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We are working on making our TROMjaro Layout Switch app even more awesome. Thanks to @Future is FOSS mostly. Here's how it is starting to look like:

Click a layout and switch. Unity, Gnome, Windows, ChromeOS, MacOS. You choose :) . #tromimg

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there are two additional special layouts I could suggest, especially given we are talking about xfce. The first is a purely vertical dock, no top or bottom bar at all. This is used in MX linux.The other is a variant on gnome 3, where there is only a top bar, no dock, and the dock set live instead on the left side of the top panel. Typically the panel is only 24-26 pixels. So it's kinda like the windows view you have, but with a much thinner panel, and at the top.
I could also suggest a third one, where you have a thin top and bottom panel, ala gnome 2... Then it can be a 3x3 :).
can you send us some screenshots? we will happily add other layouts :)
this conveys what MX does with a pure vertical panel, and why it can be desirable for vertical space, much like global menus in the panel.
We may try to add this. Added to my todo list.
Here is an example of classic gnome 2. This layout would be very easy to recreate with 2 xcfe panels...
this was my take on vertical xfce desktops early last decade when we produced a customized Debian GNU/Linux distro for our tribal use.

The MX layout is similar enough so we can go with one or the other.
Will see about this. We may do it but we also do not want to overwhelm people with so many layout types. thx
here is an example of the third kind

What is this one from?
that one is from when I was experimenting with cinnamon.
Ok. I was looking for a name for that layout....I am calling it TopX for now because idk how to call it - would be nice if we find a known OS that has a similar layout
I often use it with a very skinny top bar to maximize my screen area, so I might have suggested compact. But I think TopX works.
there is an old xfce theme called microdeck which used really thin window title bars to do the same. So in that sense it is to me the whole desktop equivalent of microdeck... Some classic X11 window managers also often had top panels, such as fluxbox. TopX probably is as good choice as any.
oh, I forgot about this one...this was the other xfce layout we made for tribal use around that time...

yes, that is a neutral translucent xfce panel that works with either light or dark monochrome icons. I think the base panel color was a purple...maybe 80% alpha.
added to my list let's see
my earliest desktop experiences were with amigaos and X on bsd on early sun workstations, back when it was still "just" #bsd at Berkeley.
so I probably have a different perspective on aesthetics and what I want out of desktops than most... for example, I love the convenience of opening an X window anywhere there is a display and separating compute from display that modern toolkits may break and #Wayland fundamentally rejects. I would love to iconify on one system and re-open the X session up on another. We used to have a lot of capabilities that are lost following windows very limited desktop concepts.
every year I look at #gnome in particular I find ever greater breakage and destruction of what was once possible in free desktops.
Wow, you may make me switch with convenience like that:). Looks great!

The blame game

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The entire first part of TROM II Documentary:

1h 7 minutes. Today it will be fully rendered so that I (Tio) can watch it in full for the first time. It will be published alongside the entire documentary whenever that will be finished :D .


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COVID Concerns

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I had to open that link in my browser, like how I would read an article if you just posted its link. I went back to my mastodon client to reply.

Not all of your posts are shown like this, but the articles definitely are. From what I understand, it'll detect if its an article by seeing if the post has a title, so on mastodon these ones will show the title with the link to the full article.
I actually did try out friendica using an account I had on because you said. Now I thought to give it a second shot since they made it work with all mastodon clients. I can have that old familiar look of mastodon while having the awesome features of friendica. So I tried it using fedilab and it was just too buggy, I couldn't even see my global timeline button. But I think this is the issue of the app itself and not friendica.
I tried using the @Tusky client and it was much better, 2 issues I had were these:

1. It truncates long posts under a "show more button", and there was no option to disable it.

2. If you @ mention someone on a post, it should bring me to that profile when clicking on it. But this doesn't work properly on tusky, it just says "Performing lookup" for a while and then opens up a random post. IDK if its a friendica issue or tusky issue.
Yeah, I'll give those other clients a try too when I have the time. Unfortunately, the client I use for mastodon, fedilab, just don't work properly on friendica. I just like tusky's UI out of all the others, that's why I tried that one next. I'll keep using that one if they fix the issues.

It'd be nice if there was a good friendica client with nice UI and all friendica features. These mastodon clients are made for mastodon and thus lack a lot of features provided by friendica

The show more is a useful feature, else you`ll see massive posts...
Yeah maybe, but I'd still like to have an option to disable it. I see all of your long posts without that "show more" button on fedilab right now, so I'm used to it. So now it'd be hard for me click the show more button for every long post I see.
Maybe it'd be best to have an option that allows you to set what "long" means to you, so you can set the number of lines to truncate and the ability to disable this truncation completely by setting the value as 0, that's how fedilab does it.
Fedilab is currently trying to rewrite some of their code to improve UI and stuff -

I'll just ping @apps here so maybe they would look into fixing these issues. Fedilab is actually the only app I could find on fdroid that explicitly said it supports friendica. But the friendica support on it is pretty bad right now, and there's definitely room for improvement.

Friendica is so underrated right now, and part of the reason is that it don't have a good mobile app
Yes, we have an issue where fixes will be brought to the new app.
@Tio @TROM

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I did try that via Syncthing. But now I do not have "another building" available. The only solution is to ask a friend to store some 8TB of data for me, which is a lot. We need very good speeds, I have to encrypt all data so whatever it reaches my friend's computer is encrypted so even he cannot access it. We need 20h uptime. It is too complicated and I did try.

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Chewing the same gum

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52 minutes done for TROM II:

Well there might be slight improvements but the bulk of it is done. Notice in the photo how massive the work is, and on the other side how well TROMjaro XFCE copes with it. Maximized window + global menus + HUD, makes it so much better and easier to edit videos.

Kdenlive had a few major bugs but using the Appimage seems to be fine, considering TROM II is such a massive project.

Maybe we will finish the first part in a month or so. That will be a total of some 1h 20 minutes. Then we have to work a lot more for the next parts that are even more important. It will take many months to finish the documentary, maybe more than a year who knows.


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We have a new cool tool thanks to @Alexio !

This page shows in almost real time the status of all of our websites. And it is hosted and managed by Alexio so that if our servers are down, this page won't be affected.

Big thanks to Alexio for this!

Such a page is important especially for services, so that you can see what services are more reliable. And for us to keep track of what websites may not work properly, so that we can fix them. #tromimg

Romania and COVID, a case of mistrust perhaps.

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Don't forget today, we have a great TROM-Cast with Cory Doctorow:

We are going to dissect The Internet. You can watch it live here where we also have a live chat now:


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On 14th at 21:00 Madrid time we will have a very interesting live:

In this TROM-Cast we will discuss The Internet. What is the Internet and what does it do to our lives? Is it just merely a reflection of our trade-based society, but this time we trade more with our data and attention rather than our currencies?

We are thrilled to have Cory Doctorow. From his Wikipedia page: Cory is a "blogger, journalist, and science fiction author who served as co-editor of the blog Boing Boing. He is an activist in favour of liberalising copyright laws and a proponent of the Creative Commons organization, using some of their licences for his books. Some common themes of his work include digital rights management, file sharing, and post-scarcity economics."

Visit his websites at and

The live will be available here - and now we have a livechat!

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Look at these ones, so much "biodiversity". Females, males, different colors....

All corrupted

We don't need more women in politics, or people of different "races", as if there is more than one human race. We need no politics at all. We need to understand what creates bad behaviors and try to prevent that. And it is quite simple: treat people like you treat dogs in more developed countries. Take care of them. Make sure they are fed, have enough free time, access to at least their basic needs. All trade-free. And then they will become better humans and we can change our society for the better. #tromimg

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Hey people, we have added a new cool thing to our TROM Social, the presentation page. Here (scroll down a bit). It is a list of sources we recommend for you to follow on TROM Social. It is as easy as copy paste these sources to your contacts' list. We are adding a lot more so check it out from time to time. The direct link is this

And if you can support the work that we do, please consider a donation


Just a reminder that religion is a pile of primitive ideas:

It is as crazy as flat earthers, qanon, and all of these conspiracies, if not crazier. Unfortunately it is wrapped in a nice package in today's society. But yah, lets not forget that religions are just a bunch of cults, surrounded by crazy people. #tromimg
The truth is religion is silly and not real. Yes, we should be nice to each other, but if we are to make fun of flat earthers and the like, then religion should not be on our "exempt" list.
As a species we need to overcome the ignorance,and make most of what we already know.Now as for flatearthers,the space age is on its way.My prediction is that after 50 years or so, everyone would finally understand the curveture of the earth and would start thinking about other planets/lifeforms.Just to be clear,we are still in the information age,that will hopefully remove ignorance and stupidity🙂

We are very happy to announce yet another service part of our project: TROMchat See more info here:

This is a Matrix chat. Matrix is like Email, a protocol. Which means it is decentralized. We provide a server and a chat so that anyone can create an account and use. It is an amazing chat, a true repalcement for any sort of chats such as Telegram, Discord, and so forth. Encrypted, unlimited, trade-free. See all of the features here

We invite you to join and ditch the pesky trade-based chats. Tens of millions are already using this protocol and our TROM team resides there too.

These are our public chatrooms:

Simply add them to your Matrix account as rooms. Simple. And see you there! #tromimg

Oh and if you like what we do, and you can help us financially, please do so here

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Unfortunately our last TROMcast recording was was a personal mistake (me, Tio) in the way I setup the live. See the explanation here

We are very very sorry because it was a great discussion with Dr. Sophia Moskalenko - you can follow her on Twitter via RSS here . In the next TROMcast I will try to summarize a bit our discussion. Again, very sorry....

Here's some positiveness tho. These are little bugs. They are not plants/leafs.

How amazing is nature....these are the true superheroes with superpowers :). Photo grabbed from our - make sure you use our TROMnews to discover more such amazing things. #tromimg

Do not move the trash from one place to another

I think this image sums up pretty well the current stupidity, where people fear the vaccines without knowing anything about vaccines.

Instead of listening to a world-wide scientific consensus, they think it is more reasonable to listen to some facebook or youtube personalities.

Doubt is necessary. But uneducated and unfounded doubt, is dangerous.

If the primitive minds of the so rich tribes do not want the vaccines, give them to those poor tribes that need them desperately.


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TROM-Cast: Qanon and the Like

We are very happy to announce that we will have a discussion with Dr. Sophia Moskalenko who is "a social psychologist studying mass identity, inter-group conflict and the appeal of conspiracy theories."

"After she received her Ph.D from the University of Pennsylvania in 2004, her research has focused on the psychology of radicalization and martyrdom. As a research fellow at the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (NC-START) she has worked on projects commissioned by the Department of Defence, Department of Energy, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of State. "

We will dive deep into the Qanon conspiracy and other similar conspiracies, and touch upon how we can deal with these situations in a realistic manner.

Stay tuned! We will go live at


We will go live in less than 7 hours.

TROMcast: To Moderate, Or Not

Today we will discuss about this notion of moderating the Internet content by looking closely at our (Peertube) instance and what happens to it. The fact that it is full of nonsense content and why is it that these alternative platforms such as Peertube, get invaded by the worst that the Internet and our society has produced.



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Now that Peertube allows us to create a custom homepage, we can highlight the best of Peertube. We are adding more and more to the homepage. We worked for a bit to make it look nice - see for yourself

As a bonus we will add on the homepage a very interesting documentary every week or so. So keep an eye on it! #tromimg

Looks nice, better than the original design.

TROMmaps officially added to as a fully functioning service. See it here in action and here you can learn more about it . It is an amazingly great trade-free map.


One more positive news today: we have added Whiteboards to our TROMfiles and increase the quota from 3GB to 5GB for all users. #tromimg

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The way problems are solved today, is ambunalces!

Another way to put it is to look for long term solutions. I think most people don't even realize/believe that these problems could be solved for long term. Like you say, If we need to implement systems in place to look for long term solutions to our problems, the first thing we should do is to change our mindset and look for real & lasting solutions instead of doing the same thing we've been doing for years. People have to change their way of thinking.

Eggs with Wigs: Elon Musk is Steve Jobs, and Tesla is Apple

Here's a long post about these "revolutionary" billionaires that are just merchants. #tromimg

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Eggs with Wigs: Elon Musk is Steve Jobs, and Tesla is Apple

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Good guy vs Bad guy

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What a piece of shit!

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Self Driving Car Ad

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Space Exploitation

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Making progress with the TROM II documentary ;)

But it will take many months to finish. So far so great. #tromimg

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The great Notes application is now officially part of - you should read more about it here to understand how to quickly set it all up. It works online or offline, and on any operating system. It syncs between them all and is auto-backed-up in the cloud and offline. Not to mention it is fully encrypted. Plus, you can use whatever text editor you prefer. If you write books, this is great for you. If you write simple notes, it is perfect. If you want to have to-do lists or tasks, again it meets your needs. Code? Again, you can do that too. Markdown support...Vim name it :). Plus, lots of themes and other extensions.

This Notes app normally costs 10 dollars a month ( but we provide all of these features trade-free. So take advantage of that!

it seems really interesting. On first look it seems similar to standard notes. I'll have a look
Heh yes it is a StandardNotes instance with all of the features enabled. It is a Yunohost package! ;)

As said in the post:
This Notes app normally costs 10 dollars a month ( but we provide all of these features trade-free. So take advantage of that!
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Our work on TROM II continues ;):

It is a lot of work so it will take many months to finish it. Cannot say it will be released this year...we will see. We post updates, as usual, on +


This is how much humans in USA pay for their medical bills - it is of course insane to have a society in which humans have to pay to live. Even a broken hand in USA can bankrupt you. USA is obsessed with trading for everything, and as a result their citizens are slaves to debt. In Uk or Spain for example, if a citizen has any medical problems they will be taken care of for free. And that's how it should be! Maybe not all health problems can be accessed for free in these tribes, but most are.

In any case, we should take care of all human beings on this planet. We have enough humans who would be very happy to help (we call these "doctors"), and plenty of resources to do so.

We should not force people to trade for their basic needs when we live in a society of abundance already. #tromimg

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The New Church of Crypto-Economy

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Businesses do not care about people. Period. They care about profits. Period.

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Those who think that Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are better than money, understand nothing about this trade-based society. Currencies only represent trades, and trade is what pushes people to create so much destruction in the world. Also, to "mine" cryptocurrencies and spend so much energy doing that, more than countries of hundreds of millions of people, is simply insane. What these "miners" do is "solving" irrelevant mathematical problems to see what computer is first to get some rewards for that. Just to create more currency and "distribute" it in a very unequal manner to those who have the most powerful computers.

TROM cuts through this shit like a hot knife through butter, because TROM focuses on "trade as the origin of most problems", and not money.


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But one may argue the gov doesn't really control money at all. Big corporations do. They buy and sell, and own and employ, a lot more than any gov. Plus, companies and rich people lobby gov so much it has become a ridiculous show. So the laws you see in regards to money (and not only) + the flow of money, influence, power and the value of money, is almost entirely (if not entirely) driven by the big money players. Isn't it? And the same happens with bitcoin or pretty much any other currency, where big players control the game.

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Sustainable businesses. What a joke.

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Electric cars and batteries won't change the world-

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M:E E:P P:(p)W

Where "E"=("E"conomics / "E"nergy "E"xchange) is a an emergent subset of "M"=("M"orality).
"P"=("P"olitics) is an emergent subset of "E"(conomics).
And "(p)"[otential]"W"(ar) is an emergent subset of "P"(olitics)

So long as the base "morality"/"ethics" is "destructive" (it seeks elimination of creative "dynamic"), the ultimate emergent form of "E"(conomics aka "Energy Exchange") is itself going to be one that acts in the pursuit of "death" (that is to say, seeks towards stagnation and elimination of individual dynamics).

Any "profit" motive rooted in "I" scale in volume is going to ultimately seek to both consume AND control itself unto it's own end as it's root moral ethic is one rooted in a base function of maximizing the choice (aka "freedom"/"liberty") of a specific individual (entity) through achievement of nothing but a standing reflection of only that specified individual (entity). There's no achieving "freedom" when a root function is itself "ALL OBEY MY COMMAND".

Because our trade-free social network is so cool :) , we can now add posts into categories. And thus, we created a blog category here where you can see all of our TROM worthy, and brief, blogs. The section can be easily accessed via our main social network page :

We highly recommend that you ditch Facebook/Twitter and the like, and come use our social network (Friendica). You can connect with millions of people, follow pretty much anyone online, create long posts, add them to categories....there are no bans or restrictions, and so forth. See you there!