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We can't expect people to invest time in reading all of your books, so TROM II is really useful.

Also, I feel like this is what you're good at. You're a content creator and this is "your thing", haha. Honestly, you're a very good educator, I've learned a lot from your books/videos or even just talking with you :)
Thank you you are very kind.

Anyone knows some cool cartoon-flat like avatars that are free? We want to add them to TROMjaro by default :) #tromlive

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Ah yeah I know this we use for our Friendica. I will consider. Thanks!

There might be a nasty but with the latest tromjaro ISO that wont let you install it.... :/ . I am creating a new ISO now but can only check it tomorrow probably...ported some bad configs to least that's what I think it is... #tromlive
tested the latest tromjaro iso on my tabled and idk.... @aaron could not install on his computer.....will look more into this tomorrow

A new TROMjaro ISO is out with some great changes/improvements. The post is huge - . New and more modern theme, new Layout Switch with 5 layouts and a fix for the stupid libadwaita. Plus @Future is FOSS made our terminal super duper cool. Tomorrow I won't be home most of the day so I hope all of the release notes are ok, but I doubt....I had way too many things to keep an eye on and take notes about..

Also I changed the homepage a bit to reflect the new changes -

And the entire website's colors....was difficult. To reflect the new theme because our website and OS are having the same design.

Lots of work today :D. Ok. I love TROMjaro. Bye. #tromlive

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your always finding further improvements...
Yeah i hope to calm down with the changes tho....let's see

I was unable to work on TROM II for the past weeks since Kdenlive doesn't work well anymore. But I work with the developers to find a fix. The project is too big...I will wait a few more days then I will have to see how to get back to it. Maybe I will split the project.

But I did a lot of work for TROMjaro. We will ship the next ISO with a bran new theme. More modern and sleek. And much better adapted for XFCE. Plus we will ship with 4 layouts:

And a graphical layout switcher so you can easily choose between them.

We will also push a fix for the stupidity of libadwaita. We will force the apps that use this library and break the system's consistency, to still use the system's theme. Thanks to @Future is FOSS !

Plus a few other changes. Maybe we will release a new ISO in a few days. I will have to edit the homepage of to reflect the changes.


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sounds like you're becoming the battle tester for kdenlive with your large projects;) Sorry for your pain but the rest of us will likely benefit from it ... the power of FOSS!
Oh yah they are surprised to see a project with 35h of footage hahaha. And thousands of files. But at least if they will fix this it is an overall improvement for kndelive and all users.

What are you doin' gnome!?

Whoever films vertically should understand that their minds are equally as narrow.
Isn't this just personal preference ?

If you have a wide screen, then rotating it 90° would give you a vertical screen. So they're equally narrow, just in different ways. Now I can't stop myself imagining a square screen, lol 😂
it is an idiocracy let's be honest about it :D

Can't say I agree with this 100%, but certainly some provoking and poignant thoughts here. 👍
The capitalist system is inherently hostile to an open and free internet, as it has trouble monetizing it. NFT are it's tool to enforce artificial scarcity in a place where it doesn't belong

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"the last NY Times article only cost .001 Bitcoin to access, but 10 bitcoin were deduced from my legally mandated internet wallet by the times for the month..."

Yes, I see where this will go...
> NFT are it's tool to enforce artificial scarcity in a place where it doesn't belong

So much this. I often say it, or something similar, and it deserves frequent repetition.

I'll add that it's not just that scarcity doesn't belong, it's irrelevant. It simply does not exist when a resource can be infinitely or near infinitely replicated.

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Moved all @Aaron ' s websites to our main server to make more space for where they were hosted. I freed up some 100GB. That's good! #tromlive

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A simple TROMjaro guide to backup your system and files, and restore them #tromlive

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I am stuck I can't work on TROM II because Kdenlive refuses to open my project. Waited for more than 10 hours...I will wait more. The Kdenlive team said they improved that and the way to test is to open my massive project with their latest appimage nightly build, then save the project and open again. But 10h in and still doesn't open...I will wait until tomorrow...what can I do!? #tromlive

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10 hours ? That's just insane.... 🤯
yeah but they kinda discovered a bug and they are trying to fix it now. They sent me some fixes that make it open in 1-3 minutes now. But I am waiting for some proper fixes.

Trying - a neat scuttlebutt client! This is the proper way to go when it comes to connecting people. No servers, peer to peer. Still kinda experimental but that's one social network I am comfortable using 100%. It is me in control all the time. It is the next evolution form the Fediverse. Maybe they could even make the two communicate idk :D. Also, so awesome that in TROMjaro all I have to do to install is search for it in Add/Remove software. And that's how I also get easy. And people think Linux is difficult or you have to use the terminal. mnot...

@Alexio made an open "pub" so you can get in touch with us. Basically for us to connect to this network you have to either have someone's contact or join a "pub". Here it is


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I have tried it on Android and iOS and do not get any push notifications in either case. Have you managed to make it work properly?
I personally didnt test this much at all. I tested Scuttlebutt in the past with another client and it was ok - promising.

A new TROMjaro ISO is out - and we've added back the Classic layout in a smart way. Anyone can switch between them with a click. Thanks to @Future is FOSS for helping out with this. We may improve it in time, but so far so good. #tromlive

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Added to display the title of the playing video for our Smart TV + time-stamp and a progress bar. So that you know what documentary is streaming and how far in the documentary it is streaming. Super cool. Maybe we can improve the way the titles are displayed but for now I think this VideoNeat TV is a really great idea! Thanks to @Alexio who inspired this idea! #tromlive

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Having a progress bar and title is really cool, I've always wanted to have this feature 😀

I remember the times when it was a cool idea to rent your computer's power to help the world solve some problems...

But now the idiots are mining a currency with these computers. How telling of our trade-based society. Instead of doing something real and useful in this world, we are tricked by the currency which should, in theory, bring us the valuable things. But it does not. Humans chase the spear that allowed them to hunt and thrive, and collect spears now but don't do anything useful with them. We have more than enough food and stuff to provide for us all. No need for spears or currencies.


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Cannot comment on my own page

!Friendica Support I have a page and my own profile. But I cannot comment on the posts from my own page, using my profile... See

This happened for the past few months and I think I reported it somewhere but I found no solution to it. What can be the issue I wonder?
This entry was edited (2 weeks ago)

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We are releasing a new experimental feature for - The True Smart TV - Designed to make people smart, not to collect their data or steal their attention.

All of the VideoNeat library condensed into a single thing. Enjoy growing a human mind, so we can prosper as a human species and move beyond this primitive trade-based society.

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Here's the TROMjaro layout toggle we re working on:

Basically you'll be able to switch between the TROMjaro Modern with global menus and looking more like Unity, to TROMjaro Classic - without global menus and looking more like Windows.

With just one click. We can, in time, make several such layouts based on the same principle. We can even make it so that with one single click you transform your desktop into MacOS with themes and icons and all that. Not sure if it is worth it, but just saying that we can....

:) #tromlive

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We work on some new cool things for TROMjaro like bringing back the Modern and Classic layouts and a way to switch between them in seconds. I really like TROMjaro and XFCE is really great. So customizable and yet not overwhelming. I took some break from TROM II these days but will get back to it very soon. #tromlive

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You should watch this great documentary by Brian Cox - really well made. So cool. #tromlive

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Released a new TROMjaro ISO. Out of Beta, new apps menu, plus online searches from the menu itself. And a few more little things.

From now on I really hope to release it a lot less often and with less changes. The ISO works great and all is fine....we don't need so many releases or changes :).


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Bye bye MusikWave. Hello alternatives! #tromlive

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Oh and I think we fixed the issue with my computer freezing every 2 or so days. The XFCE devs helped with that. Was an easy fix and it was because of the window composer + nvidia....always all seems to work well.

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Although I have to give up the TROMjaro Classic since it is too much work for me, the TROMjaro Modern (or the default one) will come with a proper APPS menu + WebApps integration, so anyone can make a webapp in seconds. Plus online integration with the menu so you can search for online videos, locations on the maps, download files, news, wikipedia, and so forth. All via our services! #tromlive

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I just released the last TROMjaro Beta. I hope the next one will be non-beta.

I really love TROMjaro. It is getting better and better. Thanks a to to @Future is FOSS who is helping a lot with a bunch of things, like custom scripts or testing it. Such a great human! Also thanks to @Alexio who mirrors our ISOs in multiple locations!

I have 80 new apps on the "to add" list to our library at but I'd like for us to make custom icons for these too, like we did for them all, so that we also expand the Zafir icons theme more....but who can help with that!? Maybe I'll start to make some. Will see.... #tromlive

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I didnt think that 32GB of RAM + 36GB of swap, wont be enough for my needs.....but it seems I max them out pretty quickly. Kdenlive eats around 20GB of RAM....when I work on TROM II. Plus a lot of other stuff I am software getting too bloated for our needs? Wasn't I working on the first TROM documentary with 512MB of RAM? And also just doing computer stuff with that...We have better computers nowadays but is the software worse? Plus websites and all that? Interesting... #tromlive

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Why Slower Computers Were Faster -

This is what we talked about before...... 😄

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Dealing with themes (change them, understand them)

A big post I made about the state of themes on Linux, and how we do it on TROMjaro. I argue far better than most. #tromlive

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nature has actually contacted me for comment about accusations that Sci-Hub is a threat, here is my full response / it is clear that academic publishers care about their money, not about security of other people

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Super cool video and wonderful story :)

@Dima made a cool video about my octopus experience :D -

Here I explain the story of how I met and started interacting with these octopuses :)
See my blog for more details:

These days the water temperature is about 14-15 degrees, but I'm still going in there to interact with these octopuses :D Yesterday I found a very friendly one who chased me around the bay. I'll see if I can film him :)

Big thanks to Dima for the video :)


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When you think it can't get crazier than this........ It does !

I'm afraid what kinda crazy shit show the world will be in a decade or two, maybe we'll invent immortality and charge a subscription fee for your life 🤯
indeed....artificial scarcity in digital goods, ideas, intangibles of every kind especially, requires intellectual slavery.

So it took around 6h to render 1h. That's ok I guess. We watched the first part and I like it so far. It is hard to judge to be honest, after seeing it so many times while editing it. But I guess is ok. :)

Now I'll have to figure if I will continue with the same kdenlive project or start a new one. Now Kndelive takes about 2 or so hours to open. I'd like to use the same project since all of the files are there, but if it takes so long to open it is a pain in the ass and I'm also concerned at one point it may not open at all...I'll se... #tromlive

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"New Chinese toilet paper dispenser requires you to watch a 30 second ad before it gives you toilet paper, and it only gives you about 3 per ad. Spotted in Guangdong province."

This is reddit so idk if this is 100% true, but I won't be surprised if it is. The trade game. Money is not the problem, trade is. And this message is becoming more and more powerful and important the more we "advance" as a society, where humans will implement a lot more trades that are not based on money. Same shit, different flavors. (pun intended).


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So China has copied Google-style capitalism ;)... Do they call it "youwipe"?

Rendering the full first part of TROM II !!! :D Damn. Finally! I am curious how many hours it will take Kdenlive to render it.

Excited to watch it fully, uninterrupted. #tromlive

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TROM II is gonna be awesome, I can't wait 😍
I hope you'll like it. :P

Change layouts: from Modern to Classic, and vice-versa

I made a tutorial about this. From now on we will move our Articles section from to the forum. See #tromlive

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If its as old as XFCE and is only adding recursive search now, that's a little hard to believe. I wonder why didn't anyone requested this feature earlier, this seem like a basic thing for a file manager.
Yeah idk....they used another program (catfish) for the job and maybe they thought that's enough...