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Introducing Calckey!

Calckey, a fork of Misskey, has been in development for almost a year but now it's ready for general use! it features groups, quote posts, a custom Markdown implementation, chat, emoji reactions, and a whole bunch of quality-of-life features!
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they have a comparison of fedi social media software on the main page. according to that table, Calckey has all the features of Foundkey plus migration, enhanced search and thread handling, and partial Masto API compatibility
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Calckey has migration support? - thats amazing! 🤩
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Migration support, including your old posts
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I like it so far, and it has a number of features I've been wanting in mastodon. The only thing holding me back is not having a good mobile app yet since that's where I do most of my social media browsing. I can get it on Fedilab, but that was built with mastodon in mind and is missing some features, and is sometimes a bit wonky.
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it's usable as a PWA (i hear it's pretty snappy), and they're working on their own mobile app
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@salarua, @The Mad Codger, the PWA is excellent! I've found it to be extremely responsive, even on older android devices. It's a very nicely built UI/UX. For me, it's already everything Misskey is but a bit more polished.

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Yeah the Calckey PWA is great! A much better experience than any of the apps with support, in my opinion.

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I have been using it for a bit since yesternight, so far I like it although I still kind of have to get used to it (I have been out of the habit of microblogging for like 6 or 7 years).

The UI is actually quite nice, with pretty good looking themes. There is a distinction between "global" (known network), "local" (your instance), and "social" (mostly people you follow), as well as "recommended" timelines. Features like channels I might explore some time in the future, so currently cannot say much about them.

Onboarding works quite nice with how you are being guided through filling in a profile, selecting a first few people to follow and writing a first post.

My Lemmy profile page shows my Calckey account, for those of you who wish to follow me. 😁
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Worth checking out even if just to experience a different approach than the big beast.

Calkey lemmy community at
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The name is a really weird one. Sounds more like a spreadsheet than a social media application.
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The lead dev goes by the handle ThatOneCalculator, which is where the name came from, back when it was a single person project 😀
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I do like it but i'm not sure i'll use it instead of another platform...I really like lemmy and it's link aggregatorness but Calckey's lack of a character limit makes it a viable alternative.
Also that UI is HOT! (As are most worked on by freeplay)
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What's link aggregatorness? I hear that term often to refer to Reddit and lemmy but I don't understand what it means exactly. Obviously content on these sites is a lot more than "aggregating links" if I understand what aggregation means here.
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Yeah. The reason I prefer them is it seems that people have more meaningful conversations than on other platform. Also on reddit specific posts can appear in search results making it possible to write a blog on one of these platform or find a very helpful suggestion to a specific problem you have. (I really wish lemmy did this: not just because of the practicality but it would also bring a whole bunch more users over here.)
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I really like lemmy and it’s link aggregatorness but Calckey’s lack of a character limit makes it a viable alternative.

you can have both 😛

every community on Lemmy is followable on other fediverse platforms. this one is, and you can follow it and receive new posts to here just like any other account you follow! you won't be able to up/downvote, but you can post here by mentioning in your post. the first line of your post will be the title, and everything after that will be the body
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Yeah...I meant as my "home base" in the fediverse. The place I typically will scroll.
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I am a fan, I have my own tiny instance

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One of us! One of us!
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Hello there fellow Calckey admin 🙂
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The license in the repo is AGPL. Misskey which Calckey is a fork of has the same license.