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The following few days I will just relax :D - my buddy @Aaron came here for the TROM II recordings and we take it easy the first few days. Then we will go back to TROM II filming ;). So happy to get to see him again. Such a chill human being. #tromlive
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This is such a cool video @Sasha wen yesterday for a little hike and met an octopus. But damn this octopus was so curious and friendly. Watch the video to see. She has more videos with it. We may make a compilation. We went today to try and contact this alien again but it was not there anymore...such wonderful creatures!

Curious Octopus

Yesterday I went for a dip in a quiet rocky bay in the Mediterranean Sea. When I came out of the water I noticed an octopus close to shore, looking at me.

Part 1 of the documentaries I highly recommend:These documentaries are shocking, amazing, mind blowing, some are funny, others are very weird :D. All are great! #tromlive

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Wow, that's a massive list. I wasn't expecting that 🙃
im sorry :D

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We recorded Georgi a bit more today. That's it for her ;). These next weeks will finish the TROM II recordings. Then we have to move out and I'll kill myself. haha. No, is ok...we will move to my parents. They have an empty room. I will do my best to then work on editing the footage for TROM II. It is unfortunate I do not even have a proper environment to work on this, but I will go back to my original place, my original room, where I created the first TROM. Sounds romantic but is less so when you understand I do this because I am poor as fuck :D. Today I felt quite down because of these kind of things but well....this society is evil as shit if you, as a human being, can't even survive unless you struggle to trade yourself all of your life. There is no "default" state in this society. No one deserves, it seems, to be alive unless they play the game of trade. We really have to change this. I don't accept it! #tromlive
what about if im able to arrange fellow member a job as source of income then members able to live there indefinitely? well.. provided you dont have any health issue?
how is that ok to trade your life? maybe you can help some, but not me. I have a free place to stay now and I do not have to work I can focus on TROM for now.

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I think Colin is one of the few who gets this #tromlive

Don't tell me videos like this are not a complete waste - jizas christ people are nuts filming like that or cropping videos for the dumbphones. Apparently even the Mars rover takes such dumb photos haha - this world....
haha well we see in landscape mode and through-the-fence you can barely see

As for testing some OS for the phone and tweaking it to be trade-free, if it was as easy I would have done it :D. Maybe a trade-free manjaro os spin....who knows...but I am already full of stuff to do...I can't really take on this challenge.

And out of curiosity: you use a phone much? If so isn't it a pain in the ass to have such a small screen and have the notifications and updates and all that with you in the pocket all the time? :D
We see in landscape mode, true. I think that's why most videos, wallpapers etc. are in landscape.

Just to be clear, I meant to ask you about your phone. You can install a privacy friendly OS on it like LineageOS, if your model is supported. Also you can install lots of FOSS apps from fdroid. This way you can mitigate the trades on your device.
Phone has small screen, true. But its not like I'm watching movies and documentaries on it, I use it for social media, youtube, doing quick web searches etc. I don't get too many notifications on my device, only important ones. Phones are this popular cause of its compact nature, bring it anywhere, use it anywhere, single hand usage etc.

I use PC for watching movies and documentaries, linux stuff - terminal, keyboard, vim, shell scripting, etc. Its a more focused environment for me I guess
I feel like phones are only meant for consuming things. Like you can't create anything with them more than comments and posts on social networks :D. And I gave them a try. Tablets too. Ofc I do a ton of stuff on my computer so.....

I agree phones can be useful (for sure), but with today's online trades they will eat your life away :D.
Yeah, phones can be really addicting. I think it became less addictive for me as I moved to FOSS apps. For example, now I use newpipe to watch youtube videos, it doesn't need a google account and I don't get that addictive personalized homepage of youtube.
I tried to install custom OSes on a few devices in the past and it was mighty difficult + because nowadays new phones come out more often than periods for teenage girls, it is likely you won't get a proper OS to work on your device. Hard to keep up with new models, and harder to root them. On top of that I am not motivated to do so at the moment. I use my phone like a phone to keep in touch with my parents. For example does not support my phone model...

But, when Linux phones will become a thing, and I have money, I'd like to give them a try.
Do you often use the linux terminal ?
I think that's the coolest thing about linux phones, you can automate stuff by writing shell scripts. I once tried a terminal app called termux which runs on Android, and the entire experience sucked cause I couldn't use the terminal without keyboard and a big screen, lol 😂. I think the same can happen to linux phones, but its still much better.
Not really...I only use the terminal when I really have to. But I want an operating system that's easy to use for everyone and I try to solve issues or tweak it in a way that anyone can. The terminal is a great tool if you know how to use it, and very scary when you dont haha.
I was super scared of terminals before getting into linux. Everyone starts scared, but as they learn their way around terminal, it seems much more efficient.

Future is FOSS reshared this. works properly again. Channels, playlists, search. And from now on we may be able to keep it updated and properly working. Great! #tromlive
From what I understand, Google changes the way it renders the HTML elements so invidious cannot see the comments, channels, or whatever, and thus parts of invidious fail. But now, since I know we can pull from their git directly via the ynh package, it means that we can keep our instance up to date and probably working.

It is a race between youtube and the invidious dev. Youtube changes things, invidious dev have to fix it. But since many invidious instances may not keep their instances up to date, then that's why they break.

So yah, let's see, but if you keep your invidious up to date it should work.
cool, thanks for the extensive answer. I’m a fan of updating early and often anyway, so this is no blocker for my ambitions. Well, good luck with your instance, and thank you for hosting!

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Carbon offsetting is yet another scam. Nothing conspiratory at all. This is the truth

Read more here

Another example, out of billions out there, showcasing how rules and laws DO NOT FIX ANYTHING. I mean, sure, they may fix a few things here and there, but overall they do not.

Look at it this way: if you have a zoo, you don't throw in the same cage alligators and polar bears. Also, no polar bears in fuckin Florida! Please! Even when we build zoo enclosures we need animal experts who know what those animals need, else these animals will die or become fucked-up. Put an orca in a very small enclosure and not feed it properly, and it will go berserk. Yeah, zoo enclosures are really not that good for animals, but we created a zoo for us, humans, too. Yet we have no human-experts that created that. It is like we let children manage a zoo.

Same way that orcas need a lot of swimming space, food, interactions with other of their members; same that polar bears need a wide area to walk, proper food, proper climate; same way alligators need their own environment; Humans also need that! We need a safe environment, we need trade-free access to at least our basic needs, free time, and so on. Else we are going to fuck everything up. We are put in a trade-based society where we are forced to trade else we die. Think about that!

So, when we see climate change, we we see corruption, pollution, violence and so on....if we do not study the human animal to see what pushes "it" to do these bad things, we will have 0 chances to ever change anything. And if you look at it this way, you realize that our trade-based society makes us behave violently, corruptly, ignorantly, and so forth.

We need to admit that our worldwide trade-based society is unfixable. We should start to think about different ways of organizing ourselves. And one simple and powerful idea for now is to TAKE CARE OF HUMANS. Give them trade-free access to their basic needs so we are not like fuckin crazy bears and orcas killing and scamming each other. #tromlive

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This is how you can connect Twitter with and give up Twitter for good:

Connect with Twitter

!Tips and Help ( It is possible to connect with your Twitter account now. Simply go to Settings - Social Networks. Click Twitter and click to connect. You'll be redirected to a Twitter page to authorize our app. Get the code, add it to your settings page. That's all.

Now you can follow people on Twitter and interact with them from In theory you should also be able to post on Twitter, however from my tests it did not work.

In any case, this is a way for you to give up the trade-based ad-network that is Twitter, and use the trade-free social network :).


Isn't there an app for phones that records in landscape mode regardless of how you hold your phone? The internet is invaded by videos and photos taken through a fence. This is how I imagine people taking photos and videos nowadays:

C0mon there should be an app that does can even make it look through-the-fence while holding your phone in portrait mode, like cropping a wide video into a through-the-fence one for your own entertainment, and then if you tilt the phone in landscape mode, to be the full wide shot. Am I an inventor or what?

But yah idk...maybe I am too old for this and I don't use phones much at all. But seeing the world through-a-fence makes me dizzy.

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Yah, recycling is like trying to save a sinking ship with a fork. Good luck getting the water out of that ship with your tiny fork. As long as people forget to ask what creates this polluting situation in the first place, they will never fix it. it is like homeopathy: a "solution" to a misunderstood problem. Thus, this is no solution. #tromlive

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I would like to do a TROM-Cast all about movies this week. To discuss about the present day movies, the popularity of these "things", and how could we do them better perhaps. To provide examples of educational movies and so on. Stay tuned. ;) I'll post about it these days if we decide. On another news, we had to cancel the recordings for TROM II for now. I hope to get back to that in a week or less. #tromlive
You asked me about the best (most enjoyed) movie I saw, I think it'd probably be "Breaking bad", but its a series not a movie. I only realized how short a movie is after watching series, the same with educational videos after watching documentaries. This is a very popular series, but I think it actually deserved it ! Its hard to keep things realistic and still be enjoyable and entertaining, and this series achieved that.
Thanks- I'll have a look. Btw if you want to find pretty much any movie or documentary for free use our search engine - magnets (bittorrent decentralized).

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Yellow is not a special color


How I got so disappointed because of my brain. Who are you, brain?

Read it on my website (recommended):

Or read it here:

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For some reason I thought that yellow is a special color. For years now I’ve heard how yellow is made up of green and red, so it is not its own wavelength. I learned that we have 3 main special light receptors in our eyes that can pick up some specific frequencies, and we interpret one as red, one as blue, and one as green. And the other colors are a combination between these.
But I kept on seeing videos and read about how yellow is weird cause green light and some red light stimulate 2 of these receptors (cells) in our eye and it creates “yellow”. And I started to pedal this notion and be amazed by it. I was like “Woah we can’t really see yellow…like we see other colors…because yellow is a combo between 2 colors and it is a trick to our mind because of our eyes.”. aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cudGlvdHJvbS5jb20vd3AtY29udGVudC91cGxvYWRzLzIwMjEvMDQvZ2lwaHkuZ2lm.gif Later on writing for the TROM Language book, I wanted to mention this as an example of how we put words on stuff that may not even be there. And while doing my research for the book, I learned that there is in fact a wavelength for yellow but it is also true that the combo of green and red produces the same effect in our brain. I was again amazed. I was like, then what is “yellow” if it is produced by two seemingly different events? aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cudGlvdHJvbS5jb20vd3AtY29udGVudC91cGxvYWRzLzIwMjEvMDQvMjAyMS0wNC0xMl8xNC0xOC5wbmc=.pngaHR0cHM6Ly93d3cudGlvdHJvbS5jb20vd3AtY29udGVudC91cGxvYWRzLzIwMjEvMDQvMjAyMS0wNC0xMl8xNC0xOS5wbmc=.png
I was not really wrong (I think) – but I missed some very important points. So yah, I was excited how we can’t really see yellow because we don’t have a specialized receptor for that wavelength, and how mind blowing it is that our screens are made up of just 3 colors and how they simulate yellow. I am still amazed by this. When I did this interview, Alex asked me what is my favorite color, and I said “yellow because we can’t really see it”.
aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cudGlvdHJvbS5jb20vd3AtY29udGVudC91cGxvYWRzLzIwMjEvMDQvZHNhLmdpZg==.gif Well ok.
Last night Sasha was asking me about this…and we ended up debating for like 5 hours about light, colors, and especially “yellow”. We watched videos and took a snack break :)). Till almost 5 in the morning. Long story short, I was very very wrong, so much so I am disappointed in my brain. Deeply.

I was yellow-blind. But not to the color, to the facts and the interpretation of them. Of bloody course that yellow is not special…the monitor creates all of the colors we see out of Red, Green and Blue because they are the same as yellow. DUH! All colors have either a particular wavelength or they are formed by different wavelengths hitting our eyes and we combine these and see that particular color. In a sense, orange is the same: triggered by either a particular wavelength hitting our eyes hitting some of the 3 main receptors we have, or a few wavelengths that do the same….the output is orange.

I can’t believe I was so blind to this simple fact. Yes, light is such a complex thing to understand, but lets be honest my brain failed. I defended my position for hours, not because I am stubborn I hope, but because that’s what I thought even after Sasha was trying to explain this simple thing. It was too ingrained in myself this idea with “yellow”. I was kinda sure I saw this in the so many documentaries I’ve watched over the past 10+ years. But re-watching some of the videos about “yellow” after I realized I was in the wrong, I spotted some things I didn’t see before…how these people briefly (some less than 1s) mentioned (many in text form) that is the same story with other colors. They simply chose yellow as an example because yellow is cool…idk…

I was surprised at my stupidity to be honest. I could not even sleep much thinking how in the world I got fooled for years. Then I remember that for many many years, even in my 20s, I thought that another yellow thing is where it didn’t suppose to be. I honestly thought that urine was stored in the ballsack. Yah…Because I didn’t think much about it and when I felt the urge to pee I was feeling that urge in that area. I know this really sounds retarded, but when I was in school I also thought that there is God who created everything and I was praying to that creature.

The mind is the most powerful and sensitive organ we have. We can uncover unbelievable things and understand complex patterns, and yet we can be so easily fooled and tricked, it is astonishing. I am thinking now at the many who believe that the Earth is flat, Bill Gates wants to microcip us with vaccines, or that there is an “agenda” out there made by the most powerful people in order to keep us “in line”. Probably these people are wrong, but probably they also can’t see the “yellow” for its true value. But what if we, on the other side are wrong and don’t see what they do!? In the end it comes down to science. We need to investigate the world using the scientific method. But, at times it looks impossible. When it comes to yellow we can measure the wavelengths, we can look at the eye, we can do experiments. When it comes to some world-wide conspiracy we are left with trusting whatever others tell us. How can I truly know if there is an “agenda” out there made up of some dudes that call themselves as “illuminati”? I don’t think we can probe that the same way we probe light. We can say it is very unlikely. And I am fine with that.

We need to remain humble and understand that our brains are limited and we live in a world that is full of infocrap. Explosions of information from all parts, mostly due to our trade-based society that incentivizes people to post post post. I curate my news and videos from sources that seem to be known world wide for their seriosity; I watch so many documentaries especially about science/nature; and yet I got so fooled by this seemingly simple thing. I feel a deep betrayal of my brain. I fed it good stuff (I think) and yet it failed so badly.

I wonder what are the other “yellows” in my brain that I do not understand….

But if I keep on listening to others, to criticisms, to suggestions, then it is a good chance of me correcting my failed brain. I need to force myself to be a lot more humble and park my car in a way that I can get it out of that parking lot if needed, and move it somewhere else.

Like this! Slowly and wisely.
Never like this!
Else I will end up unable to take my car (my mind) out of that spot and will get stuck like that.

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We added a Like button for - no dislike button or view count. That's because a Like button is a way of saying that you liked the content, but a dislike means what? You disliked? Then what did you dislike? Comment to a video if you dislike it, or ignore it. A Like is a form of appreciation so we keep it there. And views should not matter really since how are they counted? These ideas of numbers attached to digital stuff are very weird and nonsensical, and they emerged from our trade-based society where we count stuff and put a price on them. 4 tomatoes or 200. Quantity. Prices. Trading.

We do the same now with videos, or posts, images and so on. We equate views, likes, comments and so forth with "value". A well made and smart video is likely to have less of those anyways, compared to a moronic one. These things cannot be counted or valued. Such a retarded society....

Anyways. #tromlive
Yes indeed. Do you think it is relevant to keep it there?
Now that you've removed view counts, dislikes etc., I think like counts should be removed too, following the same principle.

This whole thing is really strange to me, I haven't seen anyone remove these numbers on peertube. But I like the way you think, I haven't thought about the numbers in such a way - they don't equal value. There's a lot of underrated content on the internet.
Afaik, anyone can still see the number of likes, dislikes, views etc. when using a 3rd party client. So these numbers are not gone, it just won't be visible on the website itself, so people know you don't endorse them. I think this is a good place to be in right now.
Yes when using a 3rd party they can like or dislike and such...I don't think I can do anything about that. But on our Peertube they should not be visible.
Just to be clear, I don't want you to do anything about 3rd party apps. Let's just keep the peertube API intact with all the default features and only change things on the website.
Yes good point to remove the counts for likes. I wonder if then the like button makes any sense but yah I understand....

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This week - the 'remastered' version of my TEDx talk in 2019. Now re=edited with enhanced audio and original slides. Please share far and wide and alert the others! ;)
Explained it well 👍

Volpit :firefox: :copyleft: reshared this. is great! Peertube suffers from bad quality videos and is great that there are some Peertube instances that are very well managed so that the quality of the posted videos is sane and ok. We cannot do that with because the idea behind this instance is to let anyone register and use it without restrictions. However PeerTube could add a simple feature that would make any instance a whole lot better: an easy to customize homepage where admins can select what videos and channels to promote. And overall a way for admins to kinda select what content to promote. That'd make a massive difference.

Another killer feature for Peertube would be an Invidious like plugin, so that it merges Peertube with youtube. When users search for a video, to search on all peertube instances + on youtube. To prioritize the peertube videos, but to have access to the unmatched library of youtube. And all videos to be showcased on the same instance you use and in the same style using youtube-dl. Plus the ability to mirror any youtube video on peertibe with one click. And to subscribe via your Peertube account to any youtube account.

I honestly cannot use Peertube much because I cannot find any interesting videos/channels among the crazy ones. So integrating invidious on peertube I think could bring a fuck ton more people to Peertube. #tromlive
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I have some coding/software visualization videos I wanted to post to the fediverse. Is this a good instance for that or is there a better recommended one? really seems like one of the best curated peertube instances in existence right now, and the fact it's infotainment focused it seems like a perfect fit.
If you mean tilvids then probably, you should ask them @TILvids :) - ofc you are also welcomed to post on our instance at - whatever suits you ;)
Appreciate the kind words about #TILvids! The nice thing about @peertube is that every instance can try different approaches, so there are lots of different types of instances out there. Lots of experimentation, exciting time to be participating in the community!

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Trying to integrate Twitter with our Friendica instance so that maybe we get more people from Twitter to use it. In essence it seems to work to see your contacts in Twitter on Friendica's newsfeed and interact with them. But not sure it works to post on Twitter from Friendica, tho it should.... #tromlive

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Monday we will film @Georgi for TROM II ;). Then @Sasha and @Aaron who comes from Germany for the recordings :). Can't wait! #tromlive

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New TROMjaro iso - just updates basically and a few bug fixes. All seems to work well with Gnome 40. Nice! That's what I want, a stable distro. #tromlive

The big Manjaro Stable update is here. Gnome 40. Today I will test it with TROMjaro and hopefully will release a new ISO. #tromlive

Of course your chocolate is made with slaves. Electronics too. Enjoy our trade-based society where unnecessary things are created in abundance with slaves. #tromlive
Chocolate’s Heart of Darkness

This film, Chocolate’s Heart of Darkness, goes to Ivory Coast, which produces about 40 percent of the world’s cocoa. It tells the story of how thousands of children from neighbouring Burkina Faso and Ghana are trafficked to harvest cocoa pods.

The children work long days with poisonous pesticides and dangerous tools, with little or no reward. The Ivory Coast farms and cooperatives then supply the cocoa to the biggest chocolate producers in the world.

Watch it here:
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Someone new to the project asked me what is TROM about, and I tried to explain it as such (is a bit long, but maybe worth sharing here):

This is a project started in 2011. We have more info here but it grew a lot in terms of materials for the past several years. So we have many books, videos, and all kinds of tools.

If I were to describe the project in a few paragraphs (sorry this is a bit long), I'd say that the project is about showcasing how our world-wide society is, at its core, a trade-based society (from China to US, from Cuba to Europe, from socialism, communism, or other isms that were ever implement); And this trade-based society gives rise to most of the problems we see in the world today: climate change, waste, slavery, bad products, corruption, and so on.

What are the world's biggest problems? Climate change, corruption, destruction of the environment, waste, pollution, slavery, and so on. What creates these problems? Humans. What makes humans do these bad things? The environment. What part of this environment? Mostly the trade-based society we all live under.


Humans wake up in the morning to go to some places and do something there (we call those "jobs"), in order to receive something else in return (food, a shelter, access to goods and services, etc.). They do that for most of their lives. Basically they trade their energy, time, skills and so on, to get food, shelter, internet, healthcare, etc. We use money to represent these trades, but that's arbitrary. Could be bictoin, tokens, gold coins or whatever.

Now, if you look at pretty much everything humans do, it revolves around trades. Jobs take some 8h or more a day, 5 days a week. So, most of people's lives. The internet is a place where humans also trade their data, currency, and attention to websites that mine their data, put ads into their faces, or hide features or content behind paywalls.

In other words, if I am a human on this planet, I wake up every morning, go to my job for 8h, and do that for 5 days a week. I traded 8h of my life to get access to my needs and wants, out of 24h (with 8h sleeping). I have 8h as my free time. In between and after I am done with my job, I use my computer/smartphone to read the news, "socialize", talk to others, watch stuff, listen to stuff (movies, podcasts, articles, websites, netflix, facebook, youtube and the like). All of this time I am giving them my data, attention and at times currency to be able to access these. So, 8h at a job, 8h sleep, and a bunch of other hours online trading for entertainment, information, services. Plus spending time in traffic and dealing with bills and stuff, all because of the trade-based society's rules.

Job + Internet + societal duties = most of my day I trade.

Yes, I also enjoy those videos, talking to friends at work, learn and so forth, but they are all like flowers growing from the soil of trade. Meaning: when I use Facebook, since this is a platform I trade with, the contents I see, the people I follow, are driven by Facebook's algorithm and all they want is me spending more time there watching those ads, producing data that they collect, or buying the stuff they promote. It's like a supermarket that pretends to be a library.

So basically pretty much all that I (human on this planet) consume and do, is directed by trades and people I am trading with. Like a movie director directing my life. Therefore my wishes, my dreams, what excites me or triggers me, are all emerged from this trade-based society that I fed my brain with on a daily basis.

And the same way that we see Facebook's practices as bad, trapping people into an endless stream of nonsense content for the purpose of mining their data/currency/attention, pretty much all business practices are as bad, since they always want something from you and that makes them lie, exaggerate, deceive in order to make you their customer and keep you their customer.

Airline companies, taxi companies, pharmaceutical companies, food producing companies, you name it; all probably are corrupt and as good as "facebook", and if some are not, they will probably become.

So, we are showcasing how in the end this trade-based society makes human beings behave really bad and how it consumes them, and how it creates most of the problems we see in the world today. And our approach is to provide trade-free goods/services as much as possible, so that we remove this environment form people's life, little by little.

Sorry that was long. But this is a big project. I recommend you this book of ours, where we explain all of this in detail

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I think maybe this is better?
"Trom is about showing\educating that our trade based society is damaging humanity in many ways, and solving this by presenting trade-free goods\services to glide over time into a trade-free society."
I would always try to kinda avoid using the term "trade-free society" since it sounds too utopian. But thanks I get your suggestion ;)

If you want to help with

To explain it a bit: we want to create a trade-free alternative to Unsplash and eventually Video blocks and the like. We want users to upload original photos and eventually videos of all kinds. Like nature, objects, places, etc.. The platform we use makes is so easy to rename each item, add to folders and create folders, or tag each item.

So, create folders, drag and drop photos to them. Make each folder Public please, and enable "original" and "downloadable". Disable the rest. See these options in the folder's visibility (the eye icon top right corner).

To make this work, we need to properly name and tag each item, so we make them easy to find and categorize. So please do that as much as you can. You can select multiple items by click-and-hold + drag. And can edit multiple at once. You can also use the keyboard to navigate through the photos, press R to rename, T to tag.

That's pretty much it.

A reminder, all content from will be trade-free, meaning purely free. Anyone is free to use it as they wish. There are no licenses because that means restrictions. In other words, anyone can use these materials without trading (giving back) anything to us. We don't want their currency, attention, recognition, or whatever.

For now, if you want to upload videos, please limit them to under 200-300MB. We are still in testing mode.

If anyone wants to help, please let me know and we will create an account for you ;). #tromlive
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Very much enjoyed our last tromcast. A few issues with stuttering here and there when I would open up other tabs and programs. Maybe the fact that I changed the bitrate to 3000kb affected a lot of other things, like the interruption at an hour and a half. But yah now all is merged into one single video. All great. Quality is great overall. Super happy with Peertube! #tromlive

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For now I will not add bitwarden password manager to, although I could do that. That's because I asked myself a simple question: would I, personally, use it? And the answer was NO. I have hundreds if not thousands of passwords and if there is a server-side compromise then I'm fucked. Sure, if you Friendica or Peertube and such get compromised, then that's very bad, however if you password manager gets hacked and someone has access to all your passwords, then all of those and more are fucked. It is too huge of a risk for now.

Maybe in the future we will add bitwarden but only after we test it for a while and add a 2facetor authentication by default. I recommend you use KeePassXC which creates a single encrypted file with all of your passwords, and simply add it to say (nextcloud) - sync it - so you have your passwords on any device. Basically a file with your passwords, encrypted, that can be synced on any device and decrypted locally via all kinds of apps that support KeePass. Easy!

So for now I'll take it easy with since we already have a lot of apps there. Will focus on TROM II as much as possible. #tromlive
I use KeepassXC on my most secure device, my local notebook.
No need to have multiple devices where I urgently need to be signed in.

Like I talked to Aaron in private, I would not really recommend this documentary. It is made by the same people who made Cowspiracy and What the Health. More here and here about Cowspiracy and here about the other documentary . Also read the criticism for Seaspiracy and .

I am just saying, be aware of those. Yes, overfishing is a huge issue and it is something that big organizations are complaining about but that should be presented in a scientific way. We do not need to exaggerate facts and such. The reality needs none of that. ;)

So yah, be aware please! #tromlive
Today I watched Seaspiracy ( and it's an interesting documentary. Quite shocking how blatantly the commercial fishing industry is driving animals to extinction, contributing to plastic pollution, and destroying entire ecosystems, but like Cowspiracy (which is about commercial agriculture), there's no discussion about our trade-based society that creates these problems in the first place. Of course people will hunt dolphins, whales, salmon, tuna and sharks (basically overfish the oceans) because there's a profit to made in doing that - and people do so even if it is illegal.
The documentary also shows how organizations who give those licenses of "sustainable fishing" are corrupt, because they too make money by giving their licenses to fisheries. The more licenses they give, the more money they make.

Telling people to stop eating fish is a well-intended approach which is advocated in that documentary, but I wouldn't rely on that. We have to look deeper at the core problem which is the incentive (profit above anything else) that makes people do those "bad behaviors". How can we change that incentive? Education and infrastructure. If people are well educated and have access to what they want and need (as trade-free), they wouldn't be pushed to exploit the oceans and its marine life. Instead, there would be an incentive to take care of the oceans and protect its marine life, as we would understand that we (all people on this planet) depend on it. #tromlive

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Wallabag and Bitwarden may be coming soon to ;) - they are in test mode for now. #tromlive

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This is a surreal documentary - basically cows eating computers and humans living on a pile of ewaste. It is unimaginable that this happens in today's present. And all because of this trade-based society that makes humans profit profit and profit, and give no fuck about anything else. Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and all of these are the cancers of this society. The only way ot change this mess, is to change the society. Sounds crazy, but there are simple words to describe such an idea, and the alternative that is tried for thousands of years, IT DOES NOT WORK. You can put as many rules as you want, people won't respect them. They will find loops, bend them, ignore them. Trade makes them do that. #tromlive

@Amolith :blobcatpopr: How did you enable registrations for :) - I'd like to provide an instance of that for our too ;) but can't find any docs about how to do that and I thought to quickly ask if you don't mind.
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you want to set registration to true in your app/config/parameters.yml file. if you have SMTP and such set up and want users to confirm their email address, set the confirmation one to true as well
fosuser_registration: true
fosuser_confirmation: true
Yes that's true thank you!

Did a bunch of things today. I scheduled 10 more apps for tromjaro, improved our trom quiz (design wise), fixed s few vn documentaries that would not seed normally - I still have to replace the magnet links tomorrow on the vn website. Tomorrow I plan to test a few default apps for tromjaro like an RSS Reader, an email client, authenticator and a 3D file previewer. If anyone thinks we should add new default apps let me know ;). I also want to test some new apps for like mopidy, framaforms, wallabag, funkwhale, focalboard or castopod. @YunoHost really is amazing. Can't thank them enough! #tromlive

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I finally fixed our TROM Books Video: Behaving: from genes to gender - for 2 years now I wanted to remove a part that was not scientifically accurate. It was about how language influences the way we see colors. But after I wrote the book about language I found out this is not the case. So, that part is finally removed now. #tromlive

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Ah, good to know you guys update your books/videos with latest information. Its really important to keep things scientific and factual.
We do it as much as we can of course!

haha I think I may take a bit of IDGAS today fine....will get back to work these days for sure ;). #tromlive

Tomorrow I'll try to be more hands-on and do a bunch of things that I have on my list, such as add some remaining apps to, maybe look into fixing some of our websites for small screens, test some new default apps for tromjaro and some new ones for, and such. I would really want to do a TROMcast these following days about "deplatforming" so maybe I'll schedule one tomorrow.

Maybe I'll even write a blog post tomorrow about how in our society no one believes anyone, except they believe some weirdos and conspiracy theories. And how much of a confusion is in the world today....

It feels, of course, as if we are shrinking with "our ideas" when you see the world engulfed in netflix, tiktoks, facebooks, youtubes, gaming and the like. Reality (science) and the other reality (society) seems of no interest to anyone, except for those who pretend to care or understand those, and label themselves as scientists or politicians. No humans left.


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For the Musk fanboys and all of the big-tech industry watch this or the full interview here Terry Collingsworth is such a hard working guy who tries to battle with these companies for years. He tries to sue them for years and all that. Read more about the guy here . And this is his not-for profit org

I will invite him to TROMcast lets see if he will accept to come. I want to ask him about his approach...and what he thinks about changing the structure of the society to get rid of these monsters.

But yah....every company is probably corrupt, big or small, the influence of making more profits always corrupts. #tromlive

We moved all german websites to the new server. Great! They are faster and all that. @Aaron is also working on the german version of Super cool! #tromlive

This week is the "Easter" celebration here in Spain, whatever that means, so there are so many people flocking in this little town. Lots of noise. Pretty sure we can't record for TROM II this week. But I will focus on adding more content to, or #tromlive

These days I'll work on moving @Aaron websites (our german ones + other) to the new server. To our server so they are faster and he doesn't have to pay for hosting separately. On the side I'll work to add more stuff to and a few apps to And maybe test more services for Casual work I'd say :) . Soonish we will record again for TROM II. @Georgi @Sasha and @Aaron - only after I have all of the recordings, I can start the editing process. I am active, TROM is active. Oh, and I will try to organize a TROMcast this next week about "deplatforming". Stay tuned for that! #tromlive

Working these days on a bunch of things. I'll add a new service to today or tomorrow + we start moving our german websites to the new server. So yah, work work all day ;) #tromlive
can i help somehow?
thanks but no there's nothing anyone can help for now ;)

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So someone on github thought me a much easier hack to make the peertube homepage any page we want, without touching the nginx config at all. Here's how simple it is: you log in as root/admin on your peertube. Go to "configuration" and where it asks to select the landing page, right click that and then "Inspect Element". You'll see this:

Now select the "option" for say "Local videos" and edit it in that window and replace the "value" with any url you want. Now select that option in the Configuration and click save. That's it. You tricked Peertube!

Again: the idea is to change the value of any of the selected options in the Landing Page dropdown to any URL you want, and click save. Brilliant! #tromlive

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Ok so to cope with the idiocracy on our Peertube instance where idiots are posting crappy and conspriacy videos, I managed to manually redirect the entire instance from any other page that made no sense, to our main TROM channel . Maybe I'll replace that redirect with the About page. After users login they will, unfortunately, still see a page with random videos (the Discover page) and although that also redirects to our main channel, the way peeertube works it cannot detect the redirect after users login or log out...for now it is fine. Not ideal but at least ok. I also removed the buttons: discover, trending and so forth. They were confusing and full of crap.

Peertube is amazing, but unfortunately is full of retarded videos coming from idiots who got deplatformed by big tech who just want a "clean" space for advertisers.

Anyways, at least now is less crap visible on the platform. #tromlive
For those who want to do it for their own peertube instances, it is easy. Go to your Nginx config file for Peertube. For me, using Yunohost, it is /etc/nginx/conf.d/ . On the very bottom add:
rewrite ^/$ /video-channels/trom redirect;
  rewrite ^/videos/overview$ /video-channels/trom redirect;

And of course replace "/video-channels/trom" with a URL of your choice, and "overview" with whatever page is setup as the landing page in your admin settings.

Restart Nginx. Done.

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