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This is my version of a gaming setup.
I tried to make it so that a few consoles are always plugged in and ready. Then there's the "jump spot" for taking consoles off the shelf an easy plug in.
Putting the TV on the wall with a swivel arm helped free up room.
Cable management is always in need of improvement.
Wanna come over and play?😊
#retrogaming #RetroComputing
#Sega #Nintendo #Atari #Commodore #NEC #PCEngine #NeoGeo
A wall of IKEA shelves with various consoles.

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I can hear that picture 🤓

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Planet Earth or Planet Ocean?

Take a look at this fascinating data visualization of countries by their share of Earth’s surface.

There are over 510M square kilometers of area, but ❤0% is covered by land. Over 70% is the ocean.

Image by Nicholas LePan for Visual Capitalist. Details at #nature #science
A breakdown of countries share of Earth’s surface. The largest countries by surface area are Russia (3.35%), Canada (1.96%), and China (1.88%). Image by Nicholas LePan for Visual Capitalist.
And yet Russia feels they need more land than they already have even though they have the most land.
Cool graph.

I've read that the mass of all Oceans is about .02% of the planet. Though water is also common on land and inside the planet, the best name depends on our perspective.. Personally I think of "Human Home Planet", but from space a visitor would probably describe it using water.

Internet Connected Pinball Machine Shows Off Scores


#microcontrollers #pipicow #pinball #hackaday
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#KerbalSpaceProgram 2 just entered early access moments ago!! 🥳

#ksp2 #ksp
Did you get it already? How is your experience regarding performance?
@tobtobxx I sadly have to stick to KSP 1 until it's out for MacOS.

OG DOOM Shows off the Origins of Multi-Monitor


#classichacks #games #doom #multimonitor #retrogaming #hackaday
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Yep, always hard explainin to someone why you like gentoo, it just scratches an itch that no other flavour can.

I grew up in the US, but have spent most of my life abroad. I've always found that system of measure to be incredibly stupid. Speaking to Americans about measurements of anything is a test of anyone's patience. And what's with the constant "metric is too difficult to learn" comments by Americans?!

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We've been working on a bunch of new stuff that just shipped this morning!
🕶️ Experimental WebXR Support
🎥 Third Person Camera
🚶 New Character Controller
🌐 Experimental Authoritative Networking
📦 New Engine Resource System

And so much more!


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These discrete rotations are nauseating. I would hope it's not an easily-accessible antifeature, or it will be made in animated fashion (ease-in-out).

Anyway, great to see WebXR in action. I would also hope for not locking-in with Unity Engine for featured maps. What's the status of editing via Mozilla Spoke?
@vintprox in a headset, click-to-turn is much less nauseating than smoothly turning. there is no hard dependency on Unity at all; any glTF works fine. meanwhile we’re concentrating on an in-world editor rather than building a Spoke style thing.
That's good to hear. 😉 Thanks for clarifying.
I am aware of some games that support both smooth and descrete rotations. Do you think both will be supported in thirdroom?
@minecraftchest1 yup, absolutely. you can already do smooth rotations anyway by turning your head ;P

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Meet Alpakka - a customisable, #opensource controller with additional features to improve user experience and make it easier for everyone to enjoy #gaming.

Brought to you by Input Labs in support of their mission to "democratise #videogame controllers".
A black 3D printed gaming controller with bright purple accents stood on its arms against a black background
neat. Totally into [glorified] DIY button boxes 😀

Alas I switched out my Pi with a Mega. Can not have enough buttons and axes, no? 🙃

This is the demo where I still had the Pi in use thou:
Three monitors form a wall around a cardboard box that embeds a fourth monitor, many buttons and switches in various colours are also implemented. Some LED display the status of a spaceship. The computer game that is played with this contraption is Elite Dangerous Odyssey. An IR head tracker and a HOTAS are also in use.

Binary Watch Rocks a Bare PCB With Pride


#clockhacks #news #binary #binaryclock #binarywatch #led #pcb #smd #hackaday
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Secure LoRa Mesh Communication Network


#radiohacks #raspberrypi #mesh #network #peertopeer #radio #secure #hackaday
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Fedigov auf der FOSDEM und bei Dir!

Wenn Du überzeugt bist, dass öffentliche Einrichtung auch über freie Social-Media-Kanäle mit der Gesellschaft kommunizieren sollen, kannst Du unsere Kampagne aktiv unterstützen.

#Fedigov #Behörden #Kommunikation #Fediverse #Öffentlichkeit #FOSDEM #Linux

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One major thing not noted on this page is the hindrance of viewing by the public of posts that should be strictly targeted at public consumption. Facebook makes it almost impossible for anyone without an account to view anything posted on their sites. And YouTube, while accessible, is littered with advertisements which most likely have no relevance to the video and distract attention from the content.

(#) Follows Import?

Is there a way in #Friendica to import hashtag follows (saved searches) from csv as done with contacts?

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#hacking now on a #risc-v got fedora #GNU/Linux on it, but getting the #Arch GNU/Linux image ready to bootstrap and install it, so I can help port my self made #C #GO #Rust hacking tools to #RISCV #fun #happyHacking #hackerCulture
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GDM3 Lock Command?

Is there a way to initiate the #gdm session lock while not running #gnome?
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Here is the first episode of the #Linux and #opensource news podcast!

Compared to the videos, I go into more detail on each topic, and I also talk about more topics than what I can cover in the videos.

It's currently only on the website below, and there's an RSS feed to add it to your client of choice, I'll try and add it to other podcast directories in the future (but Spotify doesn't want it for now, spits out a random error, so it will have to wait).

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#Medium – the proprietary, #SiliconValley equivalent of free and open #fediverse app #WriteFreely, by the #billionnaire co-founder of #Twitter – now has a #Mastodon server.

It might be a good time to take a look at WriteFreely ( and their hosted services ( and WriteFreely Host ( and consider owning your own #blog on the fediverse instead of contributing to the walled gardens of the folks who bequeathed you Twitter.
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Another option is to #SelfHost #Blogpostings as a #Git (i.e. #GitLab or #Gitea) and write them in #markdown...

This should yield pretty okay design at relatively low effort...

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Happy to be a speaker at #SOOCon23 #stateofopencon 2023.

Guess what? I will be talking about /e/OS and Murena!

Meet you in London on the 7th and 8th February.

#degoogled #smartphones #privacy #opensource #mydataisMYdata