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Recording with @Georgi done! Very good job Georgi! It was a very new thing for Georgi - she is not used to being filmed and to talk about such subjects. She perfectly understands all that we talk about at TROM, and despite being the first time she had to do this, she managed it very well. We have 2 more series of interviews now ;). #tromimg

I'm really excited for TROM 2 🙃

I am happy to announce that we released TROMnews in german on

I was working all day on this and it looks great. Furthermore the move from our websites in german to our new server went very smooth and everything seems to not only work, but everything is faster than ever before. Loading speeds of website and books decreased a lot and all of that is possible thanks to @YunoHost who provide such an amazing tool to host digital services (wordpress-websites, social media platforms, video platforms, search engines etc.) by yourself!
Also thanks to @Tio who worked a lot on moving all websites to our new server!
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Ladies and gents, we are releasing yet another service for our! A real and quite complete trade-free alternative to Google Docs - read more about it here . Create documents in seconds + kaban + polls + whiteboards. You don't even need an account, unless you want to save your work for more than 3 months. Everything is fully encrypted. Share, comment, work collaboratively. Take advantage of it! #tromlive #tromimg

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Poke 👉 @cryptpad

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Last recording with @Dima ! Very good one! Total of 2h or recordings. Awesome! #tromimg #tromlive

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We did the recording with @Dima today! Very good one! Some 2h long. Tomorrow we will do a much shorter one - not much left to record ;). All great! TROM II is back-on-track! #tromimg #tromlive #trom2

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