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Romania and COVID, a case of mistrust perhaps.

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Our most important posts are here. That's our tiny blog on the fediverse.

Treat people like dogs!

The tech prostitutes

"How Tech Companies Manipulate the Media"

A well made video by the "tech youtubers" explaining how big companies bully them into creating positive reviews for their products. And then they go back at doing just that. Rinse and repeat. Nothing learned. These online prostitutes are eager to trade trade trade, at infinitum. They are pursued by the same companies, and same tech prostitutes that talk positively about tech, to buy more of that tech. A way of eating your own poop.

So then they have to pay for their macbookpros and teslas and such, so then they have to make videos that reach more and more people, because that makes them more and more money, to then buy more and more stuff. Endless...

Very little of the new tech nowadays is useful and a real innovation. The rest is LED lights of different colors. Toys.

We need to make people understand the trap of this trade-based society in the hope that they may want to escape from it. First: understand the problem. #tromlive

The cult of new-tech

Do not move the trash from one place to another

The way problems are solved today, is ambunalces!

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Another way to put it is to look for long term solutions. I think most people don't even realize/believe that these problems could be solved for long term. Like you say, If we need to implement systems in place to look for long term solutions to our problems, the first thing we should do is to change our mindset and look for real & lasting solutions instead of doing the same thing we've been doing for years. People have to change their way of thinking.

Eggs with Wigs: Elon Musk is Steve Jobs, and Tesla is Apple

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Good guy vs Bad guy

What a piece of shit!

Self Driving Car Ad

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Space Exploitation

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well this fantasy will probably become reality in the near future...

GDPR is nonsense

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How to attach any files to

blogs (x)

Reducing the working hours....

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The New Church of Crypto-Economy

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Businesses do not care about people. Period. They care about profits. Period.

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Sustainable businesses. What a joke.

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Electric cars and batteries won't change the world-

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M:E E:P P:(p)W

Where "E"=("E"conomics / "E"nergy "E"xchange) is a an emergent subset of "M"=("M"orality).
"P"=("P"olitics) is an emergent subset of "E"(conomics).
And "(p)"[otential]"W"(ar) is an emergent subset of "P"(olitics)

So long as the base "morality"/"ethics" is "destructive" (it seeks elimination of creative "dynamic"), the ultimate emergent form of "E"(conomics aka "Energy Exchange") is itself going to be one that acts in the pursuit of "death" (that is to say, seeks towards stagnation and elimination of individual dynamics).

Any "profit" motive rooted in "I" scale in volume is going to ultimately seek to both consume AND control itself unto it's own end as it's root moral ethic is one rooted in a base function of maximizing the choice (aka "freedom"/"liberty") of a specific individual (entity) through achievement of nothing but a standing reflection of only that specified individual (entity). There's no achieving "freedom" when a root function is itself "ALL OBEY MY COMMAND".

People in this society: This is such an amazing tool, a free Photoshop in the browser! Look: - and so many comment and get excited about it and praise it.

People who understand how this trade-based society works: This software is not trade-free! You have to trade your currency (to unlock features), your freedom (accept their terms), your data (that they collect), your attention (because they inject ads).

This is how the understanding of trade cuts through the bullshit of this society where people pretend to provide "free" goods and services. Most do not. Be aware of that! #tromimg
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"Company drops contentious Keystone XL pipeline project"

People are cheering how activism forced a multi-billion dollar project, meant to make profits and destroy the environment, to be canceled. It is great that activism can achieve, at times, such feats. It is also pointless overall. Unless we talk about what makes human beings just care about the profit (wink-wink: trade), then there is no sailing on this wind of activism. 1 such project can get canceled, after a 10 year battle, while in the meantime 10 more are probably planned. Or 100.

This a a photo with the Mexican army protecting turtle eggs' poaching:

While is nice that they are think that this is the way forward is simply insane.

Point is, as long as we deal with the symptoms of this trade-based society, we will solve nothing. #tromimg
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This is the "united" states of America where many people are homeless. They are many things-less. Healthcare-less. Family-less. Respect-less. Food-less. Comfort-less. Security-less. And so forth. The "united" states of America spends a ton of their resources/energy on their military power, meant to kill others. Also, it produces a lot of so-called "billionaires", humans who have so much money that is impossible to imagine.

It is not like USA cares about its citizens. Or being a citizen means much. It is a crazy world of trade, where everyone wants more for themselves. The game makes us like that. We should, all of us on this planet, have by now at least the basic needs of all humans met, trade-free. Like a "default" thing once you are part of the human race. The fact that we don't even have that, says a lot about our trade-based society. #tromlive
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fuck the usa

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"Tax details of US super-rich allegedly leaked" -

Of course the rich are not paying the taxes, or pay very little of. It is not the fault of the government, not the billionaires' fault either. It is no one's fault. It is this trade-game, this monopoly cardboard, that we all play. This game will make someone like Bezos not willing to pay the "fair" share of their taxes since that means a huge loss for him, despite him being a multi billionaire. For every player, there are competing players in this game of trade. You compete with your neighbor, Bezos competes with Musk. Playing "fair" will make you a loser, so why would you!?

It is beyond ridiculous to accuse any human, when the game of trade is such a powerful driver of bad behaviors. Unless we change the game, we will change nothing. And to change the game, we must at least start by understanding it. #tromlive
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