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The concentration of nice people at this meeting was off the charts 😊 Thank you @Tio @Sasha and @Georgi for organizing it and taking care of us 🖐

The last TROM Meeting. Maybe?

Why this may be the last TROM Meeting and why it was fun, and tiring, and stressful, and overall wonderful 😀.

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TROM Meeting:

A bunch of wonderful humans who came to visit us. People who help this project, and people who are very good friends. So calm, so nice, so human.

A huge thank you to them all. Too bad we could not gather all of them for the meeting. But we will do more.

We mostly meet in order to have some good time together but also to work on some TROM stuff. We will try to work on the transcriptions for the TROM II documentary and a few other things, will see.

Looking forward to release the documentary in June. #tromlive

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Wow, another astonishing research from Webb last week 😲

A system of dust/asteroid belts around a young star Fomalhaut in ~25 ly away from the Sun. With help of JWT's Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI) we now can see all the inner belts and unlike our Solar system it has 3 visible dust/asteroid belts in sum. How cool is that?
Oh supercool! Or superhot?! 😁 - These are the things we all should talk about, not elections or bs crap shit products. Thanks for sharing!
Oh, totally 😄 Glad you like it 😉

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How does this mesh with the increasing expression that people are relieved to get out of social events, even those that were not created out of any obligation? The event seems like a good idea when set, but when the time comes, it isn't appealing?
I think, this is nothing wrong if people willingly prefer to pull themselves out of social interactions, to stay alone with themselves if they do not feel any need or desire to participate in those or they are simply tired (if we are not talking about social anxiety disorders and repressed feelings). The problem appears when people are open to participate and seeking for healthy relationships, but cannot find any way to do this within our rapidly changing, trade-based society, which does not care about a sanity of the environment these people have to navigate in, but about them to be healthy and operational enough to continue participate in the cycle of constant consumption and trading.
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@tchambers I’m reading this, and I can’t stop thinking that building car centric cities probably plays a major role in this awful outcome

If you walk and randomly encounter somebody you know, you can easily have a chat and even a coffee or something

While you’re driving? At best you wave hands.

Walkable cities are instrumental to provide easy, cost effective human connections
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TROM II: A Message to The Aliens (trailer)

Now in 8 languages: Russian, Romanian, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, German, Greek and Traditional Chinese. Enjoy!

A big thank you to all of those who have helped with the subtitles and are still helping! #tromlive

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> A bit thank you

I think you meant to say big here :blobcatgiggle:

Also, I'm really surprised to see so many different languages here, never knew there are this many translators for TROM who speak such diverse languages. Anyway, I'm happy to see people helping out like this 🙂
Yup already fixed yesterday maybe the fix didn't update on your end 😁. Thanks as usual! Yeah several translators came from the newsletter I sent. We have around 1k people subscribed to our newsletter, I guess some people still use those 😀.

TROM II: A Message to The Aliens (trailer)

We live in a world where everyone is busy, everyone is consumed, everyone seems confused. Money, social credits, ads, data collection, prices and billionaires. Climate change? Who cares!

A one-marble world, floating in a giant soup of stars and planets, clustered in donut-shaped galaxies.

What are these humans living for?

In a 5 hour, 4 parts documentary, we try to explore their world, to understand what makes them human, what makes them enslave their kind, destroy their habitat, and be unaware of their place in this universe. But also what makes them so special.

Through the lives of 5 humans, we look at the culture that creates them, their struggles growing up on this planet, and where they are headed toward.


Watch it here:

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TROM II: A Message to the Aliens (official poster)

The documentary will be released in June. The trailer will be available this week.

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TROM II Documentary Updates and Release

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Watch the latest @Dima video about how some people use the food waste to feed the ones in need. Dima makes great and important videos about volunteering. Make sure you follow him. He is also part of the upcoming TROM II documentary. #tromlive

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Wow, what an amazing video! Seeing people help others like this makes me so happy 🙂

And it boggles my mind to think that all those good quality food would've gone to waste if it wasn't for organizations like this. 40% of all food produced in the world is lost in one way or another?! Now that is a hauntingly high number, we should try to reduce it as much as possible. Thank you Dima for finding such organizations, helping them, and shining a light on them through your videos.
Thanks for sharing !
@Rokosun Thank you !
It's indeed crazy how much food are wasted. Yeah about 40%. Interesting fact that 60% out of those 40% are wasted in households. That was huge discovery for me, i was sure that supermarkets and production facilities waste the most. Which was true some time ago, but now it's changed.

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I start to believe that this is a prank and you guys talked to each other to say such wonderful words about me and the documentary hahaha. I honestly am surprised by these reactions. Feels weird but many thanks to you all. 😊
ohh, @Tio you just debunked our conspiracy
hahaha 😁
you busted!

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@Tio @georgi @Sasha @PeerTube @Dima @Aaron @Kdenlive

Wow that screenshot is lit ! 🔥 Imma share that on my mastodon account 😁

> I hope you won't get too border by the documentary.

Don't worry I won't get bored by it, lol 😄 I'm actually really curious about it, curious to see all of you and hear your interviews & personal stories, curious to see how you weave these interviews together with facts and knowledge about our world to create an engaging story, curious to see how you did the music, editing, and other audiovisual effects using FOSS softwares like kdenlive, inkscape, krita, etc. Unlike most other documentaries this one was made by the work of one single person, so I'll keep that in mind while watching, to really appreciate your effort 😀
I'm sure @Rokosun will looove it 😀

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Finally the TROM II documentary is done and it was sent to the ones who took part in it for review. From now one there will be no change, unless they notice anything that is REALLY REALLY bad and needs to be fixed. Or typos.

4 parts, some 5 hours long. Soon we will make a post about it and about when we plan to release it.

Stay tuned and follow us on the fedierse or via our updates


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I clearly say this in a way that would be more effective in sharing the vision of your project which I think is very important to highlight all things leading and maintaining unfair inequality, exploitation, resource and capital accumulation, attention economy (which is what I assume you are tired of just as me). It is your project anyway; that was just a suggestion. I'm already glad you're going to release the vids.
Yes would be fantastic to get more people to be interested in what we talk about. We will see how things will progress after the documentary is released.

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Amazing to see what even small amount of Humans are capable of.. Yes, this is just a tiny drop in the big ocean of problems Humanity keep accumulating because of the power of trade, but on the other hand it is a GREAT "small" example of the Power of Collaboration, those you may find everywhere even in the today's world.

We could relatively easy restore the natural environment and biodiversity of our beautiful Planet, rewind back at least some of the impact of the anthropogenic intervention, if there would be more people free of the constant trading for their lifes out there. Instead of spending their precious time wasted on figuring out dull and manipulative ways to sell the shit or themselves, more and more of these people might choose to participate and would come up with ingenious ways to ACTUALLY make a difference, fullfil the Human unique potentials at its max..

#InstitutoTerra #environment #reforestation #SebastiaoSaldago #trade-free
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More about the Instituto Terra non-profit organization:

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Yeah I've been screaming about this inconsistency for some time now. It is something not many linux-tubers talk about or test when they test new distros. I am so happy we did what we did with TROMjaro. Thanks Roko for your thoughtful thoughts and for being part of the project!
@Tio @Brodie Robertson @Derek
Honestly there's a lot of these little #UX issues in #Linux that I haven't noticed before until I started working for TROMjaro, and I'm glad we were able to fix some of those issues ourselves. I think maybe part of the reason why you notice such things is because you let your parents, sister & wife use it, so just by observing how your family use TROMjaro you can infer which areas can be confusing for normal everyday people who lacks the technical know-how.
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sunset was so pretty today
Tramway and colorful sunset

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Amazing. "Simplified" Map of the Brain. Hi-res PDF version This is the most complicated organ we have, and we are trying to replicate some of its functionality with AI. More info here:

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First time I hear that word. I cannot find any wiki article about it and to be sure I don't read some random website that has a weird interpretation of it, where can I find more about it?
The young think they can beat the #LongTail distribution, in which the median income for creatives is definitely 0, bless their sweet innocent souls. I for one choose denying myself entertainment (and in the process, I suppose, denying someone an audience) over spending discretionary $ I don't have. Rightly or wrongly, I treat it as a lesser evil than #piracy, but there are no good answers. "Intellectual" "property" is a hostage situation. Like food aid to a famine region, the local warlords have to be paid off. Or like in the ancient TV show “LA Law,” some young associate got into law because of its potential to help people, but are alarmed about the amount of billable business they have to drum up to be afforded the privilege of a little pro bono work. Whatever pro-social things are instituted are set up as negative sum games; the house always wins.
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100%. People think FOSS is the answer. It is not. As soon as FOSS is traded, you'll see these fuckeries. Trade-Free is a much better approach.
Totally. FOSS is a valueable and working alternative to the greedy corporate for-profit software approach and Humans should prefer FOSS in as many areas as possible. But to think that you may combine both worlds and create some sort of chimera which will be a sustainable business and at the same time will provide real meaning and value for Human beings, this is just an illusion. It is an attempt to create a positive image for the capitalistic system which nowadays prevail. Something like saying: "Hey, we actually aren't greedy-neety bustards as the capitalistic system force us to be and what our real nature is, you see, we provide free services and software. Yeah, this is a totally legit way you can monetise your creation and be a good guy at the same time, wow, how cool is that?!" No! It isn't. And you know, my friend @Tio, more than anyone that it always ends up in a fuckery pretty much like in the post above 😉
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A very interesting angle on the idea which is dominant nowadays that the capitalism is the best tool we got out there and the only one which works. This is more and more disturbing that instead of rational and weighted discourse about the possible ways of organizing the society so all the people can benefit from it, not only the luckiest one, humans select emotional evaluation of the problem (like all the socialistic experiments were a disaster, hence all socialism ideas equal evil and vise versa - the capitalistic organisation is the best because this is all I know and trying something new is scary af). Actually in this video it is very well explained, how capitalism is super successful in selling this plot too.

Can you see these little clouds there on the pictures too? Wow, this is unbelievable.. 😲 Can't believe it is real.. And this is a Saturn's Moon relatively close to us. What else can wait us in other places throughout our calm island - Solar system and unpredictable vast Universe? There are way more mysterious and unimaginable objects out there like quasars or black stars... way more fantastic than any Human mind can possibly come up with.. And yet Humans are only known species so far which have a unique potential: not only to be able to craft the tools to discover how this world works, but also to realize an opportunity they have - to live in such beautiful world and enjoy this one chance at full. Isn't it what we should do instead of fighting or compete with each other? To use our potentials at max? Hope there's still a chance..
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For those curios here's the image:

By the way I love these posts of your Roma! Keep on being a human. Share your thoughts more often too 😀

And yes, Titan is one of the most earth-like place that we know of, in terms of how it looks like: clouds, rain, mountains, lakes and rivers. But all methane. Which makes you wonder....can a different life based on methane have evolved there? We should focus on these mind blowing mysteries, help send some probes there, enjoy these pieces of knowledge, and so forth. I wish our species was intelligent.
Thanks man! It is a pleasure to share when there's such a topic to think about.. And thanks for helping with the image. I did it myself, but it didn't appear it seems.. weird.

Btw, another one is cool too 😜

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If you need a quality setup of the free and open source project, ask @Tio, señor knows his onions 😎

By the way if anyone wants a Mastodon server I provide via - I am already getting new requests and will take a few days to process new ones, but if you want one you can simply pay and have it all setup. Backups included.

Mind you I also provide trade-free services via and lots of stuff via WebApe is to allow me to support these free projects.

Via WebApe I also provide Friendica instances, Peertube, or Nextcloud.

Please share if you think this is helpful for others.


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My onions 😂
Yup haha 😆

Laptop Donation Campaign -

By Tio:

This is a donation campaign to help me, Tio, buy a new laptop that will allow me to become more mobile while having all I need to work on TROM and its baby projects. Please see the donation campaign for a detailed explanation and help if you can.

Basically I need to take what is in this photo (except those galaxies):

With all of the shoeboxes full of HDDs and cables:

And put it into this:

Thank you very much if you can help out! 😀


This is absolutely astonishing image! You can even notice a protoplanetary disk of newly forming star system there.. How cool is that?

I'm starting a new video series about hiking the GR11 (an 840-km thru-hike across the Pyrenees) on a very tight budget.
Here is the first video:
It's me packing my Ultraheavy backpack 😁

You can find my full thru-hike gear list here:

A talk with Linus Torvalds about the Kernel, Git, Open Source and other projects and technologies.

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A very honest and forthright depiction of what all the big social media have become with "trading attention" approach by Bo Burnham.

Full conversation:

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I'm just really glad that fediverse is not into this attention trading business, no ads and algorithm here. Just the lack of these 2 things make a big difference, I feel like I'm in control of my online presence here.

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Can't thank enough the communities of Fediverse for bringing these awesome projects to the world, feels like a fresh air after all the big farty ad spitting dumpsters 😆
I personally admire an ability to choose between literally dozens of the ways to communicate by selecting specific implementation like Mastodon, Friendica, Pleroma, etc. with all the different ways to organize news feeds, size of the messages, etc. and after all staying connected with all your peeps which may choose another project to stick with and all of that because of the unified protocol. This is fuckin amazing and liberating..

The way we think about charity is dead wrong | Dan Pallotta

The VIOLENCE in the SYSTEM with Prof James Gilligan

Excellent discussion. Highly recommended! #tromlive

Nord Stream rupture may mark biggest single methane release ever recorded, U.N. says

Another biggest technogenic catastrophy currently passes below the radars and one of the many negative outcomes of the war and an outdated system of international relationships.
Hm, weird. Seems like it heavily depends on the front-end. I've checked out in Tootle which is originally a mastodon client and it looks entirely opposite there (without title at all but with the text) 😄

Anyway, I will try to ignore the titles then.

Human Trafficking’s Newest Abuse: Forcing Victims Into Cyberscamming

In the sane, trade-free society it would be absolutely impossible.. But now here we go, everythyng is a good to trade, including living people.. Insane, sick world it is.
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The daily random TROM meme, showcasing bits from our books (mostly).
Read all of our books for free at

Our problems might have been solved by engineering

Like Jacque said many times: most of our problems have an engineering nature. Too bad in the trade-based world solving them is not a Humanity's first priority..

UPD: This video should be considered as an illustration of the interesting engineering ideas and as a possibility to questionize a structure and efficiency of the existing cities, towns, villages and not in any circumstances as a project to be supported or invested in, since it might be just yet another scammy project promising "the revolution" but without any real intention to do it. See this criticizing video:
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hm...unfortunately I think this is quite a "scammy" thing. Sounds good in theory, except for the last part where they talk positively about trade, but I recommend you also watch this video 😛

Unfortunately many companies are very good to lure us in, and I got sucked into a bunch of these too...impractical, money oriented, scams. I only recently found out about the above one, but sounds like many other projects I've heard of.

Anyway, if you have the time also watch the video I sent you.

I agree with what you said, but I am skeptical about this "LINE" thing.
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You know why it's pointless to debate "socialism" or "utopia" or whatever comparison people throw out when you criticize market capitalism? Because the system, in and of itself, without the need for comparison, is insufficient to be sustainable for the species. #systemsscience

Absolutely nothing worse than a child in poverty. No better way to mess up human beings for their entire life than have them raised in deprivation, exposed to the characteristics we know empirically occur disproportionally in those low income…

True Freedom of Choice

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