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Very good online tool indeed ^^
thanks for sharing.

I don't understand why it's not technically compatible with firefox though. It doesn't matter.
What makes it even better is that you can also download it and use it offline 😀
Looks like it (couldn‘t find the source on although the underlying interface library appears to be).

I’d love to know what the developer‘s plans for it are. This would also be a great opportunity for someone like NLNet to swoop in and support it being transitioned into the commons (before some VC swoops in and transitions it into being a people farmer).
By the way, nowadays I usually refer to servers as gardens. I believe this will make owning a garden sound a lot less technical and a lot more fun. It would also create expectations of ease of use.

As example, freedombox and yunohost are aiming to be such garden operating systems. And Pioneer Freedombox is a garden.

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Oh my goodness, the export settings… everything about this app… so minimalist, so beautiful… this should be in case studies for free/open usability.
Screenshot of Boxy SVG showing the export settings panel and export preview.
And those little touches… notice how the curve that the selected Bézier control point is affecting is highlighted in purple. And you can simply pull along there to shape the curve instead of manipulating the control point handles.

Just beautiful.

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Screenshot of kitten illustation in Boxy SVG showing a selected Bézier curve control handle with the outer curve of the kitten’s ear highlighted in purple. On the right, the Stroke panel is shwoing with settings for opacity, width, line cap and join shapes, etc.
And, finally (there’s so much more but I’ll stop raving now and get back to work), the web-related features, like a built-in accessibility and scripting panel and access to the SVG source, styling, etc.

If you’re creating illustrations for the web (or, heck, in general) and you’re not using this absolute gem of an app, you’re missing out 😀

#svg #web #design #vector #illustration
Screenshot of a kitten illustration in Boxy SVG with the Meta panel showing with accessibility and scripting sections.
Alas, we can't use anything but open/commons software. We work in collaborative networks where everybody needs to be able to use all of the software (if they want) or it will hurt the network.
I don’t understand… it’s free on free/open systems. So if you cannot use anything but open/commons software, you should be fine as everyone should be running Linux or some other free/open OS where they can use it for free. If someone is running macOS, which is where they have to pay for it, they’ve already violated your pledge to not use anything but open/commons software.
Thanks, sorry I misunderstood myself. If it's free on Linux. that's good. Better would be open to modification and extension. I'll keep looking and see if I can figure that out...
Correction: the app itself doesn’t appear to be free/open (which is fine, it’s still an indie app and that definitely counts) although the interface library and some other components appear to be.

I also just wrote an email to the author to both praise him for making what is one of the most gorgeous apps I’ve seen in a long while and to ask what his plans are for the future.

I‘d love to see, for example, some EU funding being used to contribute this to the commons.
Not only is it not open, it not even a _web_ app.
Screenshot: To access Boxy SVG web app and support forum open this page with: Chrome, Chromium, Edge, Vivaldi, Opera
If humans had access to their basic needs as trade-free, at least that, then we could see so many amazing things and projects happening, from online to offline. We should "demand" for this. We can't do good things while being always stressed about the rent, and food, and surviving....
Ah, so the business model is that the app is sold on the Mac App Store and it’s free everywhere else. I’m totally cool with this.

Could still be open sourced under AGPL (like Better was) but I’m more than happy to see an indie developer making a living from an excellent app they’ve made.
It's a bit more discriminatory. If you open the page with Safari, the only option is to buy the app. No editor. If you open the page with Chrome, it shows. That's kinda harsh, IMHO. Browser is browser. A website shouldn't reduce functionality just to sell the app. IMHO.
for me, opening with Safari shows me a message saying “to use the web app, open this page with [list of chrome based browsers]”.

Might just be a compatibility thing, since Safari and Firefox are just about the only browsers left that use a different engine.
so much for the Open Web based on Open Standards 🙁
What are you talking about, of course it’s an gOpen Web based on gOpen Standards.

PS. The g is silent.
Back to Gopher and Xanadu ;)
And @T045T - the website promises "Boxy SVG project goal is to create the best tool for editing SVG files.[...] On any device and operating system." Which seems to really mean "ATM free for Chrome based browsers and Linux folks, Apple users please pay" - I am not saying it's wrong, but it does come over as misleading to me.
Jan, is everything misleading that is not either pay for license or open-source free as in free beer? I agree on the browser piece though as it does not support firefox. Probably they program against the chrome extension API, not simply doing HTML5 and javascript.
It is an app/browser thingy that only works works on a chrome based engine. Which ignores Firefox and tells Safari users to pay $19,99 for a MacOS app. One can find that cool, I just am not that convinced. I'll prefer Inkscape which Just Works for my SVG Workflow.
Jan, it’s an indie app with no tracking or any other bullshit by a sole developer who is actually attempting to make a living from it (instead of, say, working at Google or Facebook during the day for a six figure salary and contributing to “open source” on the weekends) so I’m going to celebrate the shit out of it 😀

(I also spoke with him over email yesterday & he’s anti-VC and said the only way he’d sell it is if it’s open sourced as part of the deal. Works for me.)
It would be nice if he could add the simple line "Requires Chrome based browser or local app" or "your browser is not supported" on Safari and Firefox.
@apps is also a great example. #FediLab is a paid app on the #Google Prey store, and free on the fine #FDroid with a #GPL'ed codebase at #Codeberg ..
Pity that it doesn't work with Firefox, though.
love the wordplay on google's app store
Yeah, thanks for checking. You?
Looks interesting thanks. How would you say it compares to Inkscape?
the programm is better as inkscape?
Try it out and you tell me 😀 (It’s clear that I love it.)
Oh this looks cool. It is available as flatpak too! Nice!

Also: scam? Really? Do fuck off.
> To access Boxy SVG web app and support forum open this page with: Chrome, Chromium, Edge, Vivaldi, Opera

Chrome, Chrome, Chrome, Chrome or Chrome. Choice :blobcatderpy:
I hear Facebook works in every browser. Thank goodness we have ethical folks like Zuckerberg who really embrace the open web.
Thanks for sharing. It looks really promising.

Since we are talking about online vector graphic editors, I would like to mention the marvelous @penpot

They have done an incredible job with their open-source app.
Yep, love + use them. Only discovered Boxy when exports were timing out and I really needed that export 😀
so boxy is faster! Good to know! :ac_happy:
Hey!! A new release is on the way 😀 our team is currently working on bug fixes and improvements!
Yay, happy to hear it 😀
It’s offline, not necessarily “faster” (not sure what faster means in this context) 😀

Try them both out. See what works for you. You might even end up using both ;)