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It is not good that people think torrenting is old school and not practice it anymore. It is the greatest way of sharing content or streaming it. People nowadays prefer to watch whatever on some fucked up websites full of ads, just because they can click that play button. But torrenting is also super easy and allows us to keep these files available in this p2p fashion. And no ads and no BS.

In TROMjaro for example we ship with Webtorrent and if you click any magnet link it opens with it and you can play it in seconds. We plan to integrate into TROMjaro in the next months. So that you have access to thousands of documentaries and courses from a webapp. Click and watch.

If you use our SearX instance and replace your pesky search engine like google, ddg, and such, that are milking your data and attention, then you can easily find torrents in the files section.

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