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ZDay: How to Grow a Saner Society. A Lifetime Adventure (bad audio)

On 26th of August, 2023, we presented TROM at the annual ZDay event in Prague. This was the last ZDay after a decade long of making them every year.

Our presentation was focused on showcasing in a unique way how our society works and how trade is at the core of most of our issues. In the second half we focused on the positive side: how we and others create trade-free good and services and why this can become a tsunami movement if more of us engage into it, in a decentralized way.

We put a lot of effort into creating a simple narrative and interesting slides with animations, to make it all more fun and easy to understand.

This was the first presentation for Tio and we hope more to follow.
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Subtítulos disponibles en español y otras lenguas :)
@trom_es Gracias!
Thank you for your talk and sharing your vision of a saner society :)
I appreciate your feedback! Thank you!