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GR 11 Thru-hike Gear Review

Here is a list of all the gear I used on the GR11 and HRP:
and in this video you can find a full review of all the equipment I used on this trail. I hiked the full GR 11 + some variations and some parts of the HRP. This list would also be useful for the GR 10, as it is a similar thru-hike.

*In the video I forgot to mention the guide book, which is very important! I used an electronic version of “The GR11 Trail: Through the Spanish Pyrenees (the Cicerone Trekking Guide)” by Brian Johnson - you can put it on your phone! It’s important for finding water points, good camping spots, food shops, gas, etc.

There is also a helpful website for refuges (bothies) in the Pyrenees: – it’s in French, but simple enough to understand with a translation tool.

Feel free to ask me anything else!

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