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Best notes app

These are amazing features. How do you use them on #mobile devices like #android and #ios?
No idea...I use this on my Linux laptop. I barely use a phone honestly :D

I was looking for a good note taking app. #appFlow looks good. I will definitely give it a try.
I did find another open source app, but it's a bit overkill at first glance.
GitHub - siyuan-note/siyuan: A privacy-first, self-hosted, fully open source personal knowledge management software, written in typescript and golang.


A privacy-first, self-hosted, fully open source personal knowledge management software, written in typescript and golang. - GitHub - siyuan-note/siyuan: A privacy-first, self-hosted, fully open sou...

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I got a new sort of card from "my bank" in the mail, not that I asked for one. And I see:

CO2 Neutral!

Jizast christ....everything is now greenwashed. It is disgusting and so infuriating. The trade practice is so ingrained in our global society that we simply cannot remove it. It is the most aggressive cancer known to societies. Even when problems like pollution and climate change that arise from this trade-based society are impossible to ignore and justify, the traders EMBRACE them and bullshit all of us with their "green" practices.

Fuck off.

Disgusting species.

I forgot to mention.

Webdock forced me to send them a photo of my passport, which is something most hosting companies force you to do nowadays, BUT Webdock went a step further asking me to open my webcam and take a selfie…. Very invasive. Very terrible. Fucked up even. Mind you, these things will add up and in the future we will get very entangled with companies and governments. More power to them! Terrible!

So what if you don't have a passport? You can't buy any servers? 🤷
You need an ID...whatever that is.

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For the past days I worked on optimizing the Synapse (Matrix) database. Pain in the rear-end. I managed to reduce it from some 300 GB to around 100 GB. Still insane how huge the database is. idk if I can do more...

Now I will try to optimize the Friendica database and start the move to the new servers, little by little. A lot of work ahead.....


I had the same issue. It got 60gb on a single user instance and the images were offsite on R2. I stopped hosting one when went up with their own
Yeah we are also considering not host our own instance. Seems like a pain...

Use TROMjaro we even have an ads and tracker blocker system wide, thanks to @TBlock so even when Linux distros will start to insert ads, because some will in the future I am sure, then you'll be protected against this bullshit.

The trade-free app of the day:


A Trade-Free operating system based on Manjaro Linux Designed for your brain, but you can install it on a computer.No more ads and trackers consuming you, no ‘free’ trials, noContinue readingHOME

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I wanted to ask why @bigworldsmallsasha didn't come with you but thought it might be related to the job or the residency situation in Spain, guess I was not entirely wrong. Hopefully everyone can come next time when you go for an event like this, or who knows maybe we'd have our own TROM event one day 🤞


We need to get you over here somehow :D - one day.... one day ...

ZDay: How to Grow a Saner Society. A Lifetime Adventure -

We have improved the audio for the ZDay presentation as much as we could. Plus we added the recordings from a secondary camera to make it more interesting.

The video is translated into Spanish, Catalan, Polish, Romanian, Czech and Portuguese. And it is perhaps the shortest and most to-the-point video about what we are trying to do at TROM.


These people who keep on reporting @Topless Topics videos from our Peertube instance, because of a naked body, are really in need of more relaxed and fun life. And educated. Imagine feeling offended by seeing a human's body. I mean don't look at it if you don't want to, but to report the video....haha. It is hilarious and sad.

So no. Of course, we will never delete videos from our Peertube just because of the naked human body.

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For those who don't know, these videos are not porn or spam or anything like that, just an activist trying to normalize nonsexual nudity, I don't think she even makes any kinda money out of this.

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You're a super hero, Tio <3

Man'o'man optimizing the Matrix 280GB database is a LONG and painful process. It may take days....but now I am also working on that ZDay article. Maybe I will publish it tomorrow. After the article is publish all focus is on moving our websites to the servers. We will update about that soonish. #tromstuff
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Wow thank you so much for the 260 Euros donation dear anonymous donor!

We really need support now because we work hard to move our servers to a different location for multiple reasons. But basically we are forced to. So we have to pay a lot more money to move them. But we plan to provide more storage space for TROM Files and maybe more services via too. We are expanding!

If you can support us please do so here -


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Apple being "green" is like Musk being "humble".

I started a conversation with @Roma about optimizing our Matrix database and we ended up talking about carpets. Go figure! That was weird haha.

But hey I am optimizing our Matrix database. Currently at 240GB which is insane! May take 1-3 days to do it. It is slow....but I've heard you can reduce it by a fuck ton so let's see....

The plan: optimize the Matrix and hopefully Friendica database. Move our websites, except, to a different server (will take many days); then test to see where we can move our

It will be a lot of server work these next weeks. But we need to run away from Contabo, run run.


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I'm still not convinced about carpets, tho it was fun indeed 😂

The wannabe activists

Anmol Sharma doesn't like this.

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Awful.. Sounds like a typical message from the bank or something when they refuse you to open an account or dismantle an existing one with no explanaition. Sadly, banks are allowed to do so by the law now. And this is considering you can't survive sometimes without a bank account at all. But some hosting provider? Give me a break 😤

With banks in many countries no reason is code for money laundering, since laws often make it illegal to tell someone that they're under investigation.

For example under UK law it's a crime carrying a maximum 2 year prison sentence.

Yes, exactly the AML legislation. Same in US and EU. But Contabo acting like they are a financial institution too is funny, yet mildly infuriating.
So I am under investigation by Contabo or someone else then :D :))

I am thinking of giving up our SearxNG instance since our IP gets a bad reputation because of so many times trying to access google or the other search engines. Is there a meta-search that uses SearxNG that basically randoms through different instances when you do a search?

EDIT: I remember ofc - but if anyone knows any other....

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Check out also the github It works well with the redirector extension too
Ah yes I've heard of this before. Will look closely. Thanks!
You can try run through these and randomly POST a search query on them

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We need a proper backup solution for Friendica for the Yunohost package - I am willing to test stuff and get involved as much as my knowledge allows. If anyone else can help out that'd be great, because currently the backups are not working...

Hm I just had this thought:

It seems to me that people who use Mastodon complain a lot about the bad people on the fediverse, like the racists, nazis, whatever. And I dont fucking see these bad people....

So I wonder maybe is because I use Friendica which displays posts and I have complete control over what I see. For example I can easily select to see ONLY the posts from my friends. Period. But Mastodon people may not have these sort of options, PLUS on Mastodon you see comments instead of posts. Like a fuck ton of comments.

So what if because Mastodon people get to read a lot of comments instead of posts, they see a lot more of the crap!?

I wonder...

And for the love of words, I have no clue how people put up with a newsfeed made up of comments that are always out of context. Makes a lot more sense to see posts and then comments on those posts, but never comments in the wild.

Maybe Mastodon people should try Friendica. It is really awesome and the control you have over what you see and who can interact with you, is amazing.

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You're only going to see posts from people who are followed by at least one user in your pod. That's just the way it works, regardless of platform. It's not about the platform, it's about the choices made by the other people on your pod.
Then I have to thank the people in my circles from not being terrible humans :)

@Michael Vogel @Hypolite Petovan @Tobias and whoever else works on Friendica, I really love the new features - the drag and drop images into the composer, or using the lightbox for all images. Makes everything so much nicer! Awesome job! Thank you for doing this!

I am looking forward to the next release - to the new channels feature and more!

Stay awesome!

If you are curious I recently had a presentation in Prague and I talked a bit about Friendica and the Fediverse too

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I am working on a big ZDay article. About the experience, the people, the everything.

I am also working to find a solution for our server that is at the limit when it comes do the disckspace...we urgently need a solution. Either object storage for Peertube, or move the entire server to a larger one.

Am also trying to release a new TROMjaro ISO but there are some bugs that need to be fixed with the Calamares installer....

All in all, busy like a bee! Busybee!

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Questions about the file storage

!Friendica Admins I am currently using a storage folder to store the media files. My questions are:

  1. Is it better to move to the database for storage?
  2. If I do that, will previous media be migrated to the database?
  3. Where is the path for file storage stored in Friendica (config file?)? I am thinking how can I backup the files too when they are stored in a custom path.


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MariaDB [friendica]> select * from config where cat like '%storage%';
| id   | cat     | k               | v                             |
| 6778 | storage | filesystem_path | s:21:"/path/to/storage";      |
| 6796 | storage | name            | s:10:"Filesystem";            |

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Hmm I see. Thanks a lot. i will have to find a way around it.

Friendica mobile version is quite good actually. Just visit and save it as a web app.

Am impressed despite not caring about mobile phones. I just wanted to test it while relaxing a bit at the beach.

@Gerry McGovern I wanted to grab your book World Wide Waste and I see - isn't that a digital waste to create paywalls and lock features for digital content that should be easily accessible to everyone without creating a lot of duplicated copies that require a lot of energy and transactions to distribute?

What do you think about that?

I write books and I make them all available for free here

I find it incredibly sad that people like @gerrymcgovern are forced to do these things just so they can survive, you know the world is fucked up when your survival depends on creating waste - digital or otherwise, this is true for almost every product in the market.
True. Is just terribly ironic, almost like writing books about why deforestation is bad and selling them on amazon as hard copies....

I worked all night trying to setup the object storage for Peertube and had some success but weird at one point I made it partially work with Wasabi and B2, but for Wasabi only the videos labeled as private worked, and for B2 a few worked a few did not, plus it would not delete the videos from the object storage when I deleted them from Peertube...


I wish it was easier. I want to do this right and make sure it all works and it is reliable. May take some time. Or not...will see...

Anyone here that runs Peertube and stores the video with an object storage service? If so what's your setup and config?

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I will try. Thanks!

But why didn't you use the Peertube native object storage support ?

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It didn't exist when we set that up. Only came w that in a recent update..
Interesting approach to mount these as drives basically and store the videos like that...
So Peertube is able to create the files inside the bucket already via the mount point with all of the permissions necessary? Also would it work to mount in a different folder but use a symlink to replace the peerutbe path?

I tried to test the Object Storage for our Peertube and yeah it is a bit complicated. But it failed. Incompatibility between the S3 I chose and Peertube (see).

I will try more but anyone knows a reliable and very cheap Object Storage that won't bullshit you with downloads, access, and all sort of fees?


yeah Backblaze’s B2 Cloud Storage offering

TROM Files now has a wonderful calendar app - you can even integrate it with your local apps. Import from your trade-based services into this trade free calendar!

Our Friendica is now super fast, same is for our Matrix! So TROM Social and TROM Chat seem to work great now!

See all of our trade-free services at


May I say that Friendica's drag and drop or paste images into the composer is a godsent! Wow this for me is a game changer. To be able to copy paste images (like a quick screenshot) into the composer, or drag and drop images, is fucking essential! How cool!

Next: make a WYSIWYG composer 😃 so that even the most stupid idiots can create awesome long posts, with text formatting and all that 🙃

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It started with a WYSIWIG composer (tinymce). People hated it, because it really wasn't WYSIWYG and had a real tough time with code blocks and pre-formatted text. I removed it by popular request and nobody complained. In Friendica's great-grandchild (the streams repository) you can drag and drop all kinds of stuff. spreadsheets, text, maps, phone numbers, music scores, activitypub posts, urls, audio/video/photos, pdfs, svgs and probably a few I forgot. It embeds anything it can find a way to embed - and attaches anything it can't.
I see....I do think that a WYSIWIG composer can be super helpful, something like Wordpress had but more simple. Right now it seems it only works with images but not videos or other files....

So the practice of "donation" has been completely bastardized nowadays. Mastodon has a "donate" button on their main page:

That leads to their "sponsors" page :)
Where you can get your logo (ad) for your company, directly on their page that they brag gets hundreds of thousands of views per month:

And their Patreon has all sorts of "levels" of "donations" that "unlock" special features and add your company ads to their websites.

What a shitshow!

Motherfuckers it is not a "donation" when you get something in return for your "donation", such as special treatment, merch, ability to advertise on their website, etc.. This is a "trade". A payment. 180 degrees opposite to a "donation".

Such a weird society we live in, where Mastodon gets "donations" and Facebook is "free".


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> Where you can get your logo (ad) for your company, directly on their page that they brag gets hundreds of thousands of views per month

This is basically begging for corporate sponsorship, mastodon may not have ads on the platform itself but they do show you ads of these sponsor companies in their website. I kinda feel bad for most FOSS developers who are having to stoop so low to get "donations" (sponsors) because I know they're probably just trying to get by, especially small projects.

Updated Friendica let's see how it goes....this is a test post 😀