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My first impressions of the Slimbook Executive 16

Sorry that the RSS and Twitter integrations have not worked for for the past month or so....but the next Friendica release should help fix these. Hopefully something that will happen this month....

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Sending/receiving messages from within other Fediverse platforms also still doesn't work 😀
That I do not understand. Works perfectly fine for me. Give me more details.

A new TROMjaro ISO is out with a few cool apps added to it #tromlive

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Tomorrow I will release a new TROMjaro ISO. Just to keep it updated. Maybe I will also add a few new little features, will see. Still waiting for the new laptop and am soooo excited 😀 - it may even come this week. Probably will take me a week to migrate all of my stuff to it. Again, I am so thankful to Roma for making this possible. Am thinking to even "invest" a bit more into it and buy a 4TB m2 SSD and move my entire TROM II project to the laptop to get rid of all of those pesky external drives plus make it all much faster...will see....

I wish people would stop putting themselves and others in little tiny boxes like: white, black, american, european, male, trans, gay, straight, this or that. We are all humans and we are having very similar needs and facing very similar challenges.

We should act like a species. The human species. And these non-important labels should not even matter.

We should raise kids as HUMANS. Make them aware of the fascinating world we have discovered, or the problems we face in our society. Should be that simple and would cut off the nonsense debates about gender, sex, sexuality, identity, race or whatever other crap. No one should care what you fantasize about, what you fuck, how you dress, how you look and all that in the first place.

Ok. Stay human.
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I agree with you if the little box is what keeps you far from other little boxes, but in the system in general we need to recognise those categories.

This useful to contrast discrimination based on those categories and empower the people that inherit them. After the system has been "rebalanced" then we can treat each other the same as humans
How can you "inherit" those labels?
I ddin't know how to say, that's imprecise you're right. I wanted to say that you see yourself in those labels (because you choose to or you simply are)
This makes sense, but it can also backfire like a self-fulfilling prophecy, giving too much importance to these labels can make people prejudice (knowingly or unknowingly). So maybe its better to focus on our similarities instead of our differences.
Agreed on. It's just a bit sad that our society right now is creating label after label ...
So it would be nice to treat humans as humans, as long as they are kind to each others.

But i guess someone need time and understanding to get to these point nowadays.
If you are raised like that - you are lucky, but at the same time often disappointed from real life.

Nonetheless ... Let's act proper and life the ideal as long as it's possible.
@Rokosun beautifully put my friend! I keep telling the same in years already: let's look for what brings us together as Humans rather than what makes us alien to each other. Sadly the societies are super successful in exactly the opposite.

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you described it very clearly.

I think I have finally achieved what I wanted with the coloring madness I tried to fix in regards to our TROM II interviews....I will probably make a post soonish about it all because it may be interesting to some. The entire next week I will have a sort of break, so I won't do much for TROM II or any of our projects. My laptop probably will arrive after this week anyway, and I will have to spend a few days migrating my stuff to it in case I decide to keep it. Hopefully no more "coloring" work....I just want to continue with the work on the documentary and finish the 3rd part either by the end of December (ideally) or mid-january,

Then I'll have January, February and March to finish the last part. And April to do a few improvements to the other parts, add some sources and make a trailer.

Let's see if I can do it.

Then in May the TROM Meeting!
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A reminder that we provide a ton of trade-free services via

Social (facebook alternative) - - more info
Files (alternative to google drive or dropbox) - - more info
Videos (alternative to youtube) - - more info
Maps (alternative to google maps and the like) - - more info
Chat (alternative to dicord, whatsapp and the like) - - more info
Office (alternative to microsoft office and/or google docs) - - more info

And more....


@Eugen 💀 How do I get our WebApe Mastodon VPS provider on your list here ?
Especially now that a bunch of those providers do not accept new subscriptions. We too have a limited number of available subscriptions since we cannot scale up, but we could provide some 20-30 probably.

Let me tell you I am so sick of color-correcting....I hope tonight's render of the first part is the final one in terms of color correcting. I should really fucking stop. Hopefully tomorrow I can apply these changes to the second part and won't take me too long....this starts to bother me 😁

At the beginning of december I will take a week break or so....

Oh and cannot wait for my laptop to arrive. Hopefully this next week. And let's see how distracted I'll get by that....

I still hope to finish the 3rd part by the end of this year.....
When I was little I somehow opened up my TV's display settings and accidentally changed something, I think it was color saturation or brightness or something, I'm not sure. Anyway, now my TV looks kinda weird, it didn't look like how it used to be and I could tell the difference. I tried so hard to undo these changes and go back to the old look, but little me couldn't do it. But here's the interesting thing, after a couple of days I got used to the new look and it became the normal for me 😅
True I agree. Is just that my idea was to film us on a completely black background for consistency, and to do some editing stuff like adding things on that background when we talk. And the issue was that almost all of us are on light-ish backgrounds and different colors and such....I will make a post to showcase these days. I wanted to make it look ok, nothing crazy. But am getting there....

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By the way if anyone wants a Mastodon server I provide via - I am already getting new requests and will take a few days to process new ones, but if you want one you can simply pay and have it all setup. Backups included.

Mind you I also provide trade-free services via and lots of stuff via WebApe is to allow me to support these free projects.

Via WebApe I also provide Friendica instances, Peertube, or Nextcloud.

Please share if you think this is helpful for others.
I'd also point to @danhon's thread here: to explain a bit more about where I'm coming from in asking the question.

Also, any number of threads from @tomcoates and @shengokai are, I think, important reading. As someone looking to host a bunch of instances, you're in a unique and enviable position to help the community get moderation right! 😊

I'll let you cut onions on it when we meet in May 😀)

Am also very curious. I only had 2 laptops. First had a terrible screen, only HD and awful colors and viewing angles. All plastic. This laptop I have is fine, but plastic can't even open close the lid without sweating bullets because I may break it. 😁

So Yeah I am very grateful for your help you know that. Can't wait to see you and the rest in May 😀
Haha same, brother 😜 May will be fabuloso! Meanwhile give some fuel to that beast 🚀

Does anyone know what the Tuxedo Computers means by their laptops like TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 16 - Gen7 being made out of plastic but having magnesium alloy steamed onto that? That's what they keep on telling me over email, while on their website it says:
Material: Display lid, top and bottom case made of magnesium alloy (AZ91D), Display frame made of plastic
I am curious....

Then I tell them that Slimbooks are made fully out of aluminium and magnesium alloys, as confirmed by Slimbook, and then they say: We looked at their website and indeed they are made out of "aluminium and magnesium " so they are not metal.


Aren't aluminium and magnesium metals? What am I missing? So confused....
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I am losing my mind with the color and luminosity/exposure correction for my recordings for TROM II....I sure did a lot of improvement but damn I start to hate it. It is because the recording is so bad and I am trying to fix it. I really hope to settle my mind on some solution tomorrow. This is too much already....

So 3 days ago I fractured my collarbone. I think so. That's what the doctor said today. I have a lot of pain in my right arm and the joint of the collarbone with the rib bone (however you call that) is swollen. The pain is 9 out of 10. But it is a 1-2 out of 10 when I sit at the computer, which is helpful. My arm cannot move that much. I was given painkillers and they sent me for an x-ray. On 12th of december hahaha. Ok....well....let's do an X-Ray in a month and see what's going on. Thanks Spain! I sure appreciate the free healthcare tho. So that's ok.

But I am continuing my TROM II work. I amazed by how much @Roma helped me with this laptop donation can't believe I can finally start to move my old and slow stuff to 1 single device.... I will review the laptop when it arrives and I may have another great news in regards with this laptop and the people behind it, something that has to do with TROMjaro ;) .... let's see...

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I hope it doesn't hurt too much to get good sleep
Surprisingly I sleep ok. As long as I sleep on my back. 😁
I hope your pain goes away soon :blobcatheart:

Unbelievable this guy.... I even tried to return back the money, at least a part. This guy is so friendly, helpful and amazing I have no words...

My dear friend @Roma thank you for allowing me to have a great laptop that will help me with all of the projects I am doing.

Speechless 😁

A huge and massive thanks to one of the most friendly and overall amazing friends of TROM, @Roma who helped again in a tremendous manner. 1.000 Euros donation for the TROM Laptop campaign. Unbelievable.

Now the campaign looks a lot more different and doable. Amazing help. Unbelievable! #tromlive

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So welcome my friend, glad I can help you! 😊 I do not know anybody who deserves some powerful hardware more than yourself with all the amount of the nicest projects you do..

If you can help.... 😁

Laptop Donation Campaign -

By Tio:

This is a donation campaign to help me, Tio, buy a new laptop that will allow me to become more mobile while having all I need to work on TROM and its baby projects. Please see the donation campaign for a detailed explanation and help if you can.

Basically I need to take what is in this photo (except those galaxies):

With all of the shoeboxes full of HDDs and cables:

And put it into this:

Thank you very much if you can help out! 😀


So these days I was talking to the Tuxedo folks to ask details about the build quality of their laptops and I am quite surprised. Not a positive surprise.

Basically I thought that laptops made out of aluminium and magnesium alloys are....metals....however they told me that their magnesium alloy laptops are basically magnesium alloy steamed onto they are plastic!? They said they do not have metal built odd.

The people from that have laptops which are almost identical to Tuxedo's said theirs are fully metal except the tiny display frame made out of plastic.

@Nick @ The Linux Experiment you reviewed these laptops a lot, what do you think? I got the impression from your videos, and others, that these laptops are metal-built and not plastic...
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I used a few, a Mac a while ago, and a Starlabs laptop. Aluminum feels denser, heavier, and probably a bit more scratch resistant, but it’s also way more prone to fingerprints, and honestly, over a few years, I wouldn’t say the magnesium laptops felt any less solid.
Thanks Nick! Sounds a bit more encouraging that "magnesium alloy" now. 😀

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!Friendica Admins How non-recommended is to downgrade from a dev version of friendica to a stable one? The @YunoHost developers pushed an update recently to the Friendica package and by mistake they labeled it as stable but the update was taken from the dev branch. So people updated to the dev they are trying to push a fix and in the fix to force the instances that upgraded to the dev, to revert back to stable.

Can you please tell me if this is a good idea? I want to make them aware if not. Thanks!
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@Tio Okay, I commented it on the github issue you linked here. They need to consider this.

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Yes I saw thank you!

The UN has done it! We will fix it. Finally!

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finally some good news 😁
right?! awesome! :facepalm

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The RSS part of Friendica again does not work properly and your RSS feeds won't be updated that fast. This is because we have a lot of processes in the queue and probably this will be fixed as soon as we upgrade to the latest Friendica release, and I will try to do that at the end of this month or the beginning of the next.
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FIFA World Trade

The current FIFA event shows a few things that should have been obvious anyway:

1. Slavery was not abolished, it was reduced and redefined at best.
2. High level sport is a business, nothing more.
3. Greenwashing is the most popular practice of pretty much all companies and organizations.
4. Not many people care about climate change, slavery, dictatorship regimes, and so forth.
5. The ones in power (from states to organizations like FIFA) care only about profits and lie endlessly.
6. We are fucked, nothing changes. The same trade based society keeps on being in the driving seat, deciding where we go.

"The OTHER big problem with the Qatar World Cup ->>


Am I the only one who searches for the build quality + repaireability of a laptop when looking to buy one? Why aren't most laptops displaying that sort of info!? I can search for gaming laptops, and thin laptops, and based on cpu and gpu, the Xk screen, whatever the shit but not by build quality....

Maybe this is a signature of our fucked up society where most people are interested in more disposable products, lured in by companies who want the same.

Show me a great built laptop, that I can easily upgrade and repair, has a great battery, ok big screen, ok cpu, and is not as heavy as a brick! 😁

I am so ready for the Fifa world cup! Can't wait. Here's their official song

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I wish Manyverse would take off - - 100% decentralized social network based on scuttlebutt.

After I release TROM II I will try, little by little, to fully migrate to these decentralized platforms like Scuttlebutt and Tox for messaging. We really need that and not servers and centralization.

The Fediverse and Matrix, are great for now. But they are what I like to call as decentralized centralization. Several servers instead of 1. And only a few have most of the users, thus have immense control over the entire network.

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server-based services, even when decentralized as in federated, are vulnerable to recentralization. that's why I prefer truly distributed, P2P systems.
In my experience with talking to people, P2P is a bit confusing. They either confuse it for client-queue-client or think of something like BitTorrent or perhaps I2P. I think F2F is a more precise term that describes a very specific type of P2P:
Also, it really does look to me that decentralization is the same kind of buzzword as "cloud computing" nowadays, grouping together F2F, BitTorrent, federation, blockchain and Web3 (which is a bunch of closed-off prisons built on proprietary technology). It's almost as if these terms are deliberately used to muddy the waters.
yeah, p2p e2e crypto seems to have been captured term-by-term 🙁

F2F works for social media contexts, but I'd like to have P2P rather than client/server as a software architecture core design principle, for many more contexts, to try and recover (conquer?) the notion of cloud as a user-beneficial rather than user-exploitative concept.
First time I hear of Friend to Friend....interesting. I tested Retroshare a lot in the past and I wanted to move all of my projects' work there but never really worked well for me. I think it is not maintained in some time now...a shame...
I think Retroshare and Scuttlebutt are fairly similar, Manyverse is just a client for Scuttlebutt. Similar to how Mastodon is the server back-end for accessing the Fediverse.
Yes I know, maybe I gave the wrong impression that Manyverse is a network while in fact it is a client for the scuttlebutt network. Same as Mastodon is for the fediverse.

So I kinda finished 50 minutes from the 3rd part of TROM II. But now I have to see how I continue. For that I need to go again through the first 2 parts of the documentary. I went through the first part today....difficult. I had to port it to the latest Kdenlive and fix a bunch of things + color correct all interviews footage. I will render it overnight to check it in full resolution tomorrow and prob fix more things for it. Then do it again for the second part. Then re-watch them + the first 50 minutes of the 3rd part and figure how to continue....

But tomorrow I'll also try to release a new TROMjaro ISO....

So a bit of work these days.
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I am personally not happy to see the fediverse conglomerating around a few huge instances. The growth here means a few people are in control of a vast chunk of the network. A decentralized network is the future. Like Scuttlebutt or the like. No servers, no admins, works better the more people that join since there are more nodes. Similar to the Bittorrent network. That's what I'd like to see. Locally, so you have your own identity that no one can temper with.

That's a future I want to see for "social networks".
Wow, Scuttlebutt looks really interesting. Thanks for sharing!

The past months Kdenlive releases have been kinda buggy. That needs to be said. Crashed for me several times, crashed for @Sasha ... at least the good thing is that you can easily re-open and recover your project. The text tool is buggy.

If anyone can get involved, please do ;) - help the Friendica folks keep this awesome platform alive and great.

#Friendica needs new contributors!

I'm not used to do this, but with the large influx of new users and node admins recently coming from #Twitter, our small team is now behind the curve for handling support requests, bug reports and bring about much-needed features.

The project is built on a #PHP/#MySQL platform, but we also need people to be able to assist others just using the software to give developers some space.

If you're willing and able to help, please follow @Friendica Support and the project on Github:

Thank you!

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2 packages are holding back another TROMjaro ISO release....they were in the Chaotic AUR but later removed. I will wait 1-2 more days to see if they will be added back (I contacted them about that) if not I will try to package them for TROMjaro's repo.

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Companies - something I can never trust.

Their incentive is cancerous, their behavior deceiving.