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YouTube Free is Silently Testing 5 Ads, instead of 2, Before Your Video Starts

This probably doesn't matter to you since you use an ad-blocker or alternative ways to watch YT videos without ads but this is still a bad joke.

Screw YT and his whole Evil Corp gang.

They only do it with 6 second ads, but still a very shitty move from YouTube 😐

For those who need it, here are some alternate ways to access YouTube content -
SUPER helpful link, thank you!
Well that's why it is not "free" trade your attention and data. Same way as trading your currency for their Premium. Traders will always try to maximize their profits....
that's just wow...
I use newsboat with mpv but newpipe or freetube are good alternatives.
Nope, mpv on Linux. On Android I use Newpipe. On Linux, mainly newsboat as a feed client from YT and mpv as a viewer. Sometimes I use also FreeTube as GUI client.