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🥳 Friendica fans, rejoice! 🥳

@hankg has just released Relatica 0.2.0 -- a mobile/desktop client for Friendica.

New updates include:

* Logging in with OAuth as well as username/email and password
* Multiple account logins and switching
* Material 3 system
* Drawer instead of menu screen

If you want to test this for yourself, download it here:

Also contact @hankg if you want to be involved with this project.

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@Rokosun maybe you may be interested to test idk 😁

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@Tio @Chris Trottier @Hank G ☑️ @Fediverse News

Its good to see Friendica getting more support on mobile phones, at the moment I'm using #Fedilab which also has good Friendica support now.

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