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Explaining Hubzilla to those who don't want to use it anyway

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Content warning: Idea: Short posts that tell Mastodon users how Hubzilla is not just like Mastodon; CW: long (well over 1,100 characters), Fediverse meta, non-Mastodon Fediverse meta

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which perhaps other networks can do...

...and have to do.

Next to nobody on Mastodon talks about anything that isn't Mastodon or whatever Mastodon doesn't want to federate with (Threads, Bluesky).

The only exceptions are devs who advertise their Fedi projects. And even they only use Mastodon if a) their project isn't ready yet, and/or b) it's too much different from Mastodon to be used for advertising.

Everyone else who talks about the non-Mastodon Fediverse isn't on Mastodon.

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When I look into my own timeline bubble, there are ~99% Mastodon interactions in here...
I think it's a shame that there isn't more cross-network communication within the Fediverse - but I also wonder if "Mastodonys" don't enjoy such a high status in the rest of the network (I don't know, I can only guess)...actually, an exchange with as many other accounts on other networks as possible would be more than desirable (and not just felt by a few)...
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I don't get much ridiculousness on my feed(?), it's not too difficult to weed out, but I saw a rather disheartening thing show up recently that was encouraging people to "fight back"/"take a stand" against #Meta connecting to #Mastodon.

No, that's not what #ActivityPub is for, the whole idea is to allow communication across different services. There seems to be quite a few people who do not want non-Mastodon things in the #fediverse. I'm not so sure that it's simply a matter of ignorance, although that probably has a bit to do with it.

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@Scott M. Stolz The notion that Mastodon is private just because isn't corporate is hilarious, and it shows that many many Mastodon users have only ever used Mastodon through dedicated mobile apps. They've never in their lives seen the Web interface.

Otherwise they would have noticed the switch that keeps Google out. I mean, that switch has to exist for a reason, right? And I think big general-purpose instances tend to have it off by default.

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@J.Sʜᴀʀᴘ🌍💙Fʀᴇᴇᴅᴏᴍ💛Dᴇᴍᴏᴄʀᴀᴄʏ Open a Web browser if you haven't already.

Go to

Log in.

Burger menu near the top left, below the search field, next to your name, above the post editor.

Edit profile.

Tab "Privacy and reach" near the top, below the title "Public profile", next to "Edit profile".

Scroll down to the sub-headline "SEARCH".

There's this setting:

Include profile page in search engines
Your profile page may appear in search results on Google, Bing, and others.
If it's on, Google knows your profile and your posts.

I'd walk you through your app if you use one, but I don't know which app you use, and I could only walk you through Tusky and Fedilab on Android anyway.

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@Jupiter Rowland

Mastodon was launched in 2016. Hubzilla was both launched and had its first stable point release in 2015, and it's a fork of the now-defunct Red Matrix from 2012 which is a fork of Friendica from 2010. Also, Mastodon announced ActivityPub integration in September, 2018; Hubzilla did so in July. In both cases, Hubzilla was there first. It is not an intruder. Deal with it.

My understanding is that in 2010 and 2011, it was still Friendika and still MIT Licensed. Friendica came about when they forked Friendika and made it AGPL instead of MIT License.

Free Friendika - MIT License

Friendica - AGPL License

(Even their GitHub account says it is a fork of Free Friendika.)

I am guessing that Red Matrix was a fork of Free Friendika as well.

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@Jupiter Rowland The original Friendika was definitely MIT Licensed. I know, because I found the project around 2011 and was very excited about it. And then they changed the license to AGPL and renamed it Friendica, and I lost all interest in it due to the license change. I did not know about other variations of the software that were still MIT licensed, otherwise I would have used that.

I don't know the rest of the timeline, but I do know this part is a fact.

Also, personally, I consider the act of changing the license to be forking the project. After all, that is why it split into two, one MIT licensed and one AGPL. Not everyone was happy with the license change.

Regardless of whether you think Friendica is a fork or a continuation of Friendika, the fact is, they changed the license. So there is a code base from before and after that change.

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I do like your idea of PSA posts to help educate those who think #fediverse is the fancy name for #Mastodon, but I'd advise you keep em a bit more headline sized. I'm not so confident in the target audience's eagerness to read a @Jupiter Rowland sized post on anything. 😆
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@eshep I've already mentioned that I need to squeeze all information into 410 characters.

That's Mastodon's limit of 500 characters minus two new lines minus the hashtags #FediMeta #FediverseMeta #CWFediMeta #CWFediverseMeta #FediTips #FediverseTips #Hubzilla.

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😶 Oh-ha, thanks for your comments (had only picked up bits and pieces so far)... you know, I think one of the biggest challenges for me (and probably for other users stranded here from Twitter) is to go from being a pure user to being a tech-savvy co-creator, which in turn could have an impact on determining direction (and yes, may become more significant as mass increases)...I suspect that isolation only leads to an uninformed standstill...
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Content warning: Long post/reply

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> Everyone else who talks about the non-Mastodon Fediverse isn't on Mastodon.

Not really. 🤪 I'm on a Mastodon-powered instance.

I used to run a #Philippines #Friendica server. (It was the second #fediverse instance for the Philippines. The first was running Friendika managed by students.)

Then I ran my own #Hubzilla (family & friends). And used to manage the community for an #ASEAN Hubzilla instance (sadly, the sponsor and admin disappeared).

Today, I'm staying away from the backend management. I no longer have the resources to dedicate to it. So, I just search for instances with ***sane*** set up (like not abusing site-level blocks because someone told them to).

"True Fediverse citizens" (for lack of a better label) do exist on Mastodon-powered platforms. There are plenty of others beside me. 😃

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@Jupiter Rowland

Maybe I should start an irregular series of "What Hubzilla is like" posts for people in the Fediverse, Mastodon specifically, who don't know anything about it. Not for those who want to switch, but for those who assume that Hubzilla is just like whatever else they know.

That probably would be a good idea. And I think we need to create a page on the Hubzilla website or elsewhere that compares the features of Hubzilla, Streams, and Mastodon.

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Jupiter Rowland
@Regezi @Scott M. Stolz There's a number of tables in the making on the Join the Fediverse Wiki. I've started expanding their structure because it used to be about which project has which Mastodon features. But I'm not even halfway done with that. Even when I am, there's no way that Paula and I can fill these tables with all necessary data.
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If your valuable work is already helpful and informal enough from your point of view - you are welcome to address me once (otherwise I will miss it 😉) could still become an important handout for those interested in the common exchange...the attractiveness of another network is probably also represented by its users (it also needs colorful comrades-in-arms)...


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I've started writing such snippets now. But I've noticed two things.

One, some things simply can't be explained in one vanilla Mastodon toot of 500 characters or fewer. I've got two topics that have to be covered by two posts. I still refuse to go over 500 characters here because experience has shown that Mastodon users will ignore it if I do.

Two, I'll have to mention that Hubzilla was made before Mastodon in every other post.