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Ok I finished the first part. It is ready to be sent to the ones who took part in this documentary for review. But I won't accept any suggestions except if there are any that are a must, like some subtitles are wrong, or something is incorrect or really bad. Because I don't care anymore 😀. It is time to move on ;). I can work 5 more years and continue to improve it, I know, but wtf 😀.

It is 1h 24 minutes long, full HD quality, 2.8GB in size. And I do not know if it is great or not, or confusing at times or boring. Cannot judge anymore. I watched it too many times. At the end of the day, I am not obliged to make this any other way but the way I want to. Whoever likes it, great. Who does not, great. 😀

Anyway, I shall start the final editing for part 2, and that's the hardest of them all because I wanna do some more edits there. But since this part was quite fast to edit, maybe it won't take me longer than a week or so to edit the second part. Will see...


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> At the end of the day, I am not obliged to make this any other way but the way I want to. Whoever likes it, great. Who does not, great. 😀

I like that attitude, haha 😄

BTW, one question - In the origin of most problems book you go a little deeper than just the trade-free idea and also introduce people to things like the VADOSE acronym, does the documentary have something similar in it or is it purely focused on the trade-free idea alone?
No, actually like I explained in the book too, it is far more important to understand the problem (trade) than any solution. Solutions will arrive for sure. I will focus more on the VADOSE via different projects into the future, but the documentary is more personal, more made for those who do not know about these ideas. We also injected a lot of facts, but I'd still consider it a "light" documentary. We talk a bit about the trade-free idea too ofc, but mostly is about how we, humans, grow in this society, what influences us, how the society works, what are the biggest issues, what we could do about them.

Computer porn:

I'm using almost all of the 64GB of RAM 😁. That's a bit extreme but I am doing a lot. The Kdenlive project for the TROM II documentary eats some 30GB already. But why have them if you don't use them? So I am happy I use my new laptop at full potential like I've always done with all of my computers.

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Its not like you're wasting your RAM doing a bunch of fancy stuff, you're using it to render a big documentary on kdenlive - stuff like this is what RAM is made for 😃

I finished some 40 minutes from TROM II part 1, final editing. I call it final because I am basically checking stuff and improving bits here and there. After that is done I will have to render this part fully to see it all in high quality and make sure all looks good. Hopefully yes, if not there should only be minor things that are easy to fix but were not obvious while editing in Kdenlive.

I've done most of the hard stuff I wanted to fix for this first part so I expect the rest to be done in just a few days.

Feels great to now simply edit for the sake of improving here and there, and not having to think about how to "create", where the documentary goes, what next.... 😀

I expect part 2 to be more difficult to edit and fix/improve stuff, since it is also the biggest. Then the last part may need a bit of improvement here and there. Anyway, will see. That's my mission now: the final editing!


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I am bringing back our Live Updates page 😀 - am excited for that. I wanted to bring it back for some time now. Basically I pull the ATOM feed from our Friendica profiles like mine, @Aaron , @Sasha and so forth, and filter them by a keyword like #tromlive. So you get automated updates from us all.

The problem was that Friendica only provides an ATOM feed while the plugin we use for pulling these feeds and filtering them, only uses RSS. I found and open source converter so let's see how that works.

I am getting our more and more ready for the documentary release. I want to make it active again and TROMlive was one of those things that kept the website breathing.
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This is great! 😃

Though I found a small bug - if you click on the profile name that says "Tio", " TROM" or "Aaron" then it just brings me to a page that doesn't exist. Not a big issue, but just letting you know.
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Yup I can't fix that unfortunately....also it won't display the photos inside posts....these are some limitations I tried to fix before and could not. But it is fine even with these little bugs. Thanks for reporting!

I wanted to check today again on that chatgpt. And it is so hilarious and telling about how these statistical software actually work. It started well, then became a complete fuckery. I'd like to share that here.


Not super bad, but still. So it was better than before.

Now when I asked who is Tio, meaning me, here's what it said:

Oh my jizus-christ! So I am Tio Theodoros Mavridis, I am greek, I created the Zeitgeist Movement and the Zeitgeist Addendum documentary among other things.

This chat is the biggest bullshitter in the world. Can be so confidently wrong. It is astonishing.

This software basically puts words together based on what is statistically more relevant, and many times can create wonderfully written sentences while being full of shit. How can anyone simply trust this bullshitter is beyond me. I can ask it about anything and I would have no clue if it is complete garbage or not.

So, what is this crap useful for except funny poems and lame chitchatting?
Oh my god I'm dying hahahaha:

Who wants Tio's Reader????

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Tio, inventor of many non-existent things, and some things that exist, but don't know which is which
@Xantulon Where was that post where chatGPT says the guy is dead? I should've bookmarked that one 'cause it was so funny, haha 😆
One more because it is so hilarious:

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My personal social profile is separated from TROM for this reason, so that I can post whatever I want on my profile, while TROM is for more thoughtful posts. I want to be able to live a life where I can say whatever I want and don't give a fuck about what people think and such. I don't care if I put off some people, because I do this via my personal account. I do want to be more exact, calm, and reasonable via the official TROM "outlets".

I've used my website to rant about things since 2005. Helped to not basically kill myself since I was so angry about this society I tried to do that in highschool. So it does help a lot. That's not to say I rant nonsense. I'll stand behind my rants. It is just the way that I express myself while I rant, that may put people off or look too generalized.

In any case, I did not expect this huge conversation because of this post haha. Stay wise and calm! ;)
@Tio @Rokosun @Stephanie R Maxwell 🏳️‍🌈
Yeah good point, I don't want you to self-sensor yourself just 'cause you have this project TROM, you should keep being you because that's genuine. And BTW I also do rant sometimes, if I start to post more often here then you may see more of it. Lastly, sorry for dragging this conversation along for too long, I just had some things in my head that I wanted to put out there and this seemed like a good chance to do that, it'd be weird if I came to you and randomly started a conversation about movies or ranting, lol 😄

That's it folks, I have started the final editing of the entire documentary. Basically we have 4 parts and I take them 1 by 1, do the few edits/improvs I wanted to do, and we are done.

I am curious how fast or slow these final edits will be.

Let's see....

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Here's my two cents - background music is very important in a film 🎶
I agree, and from the bits that I've seen so far, Tio did a really amazing job with the background music in this documentary 😀 Can't wait to see it all 😀
Confirm it myself, from a little piece I've seen last year, music must be one of the shining diamonds of this new documentary. I literally had chills 😲 Exciting!
@esh @bigworldsmallsasha
Oh wow you folks are making me more excited! 😃
Well I really struggled with that. It is very hard to do the audio and I am by no mean someone who has experience with that. I did what I could but do not think that this is a professionally made documentary haha. It is a documentary made in my room by myself haha.

As for @Sasha and @Roma don't fully trust them they are biased 😁. They both like me and I like them back. So we say god things about each other haha.

No but really I want people to have low expectations of this documentary so maybe they get a nice surprise rather than the opposite.
@Tio @Sasha @Roma @Rokosun
They both like me and I like them back. So we say god things about each other haha.

Don't we all 😄
No but really I want people to have low expectations of this documentary so maybe they get a nice surprise rather than the opposite.

That makes sense, I'll take into account that this is made by one single person and keep my expectations low, plus I'm pretty sure what you're gonna say in this documentary since I'm already familiar with these ideas, so its about how others see and understand these concepts. But still I find it fascinating that you were even able to make such a massive documentary using simple FOSS programs like kdenlive, and unlike the first TROM documentary this one has you all in front of the camera 😃 So maybe I'll learn a bit more about y'all by watching this 🙂
We all like each other. Yes!

And I like that attitude! Tame your expectations hehe. Better be pleasantly surprised than un-pleasantly ;)
As for @Sasha and @Roma don't fully trust them they are biased 😁. They both like me and I like them back. So we say god things about each other haha.

Yes, please don't trust me, frankly I'm easy to impress. And I'm only talking about that small bit I've seen, maybe other parts are just a Rickrolling for 4 hours straight, idk 😆 Anyway I think the topics and stories are told by that documentary is what's so important and I'm sure, knowing @Tio 's mind, they are covered openly and directly and I'm excited to hear them from him and other TROM people too, that's what I'm saying.. 😊
haha it's true that we may be a little biased, but that soundtrack is super great 😛 😀

I wonder if this AI (statistical software) hype is just like the 3D videos, or the blockchain, or the VR glasses, and so forth. I mean I am thinking what can they be useful for. Even if these AI can produce a lot of cool images and text, I mean what is it useful for? Cheating on your exams? Sure. Creating more spam-bot content to fill up websites quickly? Sure. For fun for a few days to generate random shit? Sure.

What else?

Maybe the only two useful things would be:
  • Coding and technical answers. So things that you can check. I tried using AI to help me push commits to the AUR, and was mostly helpful. Providing command line tips and all that. But since it is at times inaccurate you can also mess things up. On top of this if you use them to create pieces of code can be decent from my tests, but still primitive in many regards.
  • Quick unimportant answers. Like recipes, or whatever else you may need that does no have to be that factual.
Nothing near the hype that's happening right now. I can't see myself using these statistical software bots unless for coding purposes, rarely.
I'm not convinced myself of whether this is something I want to invest my time into, but I do see that it's something that it will be very relevant part of our lifes soon.
I dunno about AI generated text/code, but AI generated images could be useful for some things that come to my mind.

In particular, I'm thinking of tabletop style role playing games where a Game Master can quickly whip up some background art for a room or other setting. The AI could offer, say, a dozen images and if none of them are satisfactory it's no big deal - just fall back onto the normal role playing technique of no artwork.

There are ethical issues of the raw input data set, but I see this as solvable in a straightforward way - limit input data to public domain images (older art and various public domain photos etc).

Two TROM tools have been deleted: our TROM quiz that was based on outdated knowledge and a very outdated plugin, and our TROM "social" ( that contained a lot of "memes" - images containing snippets from our books. These too were outdated in many ways and we do not want to "play the social network game" by regurgitating the same "memes" and resharing them on our networks. We need new content that is more relevant.

These two tools, although we put a ton of effort into making them, were outdated. We will do more cleaning for the website in preparation for the new TROM II documentary.

TROM will become more active after the release of the documentary.


Here's a short documentary by AlJazeera about Julian Assange

It is astonishing that we have a human who publishes materials (not obtained by him, but sent to him) via a public source like Wikileaks, materials that expose the murders and extreme abuse by a tribe, and the tribe is like "Yeah fuck off you criminal let's fuck you up for making these documents public!".

USA is probably the biggest worldwide abuser and killer overall. Yet they want to paint themselves as saints and saviors. And by "they" I mean the few who run that tribe.

Disgusting world.

These days we worked a lot on Sasha's book cover. Today I worked 5h nonstop in Kirta, the program we use to design it. The image we work with, the project, is double the size of a 4k photo....because we need it for printing. So a bit demanding on my laptop. 15GB of RAM was Krita eating 😁. But I have 64GB haha. Anyway I only worked on the laptop's battery, so I am happy it lasted me 5h of continuous work. I still have 13% battery left. I love that I can take the laptop in bed and work on stuff whenever I want 😀. This is something I was never able to do since my previous 2 laptops had a very shitty battery. Maybe 2h of use max.

This week I'll get back to work on TROM II to finish editing all of the parts and release. Let's see how it goes.....

Our Invidious instance won't show up the popular/trending stupidities anymore, but a simple page:

Let's not make ourselves dumber and dumber 😁.

It is up to you what you search for, but we do not want to promote the youtube garbage collection.


The unfortunate reality: 9 out of 10 Friendica registration attempts are spam/bots, and almost 10 out of 10 for our Peertube instance. Who can I blame? Our trade based society that incentivizes us all to trade trade trade. Forced and incentivized to sell shit non stop. We can't stop these with anti-spam tools, or asking people to be nice.... This society breeds more of these creatures.

We have an aggressive anti-spam tool for our Peertube. Yet daily we get spambos registering. We have a manual approval system for Friendica, yet it gets overwhelming if I, one admin, need to figure which ones are spambos, which ones are not.

The reason I scream about this trade-based society on a daily basis, is because it breeds most of these bad behaviors we see: from spambots to polluters, awful content to badly made products, waste to name it.

So those that are angry about spambots need to understand that they originate from the same core issue as most of our problems in today's society. TRADE!

Why I hate smartphones.

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Oh I'm sure its gonna be good, so excited 😁
Great job Tio! I'm sure it is amazing 😀 Can't wait to see it all! 😀

I was actually very excited about AIs at first, but after trying it out myself I realized that its not exactly what people make it out to be. And I couldn't put my finger on it at first, but then I found this reddit post that explained it quite well -

Comparing AI to parrot is a very good analogy, because that's what an AI does, it tries to mimic human behaviors like chatting, drawing, etc without actually having a proper "understanding" of what its doing.


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For example I asked an AI chatbot to recommend me some songs and it did, then I asked it to give me youtube links to those songs. And everything looked fine, until I actually clicked on those links. Clicking on those youtube links either sent me to a different youtube video or in most cases YouTube said the video was unavailable. So that's when I got it that the AI was trying to "mimic" the YouTube links, and TBF it does a pretty good job at that, but that's all there is to it.


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So does this mean AI is totally useless? not really, but I'd definitely warn people against using AIs for learning "new things" that you don't already know, 'cause it can mislead you by giving wrong info. Like the post I linked above says, an AI is like a parrot, and I don't think most people would wanna learn from a parrot regardless of how good it is at mimicking an intelligent-looking conversion. AI can be used to assist you with things you already know how to do.


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It has been my theory that El0n bought Twitter to hype up AI. Had this before, and ChatGPT (project he invested in) has been steady "trending" & promoted tweet saturated since day 1.

Another good review of TROMjaro

Especially when the ones reviewing our distro focus a bit on the trade-free idea. That's the most important part of it all. #tromlive

Here's a really beautiful documentary - relaxing, calm, great.

Newly added documentary on

Soul of the Ocean

Take a deep breath and experience the complex world of ocean waters. Get a never-before-seen look at how life underwater co-exists in a marriage of necessity.

Watch it here:

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Only 3 minutes left out of the TROM II documentary, last part 😁. Yah. Getting there! But since these last 3 minutes might be quite important, it may take me a few days to edit them. Can't believe I am getting so close.

In other news, I started to unfollow a lot of people on the fediverse because my newsfeed became uninteresting. And I will unfollow a ton more. I only want to follow a few interesting creatures. The more you follow the more of a shitstorm your newsfeed will be. And with friendica I can also follow RSS sources so it would be a shame to ruin my experience here 😁. Thus far it works and my newsfeed is more attractive for me now.

Anyway, probably my next TROM II update will be when I'll be done with the last part.

TROM II despite being some 5h long and covering lots of topics, does not use stock footage at all. I cut pieces and parts from hundreds of documentaries. Almost every piece of footage has a story. For example one time we talk about how humans, if they had more time, could learn more about how this world works, and I showcase footage with real scientists looking at real data and real stuff that they study. Not some random dudes and dudes pointing and fake shit. That's the kind of editing I have done.

I want TROM II to be genuine. And stock footage sucks. So yeah, I used only real footage from real events. And that was, and still is, insanely difficult. To cut pieces from hundreds of documentaries is a bit insane....luckily VideoNeat is my friend. I have collected thousands of documentaries there over the past 10+ years. All available for free.

So yeah....a ton of work.

Speaking of TROM II I finished a bit over 1h. Not much left out of the last part. But the end of the documentary should be very good, at least from my perspective. So I want to not rush with that.

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You are very kind. By the way for the TROM books, at least the first ones, I did use stock images since back then stock images were not very much used like today, so it felt alright to use them. Now I hate stock images/videos. Like hate with a passion 😁.

Anyway, I hope the documentary is interesting for you. May not be any new info for you yeah be aware of that haha.
I was talking more about the writing itself and the ideas you were trying to share, not the pictures on the book. And yes I remember there were a few stock images used, but you also made a lot of comic like characters which made it more interesting 😄

Just so everyone knows, boobs and genitalia are not bad. They can cause a lot of pleasure. Penises too. And overall the naked human body.

Therefore we won't remove any video from our Peertube instance just because some people are too sensitive to the naked body. You know, you too heave one. Enjoy it!

Guns, poverty, wars, violent games, ads, and so forth, are the ones we should stay away from and consider unacceptable. Not the naked human body.

TROMJaro - An Amazing XFCE Distro!

Thank you for the review! And thank you for talking about the "trade-free" approach that makes TROMjaro unique.

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Wow that sounds interesting, I'll be watching this one 😁

I finally managed to get back to work on TROM II again. 57 minutes done. Basically now I only have a 10 minutes chunk to do. If that's done then I only have 3 more minutes, the last ones of the entire documentary.

You have to understand that this documentary was not scripted, nor did I have an idea about how it will end up. Just some 40 hours of interviews with 5 people over the course of half a year. So I had to put this puzzle together somehow. Hopefully it will make sense.

I am confident that March will be the month I'll finish it all. I say that because even after I finish this last part I need to go through the entire documentary and improve a few bits here and there.

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Here's one of the many examples of "reality is more interesting than movies". This is a wonderful story of two humans. Two scientists. Who wanted to understand the Earth. Interesting, sad, and tragic story. Who the fuck needs movies when reality is better in any regard!?

Newly added documentary on

Fire of Love

Fire of Love is a 2022 documentary film about the lives and careers of volcanologists Katia and Maurice Krafft.

Watch it here:

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Wait, are these just like free documentaries? Or just a reccommendation thing?
@trom is a website I run since 2012 and all of the documentaries there can be downloaded via the Bittorrent network. Check the "magnet" links for any of them.

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Seriously folks, documentaries are really underrated. If you're someone who's even remotely interested in science or is curious about the world we live in then I highly recommend giving it a try.

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Here's a more down-to-earth view about these so called "AI" chat-bots -

Taken from our TROMnews Videos

If you do not follow TROMnews I highly suggest you do so. Curated news and videos from all around the world. Not your average news BS.

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Webb telescope spots what astronomers believe are surprisingly large galaxies dating back to early universe.

Very interesting. Listen I have another "theory": shocker but every single galaxy we have observed so far is actually our own at different stages. Even when there are a few colliding it is an illusion. 😀 Even more shocking than my Black Balls theory.

No but seriously now, I love when experiments/observations of this kind do not match what scientists expect. Why? Because it is fascinating. The reality may be so different from what we know now. Maybe there was no "big bang" but something else....maybe the theory of galaxy formation is wrong. You know they had to kinda "invent" the "dark matter" to explain how galaxies are held in place. Then "dark energy" to explain why the universe expands at increasing rates...

So yeah, fascinating. Very 😀 - I love the Universe. It is such a wonderful garden full of mysteries.
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hahah actually if the universe had a round shape we could, in theory, see our own galaxy at some point 😁
Ooh, that reminds me of this video -

Curved universe is a fascinating concept, we can never know for sure how the entire universe is shaped like. But in that video he points out that scientists have tried to measure the curvature of our observable universe and with a margin of + or - 0.4% they think that its flat. So considering the fact that we can only observe galaxies inside the observable universe then its very unlikely that we're seeing our own galaxy 🤔
Also if we're seeing our own galaxy at different points of time then wouldn't we be able to tell because of the similarities? I mean, when we look at all the galaxies they're very different from each other in shape, size, and even colors or matter it contains.
If you watched the video I linked above, there's also a pinned comment below it where he corrects some mistake he made. He says that in a round universe, earth (or galaxy in our case) would be stretched across the sky, kinda like if you step inside a spherical mirror you'll see your face and entire body stretched across its surface. So in the video he shows that we see another earth when he zooms in, but in reality we'll be seeing earth stretched across the entire screen.
I am skeptical about dimensions haha. I never understood them. They sound to me like just a mathematical concept. But can't figure if it is just that....
If you weren't talking about dimensions then what do you mean by the universe being round? 🤔
What are dimensions in the first place? Besides the mathematical concept? Isn't everything "3d"? Even a sheet of paper is 3d since it has a width. Even if it is 1 atom thick that's still 3d. There are no dimensions other than this "3d" one we live in, isn't it?
Yeah I get that dimensions are just a concept, but how can you explain a round universe without talking about other dimensions?
idk observations, experiments, maybe it is irrelevant to even think of the universe as having a "shape". Maybe the universe is all that is/exists, and thus has no particular shape just an infinite space. is weird. But I never understood this concept of dimensions except when you talk about maths and physics. I find the concept weird and maybe it is not even a real thing.
Of course dimensions are just a concept since we can't actually observe any other dimensions than the one we live in. And most of mathematics are imaginary things like that, even though they can be useful for solving problems sometimes. Like for example, what do we mean by negative numbers? We can never actually have a negative number of things in real life, so its like an imaginary concept that can be a useful tool sometimes.
Yes but the video you showed me used these "dimensions" to "prove" that we live in a "flat" universe and not a "round" one. 😀 - To me that was a silly explanation but maybe I don't understand.
The video didn't prove anything, he just mentioned that some scientists have tried to analyse the shape of the universe and they found it to be pretty flat, the observable universe that is, no one knows the shape of the entire universe. There is also a Wikipedia article about the whole thing -
He tried to "prove". But ofc he didn't. And how can you prove the universe has this shape while using "dimensions" if "dimensions" may not even be a real thing? Maybe you can only mathematically-prove that. Anyway, have to focus on TROM II can't dig deeper into this.

So now the fashionable thing is for "documentaries" to be about murderers, cults or celebrities, and be like 8 parts long and made (bought) by netflix, apple, or hulu? Interesting world we live in. These are not documentaries as much as drama-shows. You see these companies need to make shit-load of content, to gain more subscribers, and keep the subscribed ones around.

Anyway. Awful.

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These days I frequently stumble upon documentaries about celebrities, so sad.... 😢
Oh yeah.. that recent one about prince harry and his wify, omfg. 6 of 1h long episodes, 6!! Fuck me.. The absolute "knowledge" to be shared obviously 🤮

This is how the Hubble images are made

Such a beautiful video. So wonderful 😀 Thanks Hubble-Bubble!

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A new TROMjaro ISO is out - we moved to the new 6.1 LTS Kernel. All looks good! 😀

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Bloody hell I managed to replace ALL trailers for with our Peertube links and make them open in a proper popup. I thought it would take me months, but took me days. I did work many hours a day to do it. Now it is done. Awesome!

Back to work on the documentary!