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I see that now the Friendica YNH package has finally added the Daemon feature I was waiting for for so long - - thanks to OniriCorpe for the amazing work! These days I will give it a shot and see how it goes. I will have to redo our Friendica themes customizations and such, but that was a must needed work since the themes I created were a mess in terms of the CSS code, and Friendica seems to have improved their default themes a lot.

Anyway, these days is about some WebApe work, TROMjaro new ISO release today, Friendica update. Continuing my work.


100% yes! I will for sure. Sorry I said I will but then I got busy with other work. And yeah our only "branding" is the replacement of the Friendica logo with ours, the rest is just about the themes. So yeah will do! I need to remember where I have to do that :)
❤️ whenever you have capacity and feel like doing some theme improvements: just reach out to friendica developers group and I am sure you'll get all the support needed to get things started.

Sorry to hear that. I wish/hope you'll get the needed funds to maintain all the good work!

Passed the bloody stupid written driving exam haha!! After 2 months of torture. No more! Fuck it. I still have to pass the driving practice test but that is in like 3 months from now...takes so long. But am not that concerned about that one. Anyway, I will have time these next months to perhaps start a new video series for TROM, let's see!

Now TROMnews has categories for the news to make it a lot easier to sort through them.

The homepage also got a bit of a rework for the News section:

TROMnews is now far better than it was before. If you'd like to support this work please consider helping us here

#tromlive #news #science #environment #climatechange #tech #foss

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TROMnews News is a bit overwhelming now, and I am going to try and fix it these days. I will try to add the news into categories such as health, tech, science, environment, so it is easier for people to follow the news. Now we get tens of news a day....overwhelming.

Monday I have the written driving exam, so today and tomorrow I am preparing more. I fuck hope I'll pass it. I learned a lot and out of the online tests they gave me I have passed more than 90% of them. Thousands and thousands of let's see. Considering the deplorable state of the english translation for these tests, I may fail it....

I want to start a video series but first I need to see how's with the riving exam on Monday....



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trade-free software day

I would love to share the category "software & hardware" for todays #ILoveFreeSoftware day: - you can find hundreds of trade-free applications that educate, teach, inspire or let you be creative. You can share your thoughts, your opinions and ideas. You can help others, improve things and share your contributions with others. Let this directory be something valuable to our society. Something that helps other people and people can be inspired from. Thanks to all the volunteers who create these wonderful tools and share them for free! #trade-free #tfd #tradefreedirectory

TROMnews now has a search engine

In time this will become better and more relevant, the more stuff we can collect on the website.


Friendica (TROM Social) upgrade failed. In truth it went well, but there are a lot of settings and tweaks we need to do, so I had to postpone it for now and so I restored it...



This is one of the best depictions, in one illustration, of what war really is:

Found on TROMnews


Selthion doesn't like this.

Telemarketers - really good documentary. - and such a crazy ride. Another example of how this trade-system makes us all scumbags.


Newly added documentary on


Telemarketers is an American true crime documentary series directed and produced by Adam Bhala Lough and Sam Lipman-Stern. It follows two office workers who stumble upon the truth of their work at a telemarketing center and are determined to expose the industry.

Watch it here:

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For the first time since 2014 we are able to provide access to our own RSS Feeds for TROMnews, for those who want to keep in touch with what we curate via TROMnews, but want to do so via their RSS readers. See


Stay tuned for a new TROMnews! :) - today or tomorrow. I worked so hard today to bring it back, and bring it in a new more interesting way :P #tromstuff

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I think the difference between a cult and a religion is the number of followers. If Islam or Christianity were to have a few thousand members (a little minority) we would 100% consider them cults. And terrible/crazy/primitive ones for that matter.

Humans can be so brilliant, and yet so dumb....

#religion #islam #christianity #society

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So wait the Roman Empire adopted Christianity but the people living in Rome thought of Christianity as atheism and superstition? I don't get it :D - I have to read the sources :P
after a few hundred years Rome adopted Christianity. At first it didn't. That's where the Christian's getting fed to lions came from


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Thank you Tio.
In this situation it's so absurd that people have to buy the forest to keep it alive or pretend to be hunters. It shouldn't be like that at all, it shows how rigid and fucked this system is. Carpathia is awesome organization and they came up with such creative ideas, but it's sad that in order to keep something alive you have to buy it. And you don't buy it for yourself, that's actually will benefit everyone. absurd... #fucktrade

Being trapped in the bullet train of nonsense and ugliness

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I also feel like giving up sometimes, but funnily enough you're the one who motivates me to keep going 😄
take some time off... The world will keep falling down, don't worry about that. It's better not to burn out, spent some more time outside with Sasha, travel more. Then you will also have fresh perspectives and new ideas. You don't have to run all the time... You only hurting yourself without any reasonable results, you've done more than enough already.

Am so busy and tired of the driving test bullshit....I will make a video about the retardation at some point....but man...thousands of questions that no one driving a car can ever pass. No driver I tested so far passed any test.

The Moon and Jupiter tonight:

The image is a composite - I took separate photos for each with the telescope and the phone. The original photo looks something like this through the binoculars:

But you can zoom into the first photo and you can even see Jupiter's moons :)

#astrophotography #nature #moon #jupiter #nightsky #photography #pixel4a

There are 4 services that we use for via @YunoHost that are either broken or not updated in some time. I will try to look more into, but these are :

Friendica see
Nextcloud see
Discourse that's broken
And unfortunately Peertube that seems to suffer from some bugs with the update

If anyone can help out that'd be awesome, because it would help us all. If not at least support Yunohost financially if you can afford that

Yunohost is a fantastic project that allows us to provide so many trade-free services for everyone.

I hope they/we can find a solution for these packages....

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Big thanks to those who support our 200 for TROM donation campaign - there are 44 people donating 5 Euros a month and we need 200 in total. We provide a lot of materials and tools - see the donation page. Your support allows us to keep these alive and relevant, and if enough support to continue to produce more.

Remember, among many things, we provide a video platform with unlimited uploads for anyone, a file hosting platform with 10GB of storage for any user that registers, a social network and a chat platform. Also a Linux Operating System. A lot, and for everyone. So please, consider donating 5 Euros a month if you can. It is the only amount we accept.

Thank you!


#opensource #foss #fediverse #help #donation #campaign #free #trade-free #tradefree #tromlive

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I should've had recorded and made a documentary about my and Sasha's situation...4 years now and we still did not get any papers for Sasha. We've been through so much shit you can't imagine....just to let us live together. Now we thought that's it, finally, we paid a lawyer to submit all of the papers, I have a "job", and we were told that in 2 or so months we will have an answer. That was in September last year....

We contacted the lawyer today and we were told .... "Oh can take up to 7 months..." - fuck them. These robots...

I bet most people have no clue about how fucked up it is. To basically not be able to stay together unless you have a lot of money. Insane. And this is EU....Spain, wow civilizations. Fuck them, primitive tribes.

Maybe we will piece together the entire story with the little footage we have, and release a sort of documentary at one point. Because this is insanely ridiculous....

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Oh man the prison earth video is spot on..... If you don't have enough money/status then you can't visit most places or stay with people you love in those places, you don't realize how fucked up it is until you experience it first hand.....
Yeah...and I had to correct the is 4 years....not 3....damn so fucking long insane

This is just inhumane..... There is no other way to describe it and I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Often times when people bring up issues regarding racism and such I've never seen many of them mention this one, maybe there needs to be more awareness about this issue 'cause it's an important one.

cc: @aral

@futureisfoss @gnutelephony @aral The correct other way to describe it is genocide, and yes, it needs to be talked about.

Thanks! Is your sister traveling in Europe?
Not as a permanent living arrangement, but often for holidays. They are out with it in the Alps at the moment :)

I will be mighty busy with the driving school exams and such for this rest of the month. So the work I do for TROM should be a bit less. But I am trying to film some stuff for a future video, about these stupid tests and all that. Will see. #tromstuff

This documentary is crazy. To think that this is happening in 2024 is insane. People treated like slaves in concentration camps, brainwashed to extremes.

I highly recommend this documentary!

#northkorea #slave #society #abuse #brainwash

Newly added documentary on

Beyond Utopia

The story of several families as they attempt to escape oppression in North Korea, revealing a world most of us have never seen.

Watch it here:

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Another binoculars + phone photo. Zoom on the islands:

And you get this :)

Not that spectacular but still cool :)

#photography #nature #pixel4a #islands

Great documentary - fucking crazy guy...

Newly added documentary on

The Alpinist

Marc-André Leclerc climbs alone, far from the limelight. The free-spirited 23-year-old makes some of the boldest solo ascents in history. With no cameras and no margin for error, Leclerc’s approach is the essence of solo adventure.

Watch it here:

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It really takes skill to complete this challenge. I guess this must require regular practice. Many moments I felt nervous geometry dash lite

TROMjaro 2024.01.07 (and a longish article) - improvements to our Layout Switcher thanks to @Rokosun and new default apps ;)

#tromstuff #linux #foss #opensource #arch

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Is there a way to force a system upgrade to the current ISO version? sudo pamac upgrade gave me the updated Layout Switcher, but nothing else covered in your article.

This is a rolling release so no need to upgrade to any new version, you'll get the right updates directly to your system. The other changes are not that important I'd say and can be easily done by anyone who reads the release notes. Like in this release we replaced some default apps and I linked to the ones that we replaced so you can simply install them. But that's all.

So I replaced SMplayer with Celluloid, Gnome Usage with Resources, GUV with Cameractrls, and qTox with Jami. It is very very rare that we replace our default apps. So no, you do not have to do anything other than keeping your system updated and install whatever apps you want form the ones we replaced.

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Finland Solved Homelessness: Here's How (Spoiler: It's More Than Housing First) -

Of course that helping human beings it is a good idea. It is astonishing that we even have to have these conversations. All humans should have access to their basic needs (at least) as trade-free.

#tromlive #homelesness #help #finland

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20 Days in Mariupol -

Insane documentary.... This is how war looks like. Tragic. Brutal. Terrible.

#documentary #ukraine #russia #PBS

Newly added documentary on

20 Days in Mariupol

An AP team of Ukrainian journalists trapped in the besieged city of Mariupol struggle to continue their work documenting atrocities of the Russian invasion.

Watch it here:

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This photo looks fake, but it is not, and it is taken with a mobile phone. Plus I did no editing:

These are the islands where I live, and the wonderful night sky. You can see the Pleiades in the left top side, and that bright one top center is Jupiter:

4 minutes exposure with Pixel 4A.

#nightsky #astrophotography #nature #islands #photos

Our TROM Call now requires a username and password in order to create a call. This is stated on the main website. The password and username are "tromcall" and it will create a unique call session every time. Therefore it can be used by anyone.

Now it should be a lot more reliable than before.


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A perspective photo that I really like. The moon and the bus. This is straight out of my phone - no telescope or binoculars, and no editing.

#moon #nature #perspective #photography

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What is the best p2p chat application that does not rely on servers? We plan to change the default qTox app for our TROMjaro. Jami is the best one on the list so far, but if you know any let us know. #tromlive #p2p #opensource #foss #privacy