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GR11 Day 52- Foxes & Closed Grocery Stores

Day 52 of my thru-hike across the Spanish Pyrenees!

I woke up next to Rio Aragon Subordan (across Refugio de la Mina, which is abandoned), hiked up Chipeta Alto (a nice and easy peak just off the GR11), then hiked to Camping Zuriza.

There are some things you should know about Zuriza:
1. Several hikers reported foxes breaking into their tents and stealing their food here and near other campgrounds in this area.

  1. The supermarket here is closed for good! There is an expensive restaurant only (and a very nice staff member who gave me a free chocolatey baked bread thingy- thank you to that guy!! :D ). You should plan on buying groceries in Isaba, where there is a bigger shop which is open until 9PM in summer.
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in reply to Sasha

Fuck those flies give me anxiety. haha. I just now saw them in detail. They were so many you were not even that bothered. Luckily you were not eaten alive.
in reply to Tio

@tio haha no I was bothered, I just didn't express myself to the camera 😁