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Starting March 10, you'll need a Microsoft account to play Java.
This is it folks, yet another HUGE reason to switch to @Minetest
#Minetest is minecraft equivalent that respects your freedom.
#Minecraft is a proprietary software, which in itself was already a reason to not play it and avoid it, but if you wanted to play it anyway for some reason, at least your account was separated from the big fish #microsoft and their data base. Another push for Microsoft's monopoly.

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Good intentions but let's not pretend either that Minetest is a 1:1 copy clone of Minecraft.

Content warning: blockgame meta from being a modder / sysadmin for A While

Kind of agreed. A caveat though:

Doesn't have to be a 1:1 clone. It just has to be... a full experience. And it isn't that. Not yet, anyway.

I think the promotion of Minetest and Minetest games should look more like "we're developing an alternative, so you don't have to deal with Microsoft's BS, care to support the creators working on this?" than "here, play this instead of Minecraft."
Have you taken a look at Vintage Story? I've found it to be a very complete experience and it still has more to come.
I haven't, but from what it seems, it is not a free software, so I personally wouldn't suggest this as an alternative. @boilingsteam@Minetest@glitchyhare
Was not aware of @Minetest .
I'll check it out. Thanks :a_to:
Minetest is more of base game that provides a skeleton for mods.

Minetest itself has games, where MineClone2 is a pretty good clone of Minecraft.