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The way problems are solved today, is ambunalces!

In today's society humans deal with problems by trying to clean the mess, instead of looking where the problems come from.

Waste? Let's clean up! Climate change? Let's implement renewable energies! Human trafficking and slavery? Let's go after the traffickers and put them in jail! Drug consumption? Punish! Theft? Jail! Inequality? the rich!

This is similar to the ambulance approach. Imagine if we dealt with human health problems the same way, by quickly intervening when someone has a heart attack, or cancer, or any disease, and try to save them. This would be a disaster! We need research to see what creates heart disease, cancer, infections, so that we try to both prevent it and be able to save these humans when they suffer from such diseases.

In essence, we need a health care SYSTEM if we want to deal with the human health problems. There is no other way around this!

Therefore, if we ever want to have a chance to deal with the other human problems such as waste, corruption, pollution, climate change, inequality, slavery, and so forth, we need a SYSTEM. We need "hospitals" and "research centers" that can study what creates such problems in the first place, and try to prevent them or learn how to better fix them. There is no other way around this!

Ambulances are great! very useful! Without them we would be in big troubles. Someone having a heart attack needs an ambulance to come and save him/her. Organizations that try to reduce waste, keep us safe from "bad" people, push for renewable energies to replace fossil fuel sources, and so forth, are also a necessity. But they will lead to nowhere unless there is a similar system that studies these problems, as it is the healthcare system.

So, imagine we only had ambulances that came and tried to save humans when they had health problems. This would be a ridiculous and primitive system. Right!? Now imagine that we do it like that when it comes to the other problems we are facing today, as a species. We have no research system that looks at what creates these and tries to prevent them.

We need "ambulances", but they are useless in the long run. What we really need is "hospitals", "research centers", and overall a "healthcare system" for our global non-health related problems. #tromimg

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!Friendica Support If you open our page profile in an incognito mode (public) then under categories you see a ton of them. I only have made 1 category Blogs. So why do I see so many?
Looks like a bug to me. Have a look at the profile of @Michael Vogel the category list looks like "all the categories on the server"
@Tobias Ok I'll then open a github issue

Here's my progress with the documentary:

See the small red bar on the left? That's the "done" part of the documentary, some 25 minutes. See the other big red line and underneath it a lot of things...? That's around 5h of recordings that I have to narrow down to less than 20 minutes. haha. Nuts. I will start that tomorrow....idk how I'm gonna do it...

Then I only have around 18 more hours to go through did we do!?
I will have to delete at least 15 hours of footage overall. If not 20 hours...

Anyways it is what it is... #tromlive

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Seems like lots of flooding recently...are they worse than in the past? Some sources say yes. What is quite a few years new tho, is the absolute morons who film vertically

I understand this is a tragedy, but if these humans want to film it anyways, and document it, then for fuck sake film it properly else you can't even tell how it started, what is the impact, the aftermath. People with phones, please, don't ruin the human vision. I swear 95% of all videos today are filmed through a fence. You can't really see anything.

Phones need a bloody camera app that films vertically regardless of how you tilt your phone. This is so dumb I feel more outraged by it than floodings. Floodings happen and will keep on happening and this is very tragic, but people documenting these events are beyond retarded.

Yah. Well. Rant done.
I agree that filming vertically is annoying, especially when you're watching it on a PC. But I'll just say that mobile phones are not as bad as you think they are. You can say that they're mostly used for consuming, but so are PCs these days. The only reason companies turned more towards mobile phones are because more people are using it. And the reason most people use it are mainly because of practical reasons.

I just feel like this is why you're not motivated to fix your sites on mobiles
Look, filming vertically is, regardless of the device, not practical. You can barely fit anything in a vertical space when you film. Human vision is 2 eyes that see wide not narrow. I cannot see how this is ok, even when you watch it on the phone is not like you can see more....

It is true I may be biased when it comes to mobile phones, but can you tell me what can they be used for other than consuming content and keeping in touch with others? I am honestly curious since it is such a small device is not like you can create stuff like write books or blog posts (basically valuable thoughts transformed into words), nor can you edit videos or anything else for the matter. So yah I am curious...

You are right computers too are mostly used in the same way, but at least they are fit for doing more than consuming.
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Content warning: Hot take

Everyone has their preference I guess. I use both PCs and mobile depending on what I'm doing. I watch videos in landscape as well, most youtube/peertube videos are on landscape and all I have to do is click the fullscreen button and rotate my phone.

I know people who don't even have PCs, cause most of what they do can be done on mobiles, plus phones are cheap. If Tio didn't optimise his sites for mobile screens, he'll loose a lot of people, that's why I brought this up.
@Future is FOSS Yeah I will optimize them at one point but I was genuinely asking what can you do on the phone except consume media and keep in touch with others? I meant that the screen is so small and the OS is so consumer-driven that I do no think you can create anything relevant on the phone. I was asking because I do not use a phone much at all, and so is the case for my close friends.
From my experience, most people use phones cause its small and compact. You can fit this on your pocket and bring it everywhere you go, and it'll notify you if someone sends you a text for example. You can even use your phone laying on bed, sitting on a sofa etc.

Sitting on a chair and using a PC for a long time is uncomfortable for me, maybe I should change my posture and buy a more comfortable chair or something, lol 😅
@Future is FOSS :P - I for sure agree the compact design is useful. I agree there are many advantages of having a phone like keeping in touch with others or consuming media. But my point was that this device is all for consuming not creating, and thus people who only have phones will ad best tweet or post photos of themselves. That's what they create and how they express themselves. It is no necessary to express yourself and idk write books, make videos, etc.. But phones are designed to be consuming devices from what I can tell.

In any case, I really hope we can see a Manjaro Phone that works and we can customize a mobile TROMjaro so that people consume media without trading their attention and data at least.

And buy you a proper chair. I had back problems for years I felt like dying. Then I bought a "gaming" chair and no more back problems. And I do not game either haha.
People consume media more than they produce them, and I think that's normal human behavior. How many people do you know IRL that produce content ? like writing books and stuff. Also, if all of us humans started writing books, who would read those books ? Do you think I'll have time to read your books if I started writing books of my own ? lol 😂
@Future is FOSS
haha no no that's not at all my point, my point was (again) that phones are designed for that purpose only. That's my beef with phones. While computers can be used for more uses. It is like I would criticize the TV for being a passive media consuming device and I'd argue the Internet is better since you can both consume and create. Phones are like little TVs in your pocket.
I deleted and redrafted my previous post to fix an error. Sorry, my bad.

Phone can be used for small productive things, like I occasionally post linux tips on my account for example. They're not well made media like stuff, but still productive IMO ;)

But my main point is that consuming isn't a bad thing in itself. The important question is what you're consuming. Do you think its bad reading your books and watching documentaries just because I'm consuming them ? That's my point.
@Future is FOSS consuming is not inheritable bad of course. But this is in today's context. Android and iOS and both geared towards their own consuming paradigm, and everyone uses those 2 OSes. Combine that with the form factor of such a tiny device, and you have the perfect consuming device.

PCs suffer from the same OS-driven consuming-paradigm (Mac and Windows), but at least their form factor is geared towards either "creating" and expression (see writing books, blogs, making videos, programming, etc.), or better "consumption" (watch long form content, read long form content, and so forth).
I think I'm fine reading long text on mobiles, I read some of your blogs on my mobile and your book on a tablet device I have. I think I'm more comfortable reading like that 🤔

About watching long medias I agree, I watch documentaries/movies/TROMcasts on my PC. But if I had a better TV, I might watch it there using a USB or something. In short, for most people a mobile and a TV fills all/most of their needs, that's why people use them.
In short, here's my thinking - changing the device you're using doesn't bring much change in your consumption, I'd rather introduce you to good contents like documentaries, educational videos on youtube/peertube etc. because that's the important thing that can actually change your consumption to something better.
@Future is FOSS There is no FOSS functional phone right now so you are bombarded by Apple or Google with ads and trades overall. I tried to declutter my phone many times, it was impossible. I have an Android phone. I do not have control over it. If I want to have no ads experience then it is not as easy to do that on the phone. Apps can be encrypted and no adblocker can block those ads. Browsers (main tool to access the internet) seem like a mess on mobile from my tests, full of notifications and ads, and regardless people are used to "apps" rather than websites.

So phones push you to consume more and more; make you used with the apps idea instead of websites, and apps are either fully controlled by them via their store (so I as a "content creator" can't even add my apps so easily into these "stores"), or these apps are hard to make. Much easier to make a website than so many apps.

Here's an example: a friend of mine wanted to watch our Videoneat content on her iPad. I tried for hours to find an app that lets you download torrent/magnet links. No way. I could not find any.

Another example: a friend wanted a PDF editor, a simple one. On Android the main way to do it is via their store, and we found and installed a bunch to then be faced with 1.000 charlatan judo-moves. We didn't realize many were trials, other limited you in so many ways, and so on. All of them wanted you to trade trade trade.

And my experience is endless. Phones nowadays are owned by 2 companies, and the experience using these phones is very bad. Considering that there is no FOSS working alternative at the moment, then I do not see phones a priority at all since they are already a time bomb haha.

Whenever I'll see a proper FOSS phone I will struggle to make our websites mobile-friendly. And maybe I will give them a better chance.

Right now I see phones as a tool that mainly keeps you busy and it narrows your filed of view, both visually and mentally :D.

Even if there will be a FOSS phone that's good, I hope I won't use it much. Having a computer in your pocket may not be a great idea anyways. Enjoy life while out there ;). That's the way I think and so far it works. And I love that my closest friends are the same.

I think we can agree to disagree on certain aspects, and you may be right since I did not use phones much for the past years, but I still think my points are relevant (at least a bunch of them).

Thanks for engaging and tell me what OS and phone you use, out of curiosity. Maybe I asked you before but I forgot...
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From reading all of this, I can say that you had a very shitty experience with mobiles. Firstly, I wanna say that mobile apps are a shithole. They're full of ads and premium shit, and I hate them with a passion.

The biggest revelation for me was If you have any friends who use mobiles, tell them about it. All apps on fdroid are FOSS, that means no shitty apps with ads and trackers. Also its similar to linux in that anyone can add a repository, so no lock-in.
There are also some other things you can do to improve android, this video explains it well -
Although this video is talking from a privacy/security perspective, it'll also reduce most of the trades like ads and stuff.

On my personal device, I have installed lineageOS without any kind of Google apps, so my device is currently completely google-free. I understand that lineageOS don't support many devices, and that sucks. But most popular device models are supported.
BTW, I also like to note that ios is much more worse than android. Everything is locked down on ios and there is no fdroid for it. App availability also sucks compared to android, that's probably why you couldn't find a torrent client on ipad. TBH, I don't really know why people use ios. I mean, apple devices are too pricey, you can buy a PC for that money. But android is usually cheaper than a PC, so many people in developing countries only have access to that.
@Future is FOSS You make me mo comfortable with phones and because you are such a kind human and help me understand better your point of view, then I am more likely to change my views ;). Thank you!

And yup I know about f-droid but that is a bit cumbersome to deal with. Updates are not automatic, nor is a way to update all apps at once. I use it too, it is my only "app library" on my phone in case I need any app on my phone. But I can't stand google+samsung they piss me off quire often. I hope in the next 2-3 years a good Linux phone will be out there and I'd love to test it a bit. Maybe I will start to love phones haha, although I can never see myself using them that much nor film in portrait mode :))
Currently the state of linux phones are not that great. But I like to believe that this is a first step towards something better and more open.

If you asked me which is better - linux or android, I'll always go with linux 100%. Being a more advanced user, I probably use more of the freedom & choice offered by linux ;)

The only thing I disagree with you is when you said that mobile is bad purely based on its form factor, I like to believe that every technology has its own advantages :)
@Future is FOSS Maybe I am wrong, of course, but I do not see any depth in terms of consuming media or creating it, on such a narrow device.
For a long time I didn't knew why I should use a PC. Most people use PCs for gaming and production stuff, I did neither. Now I'm using PCs more and more as I learn more about linux & programming :)

Eggs with Wigs: Elon Musk is Steve Jobs, and Tesla is Apple

Here's a long post about these "revolutionary" billionaires that are just merchants. #tromimg

I finally managed to release a new TROMjaro ISO with Dash to Panel instead of Dash to Dock. Info here and grab it from here . I hope to be able and focus on TROM II from tomorrow on. I'll have to take a decision about our Peertube instance and organize a new TROMcast. But well, they are part of our project so... I gotta do them.

It is such a shame that this world is full of idiots. And I still argue that it is because of our trade based society. Simply because humans are not humans, they are workers. Meaning, specialized in doing a specific task. They do not know more than that. Plus, they spend most of their time working or consuming. And their phones also consumes them since they trade their data and attention to these black holes like fb, twitter, ytb and the like.

So these mindless creatures are super busy consuming and being consumed. There is no more space/time left for anything else, like learning and thinking about the world, engaging in calm and meaningful discussions, and so forth.

Combine that with today's politics that is just football with teams and supporters that scream online for their favorites, and with politicians spreading misinformation online to gain votes (and using the trade-based ad-networks like fb, youtube and so forth, that allow for payments to buy influence) and you get mindless consumers that are angry and loud.

It is the land of confusion... #tromlive

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min 21:34 ! Exactly what we are talking about. The "free" notion is nothing more than the same trade system. Cows for mils > service for a good > skills for food > then later on we invented some mediums to keep track of these, called currencies. So it went something like: I trade my skills for money, because money represents some value and can be traded later for some food. In the present we trade our data for entertainment, our attention (via ads) for all kinds of other services. It is THE SAME EXACT SYSTEM. Only different are the flavors of it. We explain it all in detail in two books - one about the beginning of it all and one about the present of it

@Aral Balkan is the speaker.

That's the reason we came up with an experimental idea - - that applies to everything, not just software.

Good talk! #tromlive

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Just read up on your Trade-Free initiative and I love it. Captures and articulates the essence of what we need perfectly and is entirely compatible with Small Tech/Small Web (see and

There's also a directory for finding trade-free goods and services -

This brings all the good projects and organizations together 😀
Sounds great! I have those links on my list to look deeper into and I would love to get back to you with some relevant thoughts about that.
Looking forward to it. Happy to have the conversation in the open here or, if you prefer, :)

Yeah I had to make our TROM Chat private because these "qanons" or whatever the hell, invaded us since we have stopped them from posting BS content on our Peertube and from creating hundreds of accounts. This world is insane. But I take it as a positive thing. It is a lesson for me. And I will have to figure out how to deal with it. For now I want to focus on the new TROMjaro iso and for sure TROM II. #tromlive

We are talking about the Peertube situation on our public chat here - if anyone is curious or wants to engage. It is something we have to deal with.

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Could not fix something for tromjaro iso so I'll try more tomorrow. Hope to get back to TROM II very soon ;). #tromlive

Good guy vs Bad guy

So this guy created the Internet Archive and his motive was to create a free library of books or any digital media.

By doing this he managed to provide tons of free content for the world. He is not rich at all, but he created a lot of value for our society. His project is basically archiving the entire internet.

At the same period of time this other guy created a business out of selling books. Then he thought to sell more stuff. In other words, to not be kind and give people stuff for free, but to force them to trade for that stuff.

And now he is the richest man on Earth. He has more power than anyone else.

That's the winner of a trade-based society. As simple as that. Our society is producing these monsters and punishes the good people when they do not trade themselves. The story of the Internet Archive guy is a success story in the sense that he managed to keep the project alive due to volunteer help he got form others. But most will fail when approaching the society in the same tradeless manner. In other words, if you are not a ruthless trader, you will probably not make it in this world.

A sad society that humans invented.....and we have to make them aware of that and why we should give up to this primitiveness. #tromimg

Alright so @Hypolite Petovan the themes are here - (php and css files). I am warning you I did not do them properly at all I apologize. They should be done in a smart manner so that the bulk of the CSS stays the same, while the colors and dark/light variations are changed via PHP. This way you can maintain them so much easier. See if you find it worthy to do anything with them. I worked a lot on them to make them look good with a lot of content types: mastodon, image posts, pixelfed, RSS posts (multiple kinds), peertube, videos, etc..

If you and the other Friendica dev want to include this theme type in the default themes of Frrindica I'd be happy to keep it updated if you manage to clean it and make it a proper theme. Up to you guys!

And here is a video where I explain what I mainly changed and why in case you have the patience to see or for anyone who is interested.

Ok that's all. I love Friendica and I managed to drag a bunch of friends over here and keep trying to bring more :). #tromlive

Ok so I'm done with the themes for Friendica. I'll eat something then make them available for @Hypolite Petovan + make a short video to showcase them for others. I am very happy with the result. #tromlive
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Self Driving Car Ad

Here's a video about self driving cars by Veritasium and some thoughts about it:

1. The video is sponsored by the company making the from the get-go this is 100% not ok. This type of media is going to get worse and worse. These ytb channels have millions of subscribers, and if they make videos about a company, and the video is sponsored by the company itself, I do not care what the company and product is about, this is biased from the get-go and I cannot take that information seriously. Unfortunately most people do not care and they just go about their day talking how cool self driving cars are and how safe, because they saw it on Veritasium.

2. Self Driving cars do have a lot of benefits over the current moronic transportation system: they should be safer, they should reduce the cost (in terms of resources) of cars (we need way less cars); but what else?

3. A public transportation system is the smartest way to go about moving people from one place to another. Period. If you let hundreds of companies dictating how we should move about, then their focus will always be on how they can make more profits on top of that. No bueno. A public transportation can include the vehicles (small or big, like trains or pods), but also the road itself that can be made as a total system. So no more crazy ass roads where both people and cars go about.

In essence: technology nowadays is "marketed". Big companies exaggerate claims about technology and pretty much everyone swallows that without thinking twice. This is not good at all. If we are to redesign our transportation system, we cannot rely on companies whose main (or sole) drive is to make as much profits as possible. This is like asking Musk or Bezos to come up with a better plan for exploring the outer space! Oh wait...maybe they are getting there. We are fucked...


That's... gross.

Unless the Bezos coverage had the clear messaging "What the hell is wrong with our society?"

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I love it how in TROMjaro if I want an application like - that I still need since I am doing VN stuff and the like - I simply search for it int the Add/Remove software. It finds it as AUR and I simply click install. That's all. No terminal, no searching online for these...

AUR + Manjaro repositories + Flatpak are all enabled by default in TROMjaro and you can find pretty much anything there. Talk about Linux being difficult to use and that you have to use the terminal. BS. Try TROMjaro :P


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Another big update pushed by Manjaro Stable. I'll try to release a new TROMjaro ISO today with a few improvements too. Like moving from Dask to Dock to Dash to Panel and adding some custom changes to it. If today I manage to finish all themes for Friendica + release TROMjaro I'd be very happy! #tromlive

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I may have finished the (friendica) dark themes. Added a Pink one too. And I finished some 70-80% of the light theme. Tomorrow I'll finish that one too. After they are done I'll share them with @Hypolite Petovan and maybe he can help make them better (code wise) and if so and the Friendica dev like them, maybe they can integrate them into the default Friendica's themes selector. And I can help maintain them design wise ;).

I took a break now from TROM II and focused on Friendica because I love the new update and the fact that it works with many Mastodon clients. I hope in 1 day to get back to the documentary editing. It is also hot as fuck here....34 degrees tomorrow. So it is damn hard to work or sleep.

I also got my first vaccine shot and my arm kinda hurts (is normal).

I love the themes I make for Friendica and that Friendica allows anyone to customize it as they wish. Super cool. I know many people brag about Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey and such when it comes to a federated social network, and they are super cool, but for me nothing beats the awesomeness of Friendica and it so many features, yet so nice looking and functional.

Thank you for the kind words!

About this know I am happy that there are many distros out there but everyone who talks about Linux being easy to use and they know their viewers are mostly Windows users, give the wrong examples. Take TROMjaro (Manjaro spin): all that this guy did could have been done via the Software Center. Not touching the terminal at all. The Manjaro's software center (pamac: with Flatpak, AUR, and Manjaro repos added by default) is the best Linux Software center out there. Period!

Wanna install anything? Just search there and click install...

Ubuntu or Debian based distros suffer a lot from the nu-availability of software via their software centers. People think PopOS is easy to use? Try TROMjaro and you won't use the terminal. #tromlive
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Ok this is very funny

Now I go to sleep. #tromlive

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Haha 😂
finally we have James Bond class super villains such as Dickfinger and Marsraker...

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So? Thoughts? I am still thinking that Matrix is a very good alternative to all messengers out there. Has it all. Sure, the criticism is valid that they rely so much on so does mastodon on a few instances and the rest of the fediverse. Is it resource hungry? sure...but so are many other federated platforms...

Am probably going to make our Matrix instance public and who knows maybe we will move our chats there....I see so many open source projects using is a way to also connect with them.
matrix is the best messager, it is available on any known platform, it has reasonably good encryption, bridges, federation, you dont need to buy a throwaway number just to sign up.
Criticisms aside, I still think that matrix is way better than mainstream apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger etc. So I'm fine if you're going with it. Also note that matrix is a new project, so given enough time it may become more stable and have more clients like XMPP.

Also if you're going with the more resource hungry protocol, consider using the extra features matrix offers - like bridges between other platforms and stuff like that.

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Spent like 6 hours updating our Dark themes. I love them now. Look much better. The content is in your face, while the rest like buttons to like, share, comment, or who liked a post and such, are out of your way until you hover them. Love it. I need to try and fix the light themes...or maybe we simply use the Dark themes and that's it! :D

Also works now with several mobile apps and desktop apps. Wonderful. Thanks @Michael Vogel@Hypolite Petovan@Tobias@YunoHost@Roma for contributing and making this possible: from Friendica to Yunohost to people like Roma, this is the chain that allows us to provide #tromlive
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Refactoring code is my forte, please submit your changes any way you prefer, you don't have to make it tidy, I can do it. What I can't reliably do it is make it look good.
Awesome! I will. Thank you for asking!

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@Roma seems to have fixed the YNH Friendica package! What a guy! Super awesome. We upgrade it (finally) but I have to check it all in detail. There are some CSS issues with the dark themes but are easy to fix. Thank you @Roma the man-hero you are! :) #tromlive

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Look at this haha:

I am cutting and labeling parts for the next section....still have some 30% to do. I like the tagging in Kdenlive. But it's like 5h or recordings that I will have to then cut down to no more than 20 min.... I will post the "leftovers" too perhaps, as separate videos....but for this section I really need to keep it under 20 minutes. Ideally 10 minutes. Difficult! #tromlive
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Future is FOSS reshared this. we reach Idiocracy already? Seems so right?! Right!

"Norway has been fined €1,500 after their women's beach handball team did not wear bikini bottoms at a European competition.

Norway's players wore shorts in their bronze medal match against Spain at the European Beach Handball Championship in Varna, Bulgaria, on Sunday.

But the uniform violated the regulations of the International Handball Federation (IHF), which requires players to wear "fitted, low-cut bikini bottoms". "

What can you say hahaha. WTF is happening in the world. I just found this on the frontpage of euronews.

Yah ok...lets go focus on TROM II.
WTF ? lol 😂

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Now that Peertube allows us to create a custom homepage and feature whatever peertube channels/playlists/videos we want, lets see what are some interesting Peertube channels? :) I want our to feature lots of cool channels.

So, do you know any interesting channel?
I've got some fun stuff on my video channel @seantilley
Peertube team has curated some of the good stuff on this list -

@FediVideos boosts interesting videos from the fediverse.

Also here's a list of peertube instances to check out -

Space Exploitation

When billionaires develop space technologies and proclaim to go and explore the space, one must be naive to think that they will do anything but exploit the space, as they do on Earth.

Our trade-based society is exactly like a Monopoly game, and some players get to own the entire game and do whatever they want, while proclaiming to do good things. Their thirst for playing and winning more and more, cannot go away when the game itself incentivizes them to follow such motives.

Unfortunately our lives, the Earth, and now the outer space, are all monopolized by a few players who are ruthless when it comes to them winning at any costs. The problem is that the rest of the players do not understand that this is just a game. They are trapped in their fantasy land thinking that the economy is a god-given entity, that money is real, ownership is something we need, and overall that our society is not human-made, but something we are born into and have to play by its rules.

While billionaires launch into the outer space with their rockets built on top of slaves and wasted resources, the rest of the humans should land from the fantasy world onto the Reality Planet.

We try our best, with our resources, to provide all kinds of materials for humans to be able to land on Planet Reality: news, photos, videos, documentaries, lectures, books, tools to replace their adsocial-networks and other such online nonsense that keeps their minds busy and dumb, with ones that are trade-free and relevant, and a lot lot more. See

Unfortunately very few react to such tools and fewer see their true value. Some people, who do indeed recognize that our society is at fault here and not individuals, are also unimpressed by such projects/tools it seems, dreaming of building utopic cities or huge projects that they never end up building. They dismiss projects like TROM, probably thinking that it is a nice project but not that relevant...

My question is: if we do no take care of brains in today's insane society, and so so online where most brains spent their time, then how are we going to even start a conversation about changing this society?

For humans to land from the Fantasy World, to the Reality Planet, they need brain enemas more than anything else right now. #tromimg

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Sooo tired...worked again on TROM II. I had to fix some stuff....kdenlive gave me some work to do :P. But all fine now. All great actually. 25 minutes in and so far i love it. Seems like it is getting somewhere. But I need to go out of the house a bit more haha. Cause I feel like I wake up around 3 or so, go on the computer answer emails, and bla bla bla, then eat around 5, then go at the computer and do some work on or other projects (I report so many errors and bugs and submit features to so many open source projects you won't believe :D ), then it is 8-9 already....I may go for a short walk, come back, eat at 10-11, then work on TROM II mostly, till 7-8 in the morning.

Rinse and repeat.

It is also super fucking hot and going out is not much pleasure at all.

Anyways I can sleep very relaxed today because all looks good. TROM II looks great, all trains work. #tromlive
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Here's what I learned today: humans are making specific hardware for mining Bitcoin. This . Want to hear the best part? This is so specifically made that it cannot be used for anything else. Not even to mine other cryptocurrencies. Imagine that...what a waste...

Ok back to TROM II now... #tromlive

Friendica upgrade failed again, with different weird motives like I lost the admin access and other stuff :D. Submitted the error here

Lucky as fuck that we have snapshots of the server, else Friendica fails to restore. The DB seems too big for the job...

Big thanks to @Roma and others from YNH who are trying to fix this ;). #tromlive
OMG!!! who pushed the PR into master without testing it manually. Things changes very quickly in these federated network. And if the maintainer is not using the app himself., there is no direct way to test manually. CI for these apps cannot be trusted.

Anyways is the restore working?
Thanks for the reply. @Roma and another dev tested the changes and worked on their system, but we have over 100 users and for our instance it didn't work... I had to restore a snapshot of the entire server since Friendica fails to restore as I posted on github. I think the process takes too long to restore and the nginx gets killed after 1h or trying....

I will try to upgrade Freindica now....lets see.... #tromlive

GDPR is nonsense

Of course this GDPR in Europe thing is pointless

Trying to force people to be good in today's trade-based society, is moronic. You can't "dictate" that these online giants be honest about what data they collect about you, when data is their main trade asset. They will lie, deceive, and have so much money that suing them is futile.

Also, at least if EU understood that data collection means data trade and it is the same as any form of trade. The same way you walk into a supermarket, take some food, and then you have to give them money (trade), the same way you visit Facebook and have to give them your attention (watch ads) + your data. The difference is that these are new trades and no one understands them it seems. Plus, another difference is that Facebook "takes your money" the moment you come into their supermarket, without being very open about that at all. That's how it is: like a supermarket that charges your credit card the moment you come into the store.

Maybe EU should have at least understood that. Probably this "economy" needs a complete down-to-earth definition: it is a trade based society. That's all it is. We trade labor for food or other needs/wants, we trade data for entertainment, we trade our attention for services, and so forth. And we at times use currencies to represent these trades: money, cryptocurrencies, tokens, likes, views, etc.. SIMPLE.

I suggest to the EU to at least understand that, and then name their "GDPR" as W.A.I.T. - What Am I Trading?

This way, you try to force companies to be open about what users have to trade to them, the same way a supermarket has to put up the prices for the items they sell. And if EU did that, at least we may educate people about what is truly happening in these "data mining and collecting" scenarios.

People are obsessed about new and fancy words and theories: privacy-friendly, privacy-oriented, data mining, the attention economy, surveillance capitalism, freemium, freeware, and so forth. All of these are describing TRADE. It is simply trade going online, and different rules, norms and practices forming around them.

In the end is the same folks....the same supermarket charging you for that food you want to grab. And the same way the supermarkets put those .99 prices to confuse you, and deceiving marketing and labeling (natural products, organic, fair trade, etc.), the same exact way happens online with Facebook, Google and the like that are simply supermarkets that sell you services in return for money, other currencies, data, attention and so forth. It is just a different medium, but the same practice sprinkled with different approaches.

Don't get confused!

We explain all about that here

And in the upcoming TROM II documentary. #tromlive

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@Sasha walked some 400km so far....looord haha. This girl is tough. She really lives by the name: Big World, Small Sasha.

Here a few photos she sent me:

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Our boy @Roma is helping with the Yunohost packaging for Friendica! How awesome! I hope we can upgrade to the latest Friendica very soon since the latest version supports the Mastodon API and very likely works with any Mastodon client. Which means one can use with several desktop and mobile clients. Would make the adoption easier for sure. Thank you Roma and the @YunoHost team! We should be team humans and always collaborate and fix problems and enhance our lives generally. It is a shame we have to prostitute ourselves to simply live on this planet. Imagine how much we could do if we at least had our basic needs met so that we are free to focus on important shit. #tromlive
My pleasure to help TROM and @YunoHost people whatever I can! :)
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I will test for a week or two, maybe a month or so. I kept an eye on this amazing music player for more than a year now. It improved a lot. If it is as good as my tests are today, then I can give up to that is a very old website with parts not working, for which I have to pay 7 Euros a month to keep. I prefer to give this money to the nuclear player folks. Their player is amazing. A complete Spotify trade-free replacement. So easy to use and so fast and functional. Love it! @nuclear music player thank you friends! @tromlive
If I'll shut down I will for sure redirect to Nuclear if Nuclear keeps on working well. I made this website a while ago based on an open source template but did not update in years. Still works but Nuclear is far better. We have over 1k users, not sure how active they are, but I'd like them to use something like Nuclear.
Here's a funny thing, I remember using Musikwave as inspiration at some point when developing Nuclear

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heh that's interesting isn it....small world ;). Happy to hear that and I am very glad to see Nuclear maturing! Awesome job!
That was unexpected 😀

I guess that's how it is in the world of open source, we all just inspire each other and grow together :)

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Anyone has Peertube installed on a system with HDD? I use SSD and is super fast, all good. But wondering if HDD can be ok for hundreds of users. HDD's are a lot cheaper ofc, and storage is one of the main issues with Peertube as you need a lot of.

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Productive day for working on TROM II. So far I'm 25 minutes in and I barely began telling the this moment I'd say the documentary will be at least 3 or so hours long. But it is a wild wild guess. can be 6 hours idk... I may delete a lot of the next chapters will see....but so far so great in my view. Ofc these things are subjective, the way you create a documentary, but as long as I like it is good. Casue I'm making it :P. #tromlive

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I am so happy we filmed in 4k for TROM II. The footage is so sharp even when I zoom in 4 times. And I do that a lot to cut between shots. The quality is super crisp. This is not a smartphone crappy 4k mind you, it is with a proper camera 4k. I don't even understand why are these 2k 4k 8k and such terminologies relevant when you have phones filming in 4k that are complete shit compared with a proper 4k camera. Well just marketing schemes....

We also filmed with another camera, up-close from one side, in full hd. But am not sure I'll use that footage because I like it more when we face the camera. We'll see. At least we have that option in case we need it ;). #tromlive

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I finally managed to free-up 1.2TB on my HDD that I use for TROM II. Had to move hundreds of GB from one HDD to another. Do some chess moves. Now I can get back to the TROM II editing. Very excited! No need to buy a new hard drive for now. #tromlive

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Windows 11 vs TROMjaro (linux) -

Well..I did it...some 3 hours in 3 parts. Damn. Windows sucks compared with TROMjaro. And I am so tired. I don't want to do this again. #tromlive