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A new project added to our portfolio

A website about the importance of early education in children. A project supported by the Ministery of Education of Romania. We are also managing their Nextcloud instance of some 3 thousand users.
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We moved a Nextcloud instance of around 3 thousand users and some 500GB to our WebApe servers and integrated with Yunohost + setup external and daily backups. If anyone wants to transfer their websites to us, see here our plans

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Now we provide access to the full DiVI Front Editor for our Wordpress websites + over 100 premium modules. A website made by the WebApe :)

National Centre for Recognition and Equivalence of Diplomas is a member of the NARIC (National Recognition Information Centres of the European Union) network of information centers on recognition of diplomas, an European Commission initiative, which allows a permanent exchange of information among national and international stakeholders with regard to the education system and the legal status of the foreign educational institutions, education background as well as regard to the specific requirements of these institutions.

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Already working on 3 projects for - and 3 possible more. We will take a limited amount of project to ensure that all of them are properly managed. Max of 20 or so. So if anyone wants to take advantage of our offers, visit the website and contact us.

We got our first subscription today! Wordpress Gorilla :)

We also provide huge Nextcloud instances:

Without restrictions. Install as many apps as you want. We also provide OnlyOffice out of the box. Check

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If anyone needs a Wordpress website (basically we can build any kind of website):

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Managed PeerTube instances, up to 25TB of diskspace for massive deployments :)

Management, backups, no bandwidth limitation, deploying in less than 24h.

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Managed Mastodon instances:

From 50 Euros a month - 500 or so users - to over 150 Euros a month for thousands of users.

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