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:tor: Tor was blocked in Russia leading up to #Ukraine.

Attacks on #privacy are pushes towards #Authoritarianism /#Totalitarianism (no matter where you are, or where you stand).


#Tutorial: How to bypass #Tor censorship in #Russia:

#HumanRights #Surveillance #Censorship

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📡(RTP) Privacy & Tech Tips

Bridges built in browser (EXCEPT not snowflakes ;) ) appear mostly blocked in Russia.

I recommend the Snowflake :tor: ❄️ (Tor project recommends this for Russia)

Mine has gotten a lot more use lately + do believe them to be more anonymous than other bridges (many are on and off again firefox browser extension users).

Tor recommends Russian users use Snowflake.❄️

#Ukraine #Russia #privacy

Super easy way to help, snowflakes firefox ext or dedicated are great:

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📡(RTP) Privacy & Tech Tips

The other bridges are also very helpful and can still be used by Russians by being obtained through bridge requests.

All bridges help, and each dedicated OBFS4 helps take on more traffic distribution for the network. 🙏 :tor: Lessening the load overall.

I like the snowflake extension as an easy solution/recommendation to help a max number of ppl.

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📡(RTP) Privacy & Tech Tips

Because Tor Snowflakes can still be connected to through directly by selecting "Snowflake" in browser, I believe it will help the most people in #Russia possible.

Some just won't know how to, or not make the effort to request bridges.

BUT, I would bet, most will try Snowflake selection in browser before going through the bridge request process.

By having snowflakes usable/connectable easily directly in browser, we help most people possible, IMHO. :tor: ❄️

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📡(RTP) Privacy & Tech Tips
Since Russia started blocking Tor, my snowflake went from about 1-7 people helped per day up to 40-53 / day.

Massive increase in usage and a big reason for that is it being universally easy to connec (for anyone without access to bridge request info).

Everything that helps build up Tor network helps improve situation.

But snowflakes directly help those in #Russia.

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Broke my personal Tor ❄️ Snowflake browser extension record today (install it to become a bridge instantly)!

Keep installing the browser extension (Firefox/Chrome if you haven't done so yet).

It's SOOOO EASY for all of us to make a difference. :tor: 😀 :ablobcatwave: 🔒

And fun to be able to see how many you are potentially saving from #Censorship.

#Ukraine #Russia #Tor #Proxy #Encryption #Anonymous #Anonymity #HumanRights

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Enju 📛 :GL: ⭐
i feel like my internet is very slow
im also seeding torrents so there would probably be like 400kb/s of upload available
but i have the cli version of snowflake and a normal tor node on my vps
i wonder if thats a bad idea
the node had almost 20TB of traffic this month
at least the vps gets used more
not just sitting around doing nothing while i pay for it
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And I am familiar with those using Carrier grade NAT to use it. Shouldn't be an issue.
👍 :tor:
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Someone just shared this embedded link you could even give it a try before installing the browser extension! Simply turn it on here: 😀 :tor:
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Earlier covered becoming a snowflake Tor Bridge (*UNLISTED* Entry Node) by installing browser extension.

But did you know you can open a link and become one w/out extension??

#Privacy #Tor #Proxy #Anonymity #Snowflake #Ukraine #Russia
Just (bookmark) visit: anytime you feel like being a part of the solution to #MassSurveillance + #censorship!
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Thanks! I hate my CGNAT. There is so much I'd self host, but I need to configure a bridge using wireguards first.... I guess I should make that my next project.