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Telegram is down again but ( works, you know why? Because on Matrix we don't rely on one server. Matrix is decentralized and federated so even if one instance goes down, only few users will be affected, not all of Matrix users.
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That's great, but I'd say the future is something like the TOX protocol and the like. P2P, no servers. We did an article about that here
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Nice! I'll read through later on. I hope is es easy as say qTox: install the app, choose a username and password, and done. Text, filesharing, video and audio, groups, and all that. p2p
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I tried it many times, for years now.....and I could never make it work properly...but is on my "to try more" list ;)
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Matrix spends a lot on PR and SMM. But also:
The developers of the platform for decentralized messaging Matrix have announced an emergency shutdown of the servers and (the main client of the Matrix) in connection with the hacking of the project infrastructure. The first shutdown took place last night, after which the servers were restored, and the applications were reassembled from the source code. But later the servers were compromised a second time.

But it is also diligent in hiding the vulnerabilities it has discovered:

Could it be that the vulnerabilities that have been discovered are beetles that are being hidden so that they can be exploited effectively?