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I hope you're amused!

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Wow...... So now you're a poet too I guess :blobcatshrug:

@frankie @thebiologist837 @catswhocode Hey friends, check this out!
haha I've always written these sort of things, since my old days when I had a blog in the romanian language 😁 - but I realized i can do them in english too. It just comes to me and I write thoughts like that rarely.

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thoughts with rhymes 😁

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Those lyrics explain some of the dark truths about our world :blobcatgiggle:
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What made you confuse initially?

So the whole thing is satire and its talking about issues like climate change, wars, corruption, etc and also about the people who don't care about these things and spend all their day consuming media on TikTok, Facebook, etc, which also gives them a skewed perspective of what's actually happening in the world. Scientists are shouting about climate change saying we don't have enough time, but nothing changes 🙁
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Oh, so when you set a title for a post on Friendica, platforms like Mastodon interprets it as a blog post and so it just shows you the title with a link to the full post. Now what doesn't make much sense is that the pictures in these posts are still shown on mastodon, I don't know why 🤷
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from pleroma using Tusky I see the lyrics directly
I'm not sure how it shows on Pleroma, but Friendica actually supports inline images, so these images you see they're actually shown in between the lyrics. But on Mastodon all images are shown below the post, even for Friendica posts. And I think mastodon only supports 4 images maximum, Friendica doesn't have a limit like this because its a blogging platform, not a microblogging platform like mastodon.
Ugh sucks that they are limited like that. When I add inline images I add them for a reason where I add them....can anyone screenshots how this looks like on Mastodon, Pleroma or other non-friendica platforms?
See the screenshot. Because you've set a title for this post it'll only show that title and a link to the main post, this is nice when writing blog posts. But if you didn't set a title then the post will show as a normal post, but the images will stay on the bottom 😐
hmmm I see....It is better to show it as a link to the original. But damn...I thought it can show it as it is originally. Nothing against Mastodon I think it is fantastic what they do there, but why are people flocking to platforms that are more limited in the tens of thousands, than platforms that are feature-rich!? Well I guess because people go for whatever becomes popular for whatever reasons.

I mean on Friendica you can also make short posts, but then you can make huge ones. Bot of the worlds.

Anyway....I am so glad I found Friendica and it allows me to express myself fully. I would be unable to do this on Mastodon for example.

But options, whatever works for ya...
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Hm ok...thx. So Pleroma also does not support inline images I see...but at least it shows the entire post. Still not ideal.
Actually mastodon does show you the entire post like this when you don't set a title, but when you set a title for your Friendica post then mastodon will consider it as a blog post and show a link instead.