & lasting solutions instead of doing the same thing we've been doing for years. People have to change their way of thinking.

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Eggs with Wigs: Elon Musk is Steve Jobs, and Tesla is Apple

Read it in full here. Else you miss out on some funny stuff.

People think that these billionaires are revolutionizing our world and innovating, but the reality is they are making eggs with wigs.

How can you sell an egg so many times, when it is just an egg? Ask Musk or Steve, or the other companies. But basically you put wigs on the eggs, paint them, and make them look different when the reality is you just sell eggs and in essence they are all the same.

Now, if you invent a device called a "phone", that is meant to connect people with each-other, and your goal is to sell as many of those, you have to put wigs on them at one point, since you can't improve them that much. The phones improved over time: better screens (full HD, 2k, 4k), the signal improved, the audio quality, how fast they are, and so forth. But for the past years this was maxed-out. If you make a smartphone (tiny screen that is) with a screen that's above full HD, then that's a wig on an egg, since the human eye won't be able to even distinguish that. if you make phones thinner, edge to edge screens, and so forth, then that's another wig on the egg. These are fashion aspects, nothing to do with making the phone better. Even the phones' cameras didn't improve much at all for the past years, especially considering that humans mostly take photos to then post on social(ad) platforms, where they get reduced in quality by a lot.

In all, phones should be about getting in touch with other people and content. Phone, watch videos, read articles, use some apps, play games. And most phones could do those perfectly fine for the past many years. What they are doing today with smartphones is to (again) add wigs on those eggs. Their "improvements" are either total lies, or extreme exaggerations meant to market their product and sell more of them.

Now back to Musk.

Cars should be about moving people from one place to another, else what are they for? Taking the dinner inside them? Sleeping inside them?

Cars started as a tool, but then they realized you can paint them different colors and sell identical cars every year. A car should be: fast perhaps, safe, not very polluting, comfortable. Anything else?

And most cars improved in some of those areas for the past 50 years, but not much at all for the past 20 or so years. Most cars are very fast. Even cars produced 20 years ago can go well over 200km/h. But the roads are getting more jammed with cars, so pretty much no one maxes their car's speed. Basically, if you want to go from point A to point B today, it is not much faster than 30 years ago. And if it is a bit faster, it certainly is not because of the car's speed, but because of the infrastructure. So, faster cars? Yeah, a bit faster today, but seems to make almost no difference for real life conditions. No innovation here.

Cars are indeed safer today (it seems), but when you crash at high speeds this may not be relevant. Airbags for example are not a new invention, together with seatbelts. And the comfort...seats are as comfortable for the past 20 years as they've ever been, and the car AC is not something Musk invented.

Overall, Musk did not make cars safer, faster, more comfortable in a manner that is innovative. The changes were small and incremental. Yes, having electric cars is better than gas powered cars, but Musk didn't invent that either, nor was he the first to make electric cars. (source). And Tesla's "self driving" capabilities are exaggerated auto-pilots.

In essence, Musk does what Steve Jobs did with phones: exaggerate the claims about their products, portraying it as "innovation". Just for the sake of selling more stuff. No wonder they were/are billionaires.

And this is so obvious with the release of the newest Tesla car that stands at about 100.000 Euros... Here's a video from the most popular tech youtube that just got one:

Tesla Model S PLAID Impressions: Re-Inventing the Wheel! - Invidious

The same way that Apple rounds the corners of their phones and remove useful buttons or ports, Tesla changes a useful design of the steering wheel and functional buttons, for the sake of creating "something new". Nothing useful, just fashion, that may in fact make driving more dangerous and uncomfortable. But hey, is cool.

This other video says a lot about Musk's "vision" while showcasing his next cool thing: the Cybertruck.


He is crating this "cool" car that has bulletproof windows. Asked why, he replies:
"I mean that's badass cool "

That sums up the "innovation" of these billionaires. They do "cool" stuff. Not useful, not new, not innovative, not revolutionary. Just cool. And all of these waves are created and pushed by, you guessed what, trade. These are merchants like most of us are. It's just that they are so popular so everybody talks about them.

And yes, SpaceX, the Hyperloop and pretty much all of these "revolutionary" technologies Musk invested into, are neither "revolutionary", nor very realistic or practical. This is a great video going in detail about all of these:

Starlink: BUSTED!! + ALL other Failed Musk promises! - Invidious

All in all, people are fooled/conned by these billionaires who portray themselves as egg-innovators, but the truth is they only put wigs on eggs to be able to sell as many eggs as possible.

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Good guy vs Bad guy

So this guy created the Internet Archive and his motive was to create a free library of books or any digital media.

By doing this he managed to provide tons of free content for the world. He is not rich at all, but he created a lot of value for our society. His project is basically archiving the entire internet.

At the same period of time this other guy created a business out of selling books. Then he thought to sell more stuff. In other words, to not be kind and give people stuff for free, but to force them to trade for that stuff.

And now he is the richest man on Earth. He has more power than anyone else.

That's the winner of a trade-based society. As simple as that. Our society is producing these monsters and punishes the good people when they do not trade themselves. The story of the Internet Archive guy is a success story in the sense that he managed to keep the project alive due to volunteer help he got form others. But most will fail when approaching the society in the same tradeless manner. In other words, if you are not a ruthless trader, you will probably not make it in this world.

A sad society that humans invented.....and we have to make them aware of that and why we should give up to this primitiveness. #tromimg
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What a piece of shit!

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Self Driving Car Ad

Here's a video about self driving cars by Veritasium and some thoughts about it:

1. The video is sponsored by the company making the from the get-go this is 100% not ok. This type of media is going to get worse and worse. These ytb channels have millions of subscribers, and if they make videos about a company, and the video is sponsored by the company itself, I do not care what the company and product is about, this is biased from the get-go and I cannot take that information seriously. Unfortunately most people do not care and they just go about their day talking how cool self driving cars are and how safe, because they saw it on Veritasium.

2. Self Driving cars do have a lot of benefits over the current moronic transportation system: they should be safer, they should reduce the cost (in terms of resources) of cars (we need way less cars); but what else?

3. A public transportation system is the smartest way to go about moving people from one place to another. Period. If you let hundreds of companies dictating how we should move about, then their focus will always be on how they can make more profits on top of that. No bueno. A public transportation can include the vehicles (small or big, like trains or pods), but also the road itself that can be made as a total system. So no more crazy ass roads where both people and cars go about.

In essence: technology nowadays is "marketed". Big companies exaggerate claims about technology and pretty much everyone swallows that without thinking twice. This is not good at all. If we are to redesign our transportation system, we cannot rely on companies whose main (or sole) drive is to make as much profits as possible. This is like asking Musk or Bezos to come up with a better plan for exploring the outer space! Oh wait...maybe they are getting there. We are fucked...


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Space Exploitation

When billionaires develop space technologies and proclaim to go and explore the space, one must be naive to think that they will do anything but exploit the space, as they do on Earth.

Our trade-based society is exactly like a Monopoly game, and some players get to own the entire game and do whatever they want, while proclaiming to do good things. Their thirst for playing and winning more and more, cannot go away when the game itself incentivizes them to follow such motives.

Unfortunately our lives, the Earth, and now the outer space, are all monopolized by a few players who are ruthless when it comes to them winning at any costs. The problem is that the rest of the players do not understand that this is just a game. They are trapped in their fantasy land thinking that the economy is a god-given entity, that money is real, ownership is something we need, and overall that our society is not human-made, but something we are born into and have to play by its rules.

While billionaires launch into the outer space with their rockets built on top of slaves and wasted resources, the rest of the humans should land from the fantasy world onto the Reality Planet.

We try our best, with our resources, to provide all kinds of materials for humans to be able to land on Planet Reality: news, photos, videos, documentaries, lectures, books, tools to replace their adsocial-networks and other such online nonsense that keeps their minds busy and dumb, with ones that are trade-free and relevant, and a lot lot more. See

Unfortunately very few react to such tools and fewer see their true value. Some people, who do indeed recognize that our society is at fault here and not individuals, are also unimpressed by such projects/tools it seems, dreaming of building utopic cities or huge projects that they never end up building. They dismiss projects like TROM, probably thinking that it is a nice project but not that relevant...

My question is: if we do no take care of brains in today's insane society, and so so online where most brains spent their time, then how are we going to even start a conversation about changing this society?

For humans to land from the Fantasy World, to the Reality Planet, they need brain enemas more than anything else right now. #tromimg

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well this fantasy will probably become reality in the near future...

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GDPR is nonsense

Of course this GDPR in Europe thing is pointless

Trying to force people to be good in today's trade-based society, is moronic. You can't "dictate" that these online giants be honest about what data they collect about you, when data is their main trade asset. They will lie, deceive, and have so much money that suing them is futile.

Also, at least if EU understood that data collection means data trade and it is the same as any form of trade. The same way you walk into a supermarket, take some food, and then you have to give them money (trade), the same way you visit Facebook and have to give them your attention (watch ads) + your data. The difference is that these are new trades and no one understands them it seems. Plus, another difference is that Facebook "takes your money" the moment you come into their supermarket, without being very open about that at all. That's how it is: like a supermarket that charges your credit card the moment you come into the store.

Maybe EU should have at least understood that. Probably this "economy" needs a complete down-to-earth definition: it is a trade based society. That's all it is. We trade labor for food or other needs/wants, we trade data for entertainment, we trade our attention for services, and so forth. And we at times use currencies to represent these trades: money, cryptocurrencies, tokens, likes, views, etc.. SIMPLE.

I suggest to the EU to at least understand that, and then name their "GDPR" as W.A.I.T. - What Am I Trading?

This way, you try to force companies to be open about what users have to trade to them, the same way a supermarket has to put up the prices for the items they sell. And if EU did that, at least we may educate people about what is truly happening in these "data mining and collecting" scenarios.

People are obsessed about new and fancy words and theories: privacy-friendly, privacy-oriented, data mining, the attention economy, surveillance capitalism, freemium, freeware, and so forth. All of these are describing TRADE. It is simply trade going online, and different rules, norms and practices forming around them.

In the end is the same folks....the same supermarket charging you for that food you want to grab. And the same way the supermarkets put those .99 prices to confuse you, and deceiving marketing and labeling (natural products, organic, fair trade, etc.), the same exact way happens online with Facebook, Google and the like that are simply supermarkets that sell you services in return for money, other currencies, data, attention and so forth. It is just a different medium, but the same practice sprinkled with different approaches.

Don't get confused!

We explain all about that here

And in the upcoming TROM II documentary. #tromlive

How to attach any files to

This is a tutorial about how to attach photos, videos or any files to any Notes using our (see more about the Notes app here

First, keep in mind that the developers behind this app (Standard Notes) are working on making this a lot easier in the near future. But for now you can do it this way (takes just a few minutes). Another thing to understand is that the files you add are also encrypted like all of your notes.

Step 1.

Activate and use the Bold Editor.

After you setup the Notes as explained at , you can activate the Bold Editor and use it for pretty much all of your notes. It is a great and feature-rich editor and the only one that is fully supported by the team behind this app.

2. Setup File Safe.

Click the FileSafe button:

You will see a window asking you to setup an integration. This means to setup an online device that can handle your photos storage. Click to integrate it or use this link . From that link click WebDav. And now go to step 3.

3. Create an account with our

We provide a Nextcloud instance with 3GB of storage for everyone. We recommend you to use that for your files in general, not just for this. Once you create an account there - go to Settings - Security and click "Create new app password". Add a name and then save your credentials (username and password).

Go to your Files - - and create a new folder for your Notes. Say you call it "tromnotes". In the same window, at the left bottom corner there is a Settings button. Click it to get the WebDav address.

4. Integrate with

Now go back to step 2 and in the WebDav configuration add that username and password that you just generated, add the folder name and the server address that you just copied.

And that's it! A unique code will be generated and you have to copy it back to your Notes app in the FileSafe popup window.

This may seem a bit complicated but it is a safe way of storing your files and now you will have 3GB of file storage. So you won't have to worry about attaching photos. And you can even attach videos! And all are previewed in the notes app.

To recap:

You basically have to connect with Make an account (if you don't have one already) at and create a new app password. Create a folder where you want to store the Notes' files and then grab the WebDav URL. Now that you have the credentials for the new App + the WebDav URL, is as simply as clicking the File Safe button in (or on any app that works with it) and click to integrate with WebDav. That's it. No more worries from now on.

This way you can make your notes better by being able to attach any type of file, not only videos and photos. Take advantage of this amazing Notes app as it is trade-free! ;)

Reducing the working hours....

This is a study conducted between 2015-2019 - basically they reduced the salves' working hours from 40 a week to 35-36. A mere 4h less per week. Not per day, per week! And the results are "shocking":

""workers enjoying a boost to well-being, an improved work-life balance, and “a better cooperative spirit in the workplace.”""

Oh enslaving people a bit less is a bit better for them. They may feel better, more relaxed and's for sure an astonishing discovery.

How about, and I know this sounds "outlandish", but how about instead of creating mountains of waste every year (gadgets, electronics, food, clothes, and so forth), we give them to people so they don't have to enslave themselves to get them. And you fix 2 issues: waste and slavery.

Reducing the working hours in a trade-based society by 4h a week, is like reducing the war causalities by 10%. And yes you may say that's really good. Lots of saved lives. But that's besides the point. We need no wars. Like we need to jobs. These are primitive and outdated systems.

Human beings have no chance to change anything in this trade-based society if they think the above study/news is of any relevance.

We should provide for people with whatever they need, and as much as whatever they want. As trade-free. And then they will work but have no jobs. They will have the time, the motivation, the energy and relaxation, to engage in meaningful work that helps everyone.

Jobs are enslaving and idiotic mechanisms in an abundant society. #tromlive
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The New Church of Crypto-Economy

Another UN article. This time about Bitcoin and Blockchain.

They say:
"each Mastercard transaction is estimated to use just 0.0006 kWh (kilowatt hours), whilst every Bitcoin transaction consumes 980 kWh, enough to power an average Canadian home for more than three weeks, according to some commentators."

Which is insane. But then they also say:
"Despite these issues, UN experts believe that cryptocurrencies and the technology that powers them (blockchain) can play an important role in sustainable development, and actually improving our stewardship of the environment."

Blockchain is a completely different thing. It is like coupling the Internet with Paypal. Blockchain is a very useful technology (and quite old) - as we explain it in detail in our book, here . Unfortunately Blockchain, which is simply a more secure and transparent way to keep track of "transactions" or "interactions", is used to invent currencies. Instead it could be used to keep track of medical records, biodiversity, or the nights you could not sleep because you were too aroused, since pretty much anything is more relevant than using it to create a currency. So the Internet is a great invention. Paypal....not really, unless you compare it with traditional banking, in which case yes Paypal is slightly better (easier to use, faster, etc.). Same way Bitcoin or other similar cryptocurrencies, are slightly better than say Paypal-like entities, or banks.

But that's like saying hanging yourself is better than jumping from a 20 story building, because you can hang yourself at home, you feel less pain because the rope cuts the blood supply to your brain and you pass out very quickly, and you argue it is more safe because jumping from such a tall building you can land on someone else's head and kill them. To which I agree, hanging seems better. But that's the only difference between Bitcoin (handing), and jumping from a 20 story building (banks). But you are still dead... In the end both are currencies and both lead to massive corruption, inequality, lies, and the continuation of the game of trade that consumes us and the planet. And soon the rest of the solar system. Same shit.

The UN continues:

"One of the most useful aspects of cryptocurrencies, as far as the UN is concerned, is transparency.

Because the technology is resistant to tampering and fraud, it can provide a trusted and transparent record of transactions. This is particularly important in regions with weak institutions and high levels of corruption."

We showcase in detail in the same book, how any such technology can and will be tampered with, and it would not prevent fraud at all. This is a myth we keep on vocalizing: better security = better security. Not true! Better security simply equals different methods to bypass that security. As long as we play this game of trade, humans will be incentivized to break such security measures if that results in some advantages in the game of trade, for them.

Cryptocurrencies are the new-age religion:

In all, people who think that Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is better than money, are the followers and the bishops of the new church of economy. We are witnessing the split of Christianity into the Catholic church, the Orthodox one, and so forth. each believing that their interpretation of religion is the right one:

That's what's happening with these cryptocurrencies today.

At the end of the day both are religions. People believe in them without every questioning what is religion or what is a currency. Who invented these notions and what purpose do they serve...


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Businesses do not care about people. Period. They care about profits. Period.

This is another UN report: "Milestone moment for UN principles on business and human rights, but abuses persist " -

They say:

"The 10th anniversary of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights represents a milestone, they added, and an opportunity for countries and corporations to gear up for a new decade of action. "

Basically they are telling corporations and governments to "please please treat your workers fairly...". And after 10 years the conclusion is:

"However, workers and communities, including indigenous people, continue to suffer business-related abuses, which are occurring across all sectors and in all regions.

Prospects for protection or remedy are few, according to the UN experts, and activists who speak out are met with stigmatization, threats and deadly attacks. " anyone surprised?

Let me tell you, UN, why things are not working and never will. Ready?

We live in a world-wide trade-based society that transforms each and every one of us into merchants and consumers. How can we not be like that when we can't even live without doing this? No one takes care of us. You are born into this world and forced to play the game. And thus, our minds are focused to play the game all the time. And so, the nature of the game makes us want more and more and more, at any cost. Regardless of the rules.

It is that simple!

What do you expect, UN? For the players of the game of trade to care about their competitors and other humans? They cannot afford that. This will be a loss for them. If exploiting people will bring you more profits, you will do that regardless if you call yourself a communist, socialist, christian, muslim or whatever.

UN may have good intentions, and their reports are telling. But if UN doesn't understand this simple fact, then nothing will ever change. They keep on looking through each-others' butts, and all they see is narrow holes full of crap.

It is time to widen their view, and recognize that the "economy" is the biggest religion in the world, with billions believing in it. Stop trying to save the economy. Save the people from becoming slaves, dead, or profiteers. How about we talk about the human behavior for a bit!? To understand what makes these "corporate leaders" or "government leaders" or the rest of us, be so awful...

How about we take care of humans and make sure they have access to their basic needs (at least) as trade-free, so that they have time to think about today's problems, be relaxed, refuse enslaving jobs, consume less, and so forth!?

It is astonishing that UN (United Nations) seems to be so blind despite the fact that they have a lot of resources to look at these issues. #tromimg

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Sustainable businesses. What a joke.

"Turning to sustainable global business: 5 things to know about the circular economy"

This is a UN story. Even their story, meant to be positive, it is not. As they say:
"However, there is still a long way to and there is even evidence that the world is going backwards: the 2021 Circularity Gap Report, produced annually by the Circle Economy thinktank, estimates that the global circularity rate (the proportion of recovered materials, as a percentage of overall materials used) stands at only 8.6 per cent, down from 9.1 per cent in 2018"

Thinking that you can create sustainable businesses, it is like trying to make the water dry. You cannot. The goal of a business is to keep on making profits, else it cannot sustain itself.

Think about the following:

You have a hiking shoes company. You make boots for the people who want to hike. You employ 100 people or so, to design and produce them. You want to make really great hiking boots and make your business as sustainable as possible. How can you do that? Well, you cannot.

Three reasons why:

1. The chain of trades is wide and complicated in today's society. The raw materials used can come from other parts of the world that you cannot control or oversee. And a lot of materials go into such boots. Here's an example. So the production can be spread across the world, employing slaves, creating waste, pollution, and such. Things you cannot, again, oversee or control.

2. You have to compete with others and that means you are forced to lower your prices. If Amazon, or others, are playing "dirty" (unsustainable) and because of that they can have much lower prices, then very likely you are out of the business. So you are forced to cut corners and maybe lie, deceive, exaggerate about your hiking boots, to keep yourself afloat (to keep on selling them). You will have to invest into ads and marketing, and find cheaper producers/distributors for your boots.

3. The most important and easy to grasp issue: YOU HAVE TO KEEP ON SELLING HIKING BOOTS!

Look, if you are selling something (say hiking boots), you cannot afford to say: "Oh, we made enough of them...seems like most people have hiking boots. And we've also made them of such a good quality that they need no replacement - we don't have to produce new models. Let's stop producing more to not contribute to a potential waste of resources.". You cannot say that. If you say that you also say "Lets fire all of our 100 employees and lose our financial income and suffer because of that." It is that simple!

There is no such thing as a sustainable business, simply because a business NEEDS to keep on producing the shit they are making, endlessly! Else they cannot survive! Couple that with the fact that they have to compete (price wise) with other businesses + the fact that there is usually a huge chain of trades in order to produce any good/service (and you cannot control those), then it surely must mean that trying to make a sustainable business it is like trying to dry the water.

Humans have to take their heads out of their butts, and accept that we cannot keep on living in a trade-based society while trying to fix the problems created by the trade-based society. We need to start providing trade-free goods and services, at least when it comes to the basic needs, for most humans. To decouple them from this rat-trade-race, little by little. #tromimg

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Electric cars and batteries won't change the world-

Renewable energies and electric cars won't change our world by much. Maybe will not change it at all.

Think about this:

Imagine all boats in the world were motor-boats. Now someone comes along and has this brilliant idea of making boats that can "sail". He says "we can put these sails, big ones, on the boats, and let the wind push the boat." He the proceeds with detailing the process and how we can scale it up. "Brilliant!" the masses are screaming! And so a billionaire named Ksum Sozeb invests billions of dollars to make sailing boats, claiming that this will change the face of sea transportation. "No more water and air pollution! No more pollution in the manufacturing of motors! Free energy from the wind!" he says.

People like him and his tweets. He starts the production and soon we start to see more and more sail boats, and less motor boats. Amazing!

He manages to replace most of the motor boats with sail boats. Now we are saved! Or not...

In today's society, not in the imaginary story-world, this is probably the case. Many, if not most boats are sail boats. And yet this does not stop the extreme pollution, slavery and aggressive marketing meant to give birth to infinite consumption, of sail boats. Millions of sailboats are not used, lots are wasted, and the process of manufacturing them, disposing them, maintaining them, is immense.

In this trade-based society if you make sail boats you have to keep on making them. If you stop, you are fucked. You will lose. This alone should be the "aha...yeah" moment that would make us realize nothing is sustainable in today's trade-based society.

And so, if all cars will be electric by tomorrow, nothing of essence will be solved. The manufacturing and distribution of these cars and their parts (plastic, batteries, metal, rare earth elements, and so forth) is still extremely polluting and enslaves armies of young and old people.

Musk and others will have to keep on producing these electric cars at infinitum. And since they compete with others, they will be forced to find the shortest path to profit, and this leaves behind a lot of bad things such as slavery, corruption, waste, lies, etc.. If Musk, or others wanted to help humanity transport from one place to another, in a sustainable fashion, then he and others would invest in public transportation in a non-profit way. Simple! But they do not want that. They want to make profits. Simple!

And renewable energies are a good idea in theory, but insufficient and inefficient in today's trade-based society where it will be used to produce more shit, more waste, more slaves, more nonsense.

Unless we change the game of trade into a game of no-trade, then we cannot fix anything of essence. #tromimg

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M:E E:P P:(p)W

Where "E"=("E"conomics / "E"nergy "E"xchange) is a an emergent subset of "M"=("M"orality).
"P"=("P"olitics) is an emergent subset of "E"(conomics).
And "(p)"[otential]"W"(ar) is an emergent subset of "P"(olitics)

So long as the base "morality"/"ethics" is "destructive" (it seeks elimination of creative "dynamic"), the ultimate emergent form of "E"(conomics aka "Energy Exchange") is itself going to be one that acts in the pursuit of "death" (that is to say, seeks towards stagnation and elimination of individual dynamics).

Any "profit" motive rooted in "I" scale in volume is going to ultimately seek to both consume AND control itself unto it's own end as it's root moral ethic is one rooted in a base function of maximizing the choice (aka "freedom"/"liberty") of a specific individual (entity) through achievement of nothing but a standing reflection of only that specified individual (entity). There's no achieving "freedom" when a root function is itself "ALL OBEY MY COMMAND".

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People in this society: This is such an amazing tool, a free Photoshop in the browser! Look: - and so many comment and get excited about it and praise it.

People who understand how this trade-based society works: This software is not trade-free! You have to trade your currency (to unlock features), your freedom (accept their terms), your data (that they collect), your attention (because they inject ads).

This is how the understanding of trade cuts through the bullshit of this society where people pretend to provide "free" goods and services. Most do not. Be aware of that! #tromimg
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"Company drops contentious Keystone XL pipeline project"

People are cheering how activism forced a multi-billion dollar project, meant to make profits and destroy the environment, to be canceled. It is great that activism can achieve, at times, such feats. It is also pointless overall. Unless we talk about what makes human beings just care about the profit (wink-wink: trade), then there is no sailing on this wind of activism. 1 such project can get canceled, after a 10 year battle, while in the meantime 10 more are probably planned. Or 100.

This a a photo with the Mexican army protecting turtle eggs' poaching:

While is nice that they are think that this is the way forward is simply insane.

Point is, as long as we deal with the symptoms of this trade-based society, we will solve nothing. #tromimg
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This is the "united" states of America where many people are homeless. They are many things-less. Healthcare-less. Family-less. Respect-less. Food-less. Comfort-less. Security-less. And so forth. The "united" states of America spends a ton of their resources/energy on their military power, meant to kill others. Also, it produces a lot of so-called "billionaires", humans who have so much money that is impossible to imagine.

It is not like USA cares about its citizens. Or being a citizen means much. It is a crazy world of trade, where everyone wants more for themselves. The game makes us like that. We should, all of us on this planet, have by now at least the basic needs of all humans met, trade-free. Like a "default" thing once you are part of the human race. The fact that we don't even have that, says a lot about our trade-based society. #tromlive
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fuck the usa

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To fully see this post and all of the images, read it here:

Plastic pollution is one of the many problems created by this trade-based society. It is an enormous issue, alongside climate change, waste, air pollution, loss of biodiversity, human slavery, environmental destruction, inequality, and so forth.

Here's how simple it is to understand how these problems are created:

1. Human beings reflect their upbringing (the environment they grow in).

From the way they walk and talk, to what they like or hate, these are values humans pick from their environment.

2. Our environment is based on trade. Jobs, currency, the many products created, supermarkets, online premium accounts, data collection, ads, social credits, and so forth. It is a "give this to me, to give that to you" society.

This trade society gives rise to an endless circle of creating as many things as possible and selling them to others. A circle of extreme and infinite consumption that makes people only chase their own gains (profits).

So then you end up with a bunch of idiot consumers whose minds are filled with ads and "how and what to trade".

And they will create a pile of destruction in their way.

That eventually will trash their lives and this planet.


Unless we understand this, nothing will change. We have to move away from a trade-based society. How about starting to provide trade-free goods/services to people? How about starting with their basic needs? This is a discussion that is not happening anywhere. So we need to be vocal about it. #tromimg

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"Tax details of US super-rich allegedly leaked" -

Of course the rich are not paying the taxes, or pay very little of. It is not the fault of the government, not the billionaires' fault either. It is no one's fault. It is this trade-game, this monopoly cardboard, that we all play. This game will make someone like Bezos not willing to pay the "fair" share of their taxes since that means a huge loss for him, despite him being a multi billionaire. For every player, there are competing players in this game of trade. You compete with your neighbor, Bezos competes with Musk. Playing "fair" will make you a loser, so why would you!?

It is beyond ridiculous to accuse any human, when the game of trade is such a powerful driver of bad behaviors. Unless we change the game, we will change nothing. And to change the game, we must at least start by understanding it. #tromlive
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If anyone wants to criticize TROM in any way, there are two big open doors for them:

1. Our TROM Live chat - - no registration required. Choose any username you want (stay anonymous if you wished to). We are almost 24/7 on that chat. Go ahead and use it.

2. TROMcast. If you so desire, we can make a special TROMcast and invite you so you can criticize TROM, live, uninterrupted, uncensored. Let us know on our TROM Chat or contact us about it here

Over the years a few people have voiced their criticism towards TROM. This is very helpful if the criticism is valid. And we've always listened and gave anyone a voice to express that. Don't be shy! It is important to know if there are valid criticisms, so we can change and improve.

Please stop using Facebook/Twitter/Youtube for such things since these are ad platforms that we do not use directly (the posts there are mirrored and automated from our social network - so we will not see your comments. Second, it is extremely difficult to have a meaningful conversation on any of these platforms.

Go ahead, the door is open! #tromlive
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Recently human beings explored for the first time the 3rd deepest plate in the Ocean. Sounds good? Well, this is what the scientists described when they reached the bottom:
“The only unusual thing there was the garbage. There was a lot of garbage in the trench. There were a lot of plastics, a pair of pants, a shirt, a teddy bear, packaging and a lot of plastic bags. Even me, I did not expect that, and I do research on plastics,”

“There was one funny scene when we were exploring the area. There was one white material floating around. I was saying ‘Victor, that’s a jellyfish’. We went there and approached and it was just plastic.


Imagine that! Humans go to the 3rd deepest place on Earth, a place not explored by humans, and find a teddy bear, a pair of pants, a shirt, and a lot of plastic. This is very telling of our trade-based society. People are transformed into merchants and consumers, and they do not care about anything else. Their trash is not their responsibility. And accusing individual humans or clusters of (companies or governments) is the easiest and most inefficient way (and 100% wrong) of trying to solve anything. It is no one's fault. It is this trade-based society that makes us all like that. Unless we change that, we change nothing.

And keep this in mind, climate change is one of the millions of severe problems this society confronts today, and will confront in the future. We can't just solve climate change, and end up with the same amount of problems on our hands. We have to change this society. Period.

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